Stories by Matt Hamblen

Sprint-T-Mobile merger questions: Will regulators OK it? And, Legere as CEO?

With reports out this week that Sprint and T-Mobile US are planning to announce a $32 billion merger this summer, two big questions linger: Would federal regulators approve the deal? And would T-Mobile CEO John Legere run the combined company?

Wi-Fi calling coming to iPhones in iOS 8, with T-Mobile's support

Apple's new iOS 8 will support Wi-Fi calling when the version launches in the fall, and T-Mobile US was quick to say on Monday it will support the feature on its customers' iPhones.

Tizen developers gather this week; Omlet messaging platform to add some edginess

The emerging Tizen OS has attracted few radical types, just as other open source platforms like Android did in their early days.

Smartphone prices are dropping, and will continue to dip through '18

Average global smartphone prices have dropped and will continue to do so into 2018, according to IDC.

IDC drops tablet sales forecast, sees phablets encroaching on the market

IDC has lowered its forecast for tablet sales for 2014 by 6.3%, pointing to the cannibalization of small tablets by larger smartphones known as "phablets."

Asus PadFone X orders start June 6 from AT&T

The newest smartphone and tablet docking station combo from Asus, the PadFone X, can be ordered starting June 6 exclusively from AT&T stores and at its website, the carrier announced Wednesday.

LG's new G3 smartphone: Simpler is better

LG Electronics emphasized a simpler user experience during its unveiling of the new G3 smartphone that could prove to be a lot more than marketing noise.

LG will Webcast its G3 smartphone launch

LG Electronics is offering a live Webcast of the launch of its new G3 smartphone and possibly its new G Watch smartwatch starting at 1 p.m. ET today.

Cisco and Kansas City to launch network for smart city services

Officials from Cisco and Kansas City, Mo. are teaming up to launch a new network for smart city services.

At Indy 500, Verizon races to offer premium video content on mobile devices

During this Sunday's Indy 500, Verizon Wireless, Ericsson and other tech companies will be focused less on the drivers and more on a racetrack demonstration of new wireless technology called LTE Multicast that would used for transmitting video to smartphones and tablets.

SAP ships updated mobile app development tools

SAP AG Thursday announced the general availability of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, a common software development kit (SDK) for developers to build apps for use by consumers, business partners as well as employees.

Verizon to launch video calling and HD Voice this year

Verizon Wireless has reiterated plans to offer Voice over LTE (VoLTE) 'later this year' nationwide to offer users both High Definition Voice and video calling options.

Windows RT isn't dead -- yet

The troubled Windows RT operating system got nary a mention at Microsoft's Surface event today, but don't plan for RT's funeral just yet.

Verizon's XLTE promises 'faster peak speeds' with double the bandwidth

Verizon Wireless launched XLTE network coverage in more than 250 U.S. cities on Monday, promising its customers twice the 4G LTE bandwidth and "faster peak speeds" in those areas.

AT&T's DirecTV deal includes plums to woo regulators and consumers

AT&T's mega-bid to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion and take on another $18.6 billion of DirecTV debt, includes several deal sweeteners designed to win over government regulators and customers.