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Buzzblog is on vacation

Starting in however many more minutes it takes me to post this and continuing until Tuesday, Sept. 8, I will be on vacation and therefore failing to blog

Here’s hoping no Amazon workers were harmed in the sending of this email

Amazon's email nag-note system must require an enormous amount of work from a company now infamous for demanding an enormous amount of work from its employees.

A spider made Wil Wheaton brick his phone

Yes, you read that correctly, a spider made Wil Wheaton – actor, writer and social-media man about town -- brick his phone, he says. It was a spider and a security camera, actually.

How an obscure acro and an old Network World story helped link AT&T to NSA spying

Pro Publica and the New York Times have revealed previously unknown details of the “highly collaborative” relationship between AT&T and the NSA. Helping them connect the dots were an obscure acronym and a 1996 story in New World.

In Pictures: 2015’s 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable tech-related happenings of 1990.

Ex-Cisco employee pleads guilty to second-degree murder in ‘Google Maps case'

Ex-Cisco engineer Brad Cooper, whose first-degree murder conviction for the 2008 strangulation slaying of his wife Nancy was overturned last year based on disputed Google Maps-related evidence, today pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

What planet does Larry Page live on?

When I read the quotes attributed to Google CEO Larry Page, I thought perhaps they were taken out of context. But you can listen for yourself starting at minute 16 of the video, or skip to the excerpts below.

iFixIt giving away 15K iPhone ‘liberation kits'

Having been so widely saluted last year, the folks at iFixIt have declared today through the Fourth of July to be "Liberation Week" for iPhone owners, 15,000 of whom can receive for free a special tool needed to get at the innards of an iPhone.

'Luckily, monkeys love to gamble' ... but they're just as irrational about it as humans

If you've ever ridden a hot streak "too long" at a blackjack table or left in a huff after the dealer hit 21 three times in a row, then you are no better at gambling than a rhesus monkey.

Hungry ants knock out FiOS service ... again

Everyone keeps asking if the ants actually ate their way through the fiber optic cable and I do not know the answer. What is certain is that they chewed through the outer casing and caused enough damage to knock out TV, phone and Internet service to my house: the Verizon triple no-play.

Dear FCC: Please don't let me watch football

I can understand why millionaire NFL team owners would lobby the FCC in an effort to dissuade that regulatory body from ditching its so-called "TV blackout rule." After all, the rule requires that 85% of an NFL team's ridiculously priced "non-premium" seats be sold or a game cannot be shown on TV (free or otherwise).

In Pictures: 2014’s 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

A look back at the most memorable tech-related happenings of 1989.

In Pictures: Armadillo-T. Now that’s a compact car

South Korean electric folds up to conserve parking space

Microsoft's opening act since Windows 95: Weezer

The radio ad caught my attention: Microsoft is opening one of its new retail stores in the nearby Natick Mall on June 8 and the ceremonies will be followed by a free concert that evening by ... Weezer?

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Followed by millions, they follow no one (or only one) in return