Stories by Matt Hamblen

AT&T and Verizon both working on sponsored data offers

The nation's two biggest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have entered another competitive arena, this time over so-called "sponsored data," which gives customers access to low-cost or toll-free data.

Galaxy S7 likely to get pressure-sensitive display and high-speed charging

It looks like Samsung will add a pressure-sensitive display and high-speed charging port to the upcoming Galaxy S7.

Walmart Pay gives retailer strategic advantage, building off existing app

Walmart jumped out with a natively built mobile payment technology that works with any iOS or Android phone and any major credit or debit card.

FBI chief urges tech firms to turn over terrorists' encrypted info

“The government doesn’t want a back door,” FBI director James Comey told a Senate committee on Wednesday.

Prospective Yahoo buyers would have eyes on its customer data

Potential suitors for Yahoo's Internet business could include Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, which would want to access the company's 20-year-old treasure trove of customer data.

San Jose gets SmartPoles with LTE, LED lights and energy meters

San Jose, Calif. has begun installing 50 SmartPoles that integrate LTE wireless with LED street lighting.

Google Fiber eyes Chicago and L.A.

Google Fiber could be coming to Chicago and Los Angeles, where more than 6 million people live, Google said.

AT&T GigaPower fiber expanding to 38 more cities

The 1Gbps service will now be available in a total of 58 locales.

Galaxy S7 expected to have faster processor, return of storage slot

Samsung's next flagship Galaxy smartphone, the S7, is expected to be announced next year amid predictions that it will have a faster processor and will restore the storage expansion slot.

Lenders may eye smartphone use when deciding on loans

Smartphone usage is likely to be tracked soon in the U.S. to determine whether you qualify for a loan or figure out what interest rate to charge.

IDC sees 10% decline in Windows Phone, notes slackening smartphone growth

Growth in the global smartphone market is slowing, and will increase by just 9.8% this year -- the first time growth has slowed into the single digits, IDC said.

Oklahoma Sooners use beacons, sensors to find rooms on massive campus

The University of Oklahoma has begun rolling out beacon technology to help students find study rooms and class information in its central library and other buildings by using their smartphones as they move about the vast campus in Norman, Okla.

Verizon LTE now available for IoT devices

Verizon on Tuesday announced U.S. availability of chipsets for Internet of Things devices that can connect to its LTE network.

Tech trade group objects to weakening smartphone encryption

The Information Technology Industry Council on Thursday decried efforts to weaken encryption on smartphones, even though some officials in Washington favor doing so.

Message service blocks 78 ISIS-related encrypted channels

Telegram reacts to abuse reports sent in by its customers.