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HTC One M8 called a good looker and genuine rival to the Galaxy S5

HTC announced its One M8 smartphone on Tuesday, boasting its premium styling and asserting that it offers the world's best innovations. Those include a dual rear camera for adding depth to photos and a battery with 40% longer life than last year's HTC One M7.

Smartphone innovation is slowing, so what's next?

In the last year or so, there has been a noticeable slowdown in innovations in new smartphones -- with both hardware and software. The next direction seems to be making the smartphone the hub for connecting technologies int eh Internet of Things scenario.

iOS tops Android for Web browsing in US and other developed nations

Android smartphones from all manufacturers make up nearly 80 per cent of all smartphones recently sold worldwide, but iOS still dominates when it comes to Web browsing in the U.S. and other developed countries.

The 12 pros and cons of a cellular smartwatch

Samsung is reportedly working on a variant of its Gear 2 smartwatch that works over cellular networks and doesn't require a Bluetooth or other connection to a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to cost $200 at AT&T; Gear devices start at $199

AT&T announced Thursday it will sell the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone for $200 with a two-year contract starting April 11.

Gov't push for broadband access yields gains; data privacy still a challenge

President Obama's National Broadband Plan has helped expand Internet access in the U.S., but needs to be updated to account better data protection needs.

Suddenly, wearables are big with new developer software releases

If you didn't already think wearables were going to be big, think again. Google and Samsung are among the biggest players in this emerging tech field and both just made new wearable app developer announcements.

Isis CTO accuses retailers of turning off NFC and smartcard payment tech

A powerful group of retailers plans to roll out mobile payments in 2014 by scanning barcodes from smartphones, a move that sets up a potential battle with backers of NFC and Google Wallet.


Snowden revelations raise interest in smartphone spyware for business

As the world still reels over reports of U.S. government surveillance of privately owned smartphones, a spyware industry is growing that's focused on helping employers monitor the ways smartphones and tablets are used by their workers. Parents are also interested in the service to track their children's smartphone use.

Aruba announces five software tools for optimizing Wi-Fi networks

Aruba Networks announced a package of software upgrades designed to better accommodate all-wireless workplaces, including sites where it's common to see employees using three different mobile devices with multiple applications.

Studies show Sprint and T-Mobile need to expand U.S. coverage

Two major studies released this week of the nation's largest wireless networks put Verizon on top in nearly every technical network measurement, with AT&T close behind and Sprint and T-Mobile trailing.

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 deep-dive: Almost a laptop replacement

Samsung's big Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet offers a desktop or laptop computer experience -- almost.

Gear Fit: Samsung strikes again with its 'build one of any device' plan

Samsung was already on the path to global domination of the smartphone and tablet market when it unveiled another truckload of devices last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

MWC: Smart highways and driverless cars coming in 2030 - for real?

Crowds at Mobile World Congress clamoured to see in-car infotainment systems that will soon be connected to the Internet via wireless networks around the globe.

Samsung beefs up Knox mobile management software

One day after announcing the Galaxy S5 smartphone with a security-focused fingerprint scanner, Samsung announced that second-generation Knox software for enterprise-level security and management of Samsung devices will ship sometime in the second quarter.

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