Stories by Matt Hamblen

Lenovo’s Project Tango smartphone coming this summer

Lenovo will begin selling a sub-$500 smartphone that runs Google's Project Tango 3D mapping technology starting this summer.

Consumer products at CES aren’t the half of it

Organizers of CES boast that nearly 4,000 companies are exhibiting technology for 175,000 visitors. Of those 4,000 companies, about 1,000 work in the Internet of Things arena.

Beacon tech for grain harvesters helps protect crops

Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology hasn’t caught on as fast as expected, but that hasn't stopped companies from rolling out applications that use it. One such app is the Fliegl Tracker from a German company that makes harvesters and other farming equipment.

At CES, Feds prod companies to expand privacy efforts

Two top federal regulators at CES on Wednesday urged tech companies to bolster efforts to protect consumer privacy.

MasterCard rolls out 'Groceries by MasterCard' for Samsung Family Hub fridge

MasterCard on Tuesday announced Groceries by MasterCard, a service designed to work with Samsung Family Hub refrigerators shipping this spring.

Weighing the politics of smart city tech

AT&T's heavy focus on smart city Internet of Things technology comes with some weighty political overtones, including how taxpayers and voters will react.

Samsung jumps on Windows 10 with light laptop, 2-in-1 device

Samsung announced that Windows 10 will run on its newest lightweight laptop and a new 2-in-1 tablet called the Galaxy TabPro S.

AT&T working with Chicago, others on smart city tech

The carrier also said it is developing a digital dashboard to help those cities and others gain a comprehensive look at power outages, water leaks, traffic and more.

Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things gets a name: ‘Wi-Fi HaLow’

A new low-power, long-range version of Wi-Fi that bolsters Internet of Things (IoT) connections will be dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow.

T-Mobile CEO sees doubling of U.S. business customers in 2016

T-Mobile CEO John Legere brashly predicted that the number of U.S. businesses switching to the carrier will grow even faster in 2016 and offered some other predictions for the new year.

The smartphone upgrade path may be fizzling

After years of fantastic growth in smartphone sales, the pace of growth is slowing overall. There is even talk that the latest models don't have enough compelling new features to lure customers to a competitor's device. Others say smartphone buyer's fatigue has set in.

President Obama calls again for tech help to spot terrorist messages

But he also discussed the obstacles in doing so, in an era of encrypted smartphone apps and private social networking chats.

Apple CEO defends privacy, encryption amidst terrorist concerns

Apple CEO Tim Cook staunchly defended personal privacy and the use of encryption on iPhones amidst renewed concerns about terrorists hiding covert electronic messages when they plan deadly attacks.

To break terrorist encryption, pay off Apple and Google, expert urges

Other approaches might also work. By studying a suspicious person’s handset behaviors, credit card purchases and other electronic footprints -- and even voice calls -- investigators can glean a lot about a suspicious person without access to encrypted files, a Gartner analyst says.

Encryption used by terrorists provides lively GOP debate fodder

Sen. Rand Paul disputed Donald Trump's view, saying Trump had argued to "close the Internet."