Stories by Matt Hamblen

FCC Chair calls for 'just and reasonable' rules for broadband

LAS VEGAS --- FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday called for an open Internet that protects innovators and consumers while also making sure Internet service providers (ISPs) retain economic incentives to continue building better networks.

BlackBerry jumps into smartwatches with BBM on Android Wear devices

LAS VEGAS -- BlackBerry on Wednesday demonstrated its Messenger application on Android Wear smartwatches at the International CES trade show.

A glimpse of the smartwatch of 2020

What will smartwatches look like and how will they function in 2020?

Wi-Fi Aware certification process revs up

An emerging wireless service called Wi-Fi Aware could allow smartphone and tablet users to easily locate users of nearby devices in crowded locations to then play games or conduct business collaborations.

Tizen OS will power all future Samsung smart TVs

LAS VEGAS -- Samsung didn't announce smartphones, tablets or smartwatches at International CES, but it did unveil a new smart, connected TV on Monday powered by the open-source Tizen operating system.

AT&T announces developer tool for WebRTC

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T announced on Monday a developer tool that enables technology called Enhanced WebRTC to provide voice and video calls between browsers without the need for a plug-in.

Frustrated by new tech?

LAS VEGAS -- International CES boasts 3,500 vendors this year, many showing off new smartwatches and other wearable gadgets.

AT&T builds on Internet of Things offerings with cloud-based data store

LAS VEGAS -- AT&T today announced new design tools and a managed service for enterprise-based developers to use in building Internet of Things (IoT) apps and services.

Ericsson pushes plan to send wireless apps over unlicensed 5GHz spectrum

Ericsson announced wireless technology today at International CES that's designed to improve coverage and speed for bandwidth-hungry smartphone applications such as streaming video.

Big smartwatch push at CES anticipates Apple's entry later in 2015

LAS VEGAS -- At International CES this week, more than 500 vendors are showing off wearable computing gear of some flavor or other.

The rise of China's smartphone makers

After Apple and Samsung, which companies are selling the most smartphones around the globe?

BlackBerry's new Classic smartphone has a physical keyboard, sells for $449

BlackBerry officially launched its Classic smartphone with a qwerty physical keyboard and trackpad on Wednesday for $449, unlocked, in the U.S. The release comes amid continuing worries about the company's declining market share.

T-Mobile's new Data Stash plan doesn't let workers share data

T-Mobile today unveiled a monthly data rollover plan for consumers and business customers called "Data Stash," but the plan still won't allow workers to share their data with others in a work group.

Sprint pleased by early response to its half-off deal

Six days into its new "Cut Your Bill in Half" offer, Sprint was enthusiastic about the offer's early reaction from new customers, but didn't offer any details.

Open authentication spec from FIDO Alliance moves beyond passwords

An open industry alliance of 150 members that includes many of the world's biggest vendors -- but notably, not Apple -- released specifications Tuesday that promise to secure online communications without using passwords.