Stories by Matt Hamblen

What does the FCC's net neutrality vote mean?

Net neutrality has been debated for a decade, but the Federal Communications Commission's historic vote on Thursday signals only the beginning of further battles and likely lawsuits.

Samsung looks to LoopPay for mobile pay foothold

Samsung is expected to unveil its newly-acquired LoopPay mobile magnetic payment technology inside its upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone. The phone is widely expected to be announced March 1 at Mobile World Congress.

Sprint and T-Mobile defend unlocking policies

Sprint and T-Mobile separately defended their smartphone and tablet unlocking policies on Wednesday following criticism from independent researcher Sina Khanifar.

Researcher faults unlocking policies from Sprint and T-Mobile

Sprint and T-Mobile don't fully comply with a series of voluntary smartphone and tablet unlocking policies, even though both companies were praised last week by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for doing so, according to an independent analysis performed by a former developer of unlocking software.

Ex-FCC attorney says Internet plan won't achieve broadband goals

Most Americans have no idea what net neutrality means or is supposed to accomplish, even though plenty has been written on the topic.

Shanghai OnStar's Diane Jurgens and her grand China adventure

If staying busy is the secret to happiness, Diane Jurgens can tell you all about it.

U.S. carriers meet voluntary deadline for unlocking mobile phones

Unlocking a mobile phone from a single U.S. carrier has caused consumers headaches in recent years, but seven major carriers on Wednesday met a voluntary, industry-created deadline to set conditions for unlocking to occur.

Muni broadband providers clash over Title II net neutrality reforms

Nothing comes easy in the net neutrality battle. Take how different municipal broadband providers disagree over FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to reclassify broadband providers as public utilities under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Sprint shows biggest gains in network performance in last half of 2014

Sprint showed the biggest network performance improvement of the nation's four largest wireless carriers for the last half of 2014, according to RootMetrics, a firm that measures mobile network performance.

People don't trust mobile wallets and apps

Trust is eroding among mobile device users when it comes to making purchases or app downloads.

FCC says net neutrality plan is on a 'firm legal foundation'

Lawsuits are widely expected that would attack the sweeping net neutrality reforms proposed Wednesday by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Cortana on the PC: Can we talk?

Cortana, the Windows Phone voice-activated digital assistant, now works on desktops, laptops and tablets running the preview edition of Windows 10.

Apple puts the big hurt on Samsung

Things are not looking so good for Samsung in the smartphone market, especially as it faces its Apple nemesis.

Event fosters software and STEM entrepreneurs for education

Weekend hackathons for developers have been around for years. Now they are popping up everywhere.

Will the U.S. be ready with secure chip cards and payment terminals?

Only about half of the 12 million merchant payment terminals in the U.S. will be converted to accept more secure smart credit and debit cards and NFC-ready smartphones by the end of 2015, according to financial officials working to support the conversion.