Stories by Matt Hamblen

Gartner: Location-based services subscribers to double in '09

Gartner predicts that the number of subscribers using location-based services (LBS) globally will double this year, even as mobile device sales decline by 4%.

Palm Pre hardware glitches hard to evaluate, analysts say

Customer forum complaints about shoddy hardware in the recently released Palm Pre are hard to put in perspective, analysts said today, considering it is a first-generation device that still has promise for its new WebOS.

Cisco plans to offer virtual voice service

Cisco Systems will be making aspects of its IP voice technology available virtually and sold as a service as part of a continuing set of improvements to its cloud computing strategy, the company's CTO said today.

Cisco UCS customer claims quick payback

The professional division of Thomson Reuters, six months into a massive data center virtualization project using Cisco Systems Inc. gear, has already seen a payback on costs.

Google's next target: Unified communications

Unified communications has been a technology specialty of networking vendors for years, but Google Inc.'s recent forays into Google Voice and Google Wave, launching later this year, could drastically upset the competitive landscape.

Boeing: Urgent GPS satellite launches on schedule

Boeing Co. said today that the planned launches of its new Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites is on schedule, following worries that the global navigation system could degrade or even fail.

35 years later, bar codes, and scanning, are everywhere

Tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of the first time a laser scanner was used to "read" a bar code, according to Motorola Inc.

Qwest's Pieter Poll on why being a CTO is a dream job

Pieter Poll is Chief Technology Officer at US-based Qwest Communications International, which serves business customers nationally and residential customers in 14 western states with telephone, high-speed Internet, fiber-optic Internet and DirecTV services. The company is also serving as an agent for Verizon Wireless services. Poll talked about his career and the directions Qwest is taking.

T-Mobile to give details on 2nd Android phone next week

T-Mobile USA said today it will go public next week with details about its next Android-powered smartphone, which many expect to be based on the HTC Magic touch-screen smartphone sold now in England.

Debate heats up over Apple threat to disable iTunes sync with Palm Pre

A debate is heating up over Apple Inc.'s apparent threat to kill the iTunes sync feature on the new Palm Pre and other non-Apple digital media players.

Developers asked to stop tethering talk on Palm Pre

Palm Inc. has "politely" cautioned a developer forum not to allow online discussions of tethering with the new Palm Pre.

iPhone 3G S still not enterprise-ready, analysts say

The new iPhone 3G S boasts remote data wipe, hardware-based encryption and tethering of the device to a laptop that would seem to please business users interested in protecting data and enhancing productivity.

Kindle DX sold out for now, in stock June 17

The Kindle DX, which started shipping only yesterday, is now listed by Inc. as out of stock until June 17.

iPhone surcharge protest highlight carriers' loss of control

Ask smartphone users anywhere in the U.S. what they think of their wireless carriers, and you will get an earful.

Kindle DX goes on sale at for $489

The Kindle DX started shipping from on Wednesday, as promised, for US$489, and could reach customers Thursday when initial owner reviews are expected to start hitting blogs and Websites.