Stories by Matt Hamblen

Sprint said to be planning layoffs

Sprint Nextel plans to lay off a few thousand of its 60,000 workers, a report in the Wall Street Journal says, quoting unnamed sources.

CES - PC-to-Mac file transfer, Intel SSDs draw a crowd

Storage and data transfer technologies were in abundant display at CES, but a couple of new technologies attracted significant interest and crowds.

CES - Wireless power on its way

Wireless power to recharge cell phones, laptops and other devices was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show this week by at least two vendors whose products are expected to reach consumers later this year.

CES - Reporter's notebook: Devices that everyone noticed

A visitor to the Consumer Electronics Show can't take in all the new products, but some devices caught the eye of just about everybody.

CES - IBM, Emotiv show advances in virtual reality worlds

Hundreds of products at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here are devoted to new ways to input data to a PC or gaming console, including a variety of inputs via voice commands or gestures that are registered via video detection.

CES - Sprint asserts that Xohm WiMax push is on track

Sprint Nextel and its partners in the ambitious WiMax Xohm initiative insisted that the project for faster wireless networking is on track as planned.

CES - Microsoft, Yahoo tout big mobile plans

Google and Apple don't have major booths on the floor of the CES trade show, but they are very much on the minds of their competitors.

CES - OQO shows off WiMax-enabled ultramobile PC

WiMax high-speed wireless networks and devices will be a major topic of interest at CES, and OQO is demonstrating one the first devices to use the technology this week.

CES - Bluetooth SIG hits a landmark decade

It may seem hard to believe for some wireless aficionados, but the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is 10 years old, something that Bluetooth vendors plan to celebrate at a Consumer Electronics Show party in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

CES - Blogs, new media reshape politics

Blogs and other new media technologies are having a profound impact on this year's US presidential campaign.

3Com's CEO sees company as a US-Asia trendsetter

Edgar Masri, now the president and CEO of 3Com, rejoined the networking company in August 2006 after six years at Matrix Partners, a venture capital firm. Before that, he was general manager of 3Com's network systems business unit. Since his return, the company has acquired 100% of its former joint venture with China-based H3C Technologies Co., formerly known as Huawei, and announced that it is being bought by Bain Capital Partners, a private investment firm, for US$2.2 billion in cash. As the company looks to go private, Masri, 49, talked with Computerworld about how 3Com has grown, how it hopes to take on Cisco and the importance of open source.

Virtualization for consumers? Cisco sees it down the road

Cisco Systems has a reputation for building massive networks for some of the largest organizations in the world.

WiMax plans moving ahead at Cisco

Cisco Systems' US$330 million (AU$376.8 million) acquisition of WiMax wireless provider Navini Networks should be completed in a matter of days, helping bring Cisco closer to its intention of bringing wireless broadband to emerging countries.

Cisco creates Entertainment Operating System

Cisco Systems made its biggest foray yet into the entertainment and social networking world by announcing plans late Tuesday for the Cisco Entertainment Operating System.

Cisco pitches collaboration technologies via videoconference

Using a Cisco TelePresence videoconferencing system to communicate live with IT leaders in other cities, CEO John Chambers kicked off Cisco's annual analyst conference this week.