Stories by Preston Gralla

Windows 8 review: Still a two-headed beast

The two faces of Windows 8 - the Desktop and the interface formerly known as Metro -'still coexist uneasily in the final RTM version of the OS. But some of Windows 8's native apps are great.

How to recycle your phone, PC and other tech gear

There are few things tech lovers enjoy more than a shiny new gadget or computer: the latest iPad or Nexus 7 tablet, a great new smartphone, a featherlight ultrabook. But once you've bought that great new gear, what do you do with the old stuff?

How to clear your data off a device

Before you ditch a device, you need to make sure none of your data is retrievable. Here's how to do it.

In Pictures: Microsoft Office 2013 beta

Microsoft has released a beta version of its upcoming Office 2013 suite. We take a tour of the revamped interface and the most useful new features.

Office 2013 beta review: Microsoft (almost) nails it

The beta version of Office 2013 gets a needed facelift and adds a host of useful features, but its Cloud integration leaves something to be desired.


Preston Gralla: June 2012: The month the cloud got real

Microsoft, Apple and Google have long seen that their future is in the cloud. Now they see their present there as well.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Updated but still uneasy

Microsoft's recently available Windows 8 Release Preview has a few interesting tweaks but still seems caught between its tablet and PC interfaces.


Opinion: Windows 8 tablets - A disaster in the making

Tablets were clearly top of mind for the designers of tablets were clearly top of mind for the designers of Windows 8. The Metro interface sacrifices usability on the PC, which suggests that Microsoft is focused on overtaking the iPad. This design choice was met with conjectures that Microsoft believed enterprises would

Google Drive review: Adding cloud storage to the mix

The long-awaited Google Drive is a simple, useful, straightforward cloudstorage and syncing service that offers a full 5GB of online storage for free, with no surprises along the way. Utilitarian rather than flashy, it makes storing files to the cloud and syncing them among multiple devices as simple as saving a file to a local hard drive.

Google and Microsoft's new battleground: Your living room

Microsoft and Google aren't going head to head just over Internet search, office productivity suites and Cloud-based applications and services. Their next looming battle is over who will own the living room, and the outcome will have surprising implications for IT as well.

Hands-on: Nokia Lumia 900 puts Windows Phone back in the race

If you've been sitting on the fence about making the switch to Windows Phone 7, the just-released Lumia 900 could prod you to make the leap over. This stylish, well-engineered phone shows off the strengths of the Windows Phone platform on a bright, crisp 4.3-in. AMOLED screen with a high-bandwidth LTE connection.

Hands on: Firefox 11 improves syncing

Firefox 11 -- the latest version of Mozilla's popular browser, released on March 13 -- includes only modest improvements over Firefox 10.2, and is unlikely to motivate a large number of people to switch from competing browsers. The upgrade (which is available for several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android) now includes the ability to sync add-ons among multiple systems and to import bookmarks, history lists and other data from Chrome.

Blogging service shootout: Blogger vs. WordPress

With all the noise about social networking sites in the last several years, it's easy to forget that if you've got more to say than what can be expressed in 140 characters, or want to do more than post brief updates, your best bet is a blog.

Upgrades: Are Computers Just Big Smartphones?

The beta versions of Mac OS X (code-named Mountain Lion) and Windows 8 are now being tested worldwide, and although they are quite different from one another, they share one characteristic: Both take designs and features built for smartphones and tablets

In Pictures: A deep dive into Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview offers a new look at Microsoft's upcoming interface for both computers and tablets. Is one device being shortchanged in favor of the other?