Stories by Matt Hamblen

Samsung Galaxy S7 may be announced early, in January

Samsung is reportedly announcing in January its next Galaxy S7 smartphone, which would come in two processor versions: Premium and Sub-Premium.

FAQ: The FCC’s upcoming broadcast-TV spectrum auction

A major goal of the auction is to make more wireless broadband spectrum available for an explosion of 4G and, soon, 5G. Here's what you need to know.

BYOD is as entrenched (and complicated) as ever

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has been around for years now, and even though it's become a fixture at many companies, some IT shops are still grappling with how to make it work.

Feud heats up over chip cards, FBI warning

A National Retail Federation attorney said that an updated FBI warning on chip card vulnerabilities waters down the need for PIN security.

UL creating standard for wearable privacy and security

One concern: Whether the personal data acquired by a smartwatch or other wearable that’s associated with a Social Security number or name is secure over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Windows tablets for business hit 10% share in second quarter

Microsoft and its Windows devices globally accounted for 6% of business smartphones and 10% of tablets in the second quarter of 2015, breaking the double-digit mark for business tablets for the first time, according to Strategy Analytics.

FBI takes down alert on chip credit cards after bankers complain

The FBI posted an online advisory about vulnerabilities with new chip-enabled credit cards, but then removed the message on Friday, less than a day later, following concerns from U.S. bankers that support chip cards.

Display Dock for new Lumias will cost $99

The device is roughly the size of a carton of cigarettes and has seven different ports.

AT&T kicks off Wi-Fi calling years after T-Mobile

AT&T kicked off Wi-Fi calling on newer-model iPhones running iOS 9 after winning permission from the Federal Communications Commission two days earlier.

The <i>Times</i>’ need for speed on smartphones drives interest in Google’s latest project

At <i>The New York Times</i>, as with its rivals, speeding up web page load times on smartphones is a priority. That's prompting a lot of interest in Google's new Accelerate Mobile Pages Project.

Windows 10 device roundup features Lumia smartphones with Display Dock

Microsoft jammed a range of new Windows 10 devices into a two-hour announcement -- everything from three new Lumia smartphones, a Microsoft Band 2 smart wrist wearable, a new Surface Pro 4 and its first-ever laptop, the Surface Book.

As Microsoft focuses on mobile, Windows 10 will be key

Windows 10 - and the fate of Microsoft's smartphones - will be front and centre at the company's Wednesday (AEST) event.

Retailers said to be weighing lawsuits over chip cards, fraud-liability shift

Retailers have complained of backlogs of six to nine months in getting credit-card companies to certify the new card terminals for use.

Just what is a smart city?

Many larger municipalities have embraced the 'smart city' concept in recent years, but definitions of the term -- and examples of the ways technology is being used to make cities 'smart' -- run the gamut.

Chip-card rollout drama peaks day before deadline

Banks and credit-card companies claimed Wednesday that roughly half of U.S. consumers have received a new chip credit or debit card, while retailers continued to bemoan the chip card conversion process as too slow, too expensive and ineffectual in combating fraud.