Stories by Matt Hamblen

Vodafone says it had to cut mobile service in Egypt

Vodafone, with 28 million cellular customers in Egypt, and France Telecom restored mobile voice services there on Saturday, one day after service stopped because the government demanded the cut-off, Vodafone said on its Web site.

Some say NFC mobile payments will catch on slow, even with Apple involved

Reports that the next iPhone and iPad could include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology have raised the prospect that many more consumers in the U.S. will soon be able to use their devices to pay for almost anything -- a candy bar, a subway ride, a parking space, or a bag of groceries.

Mobile phone e-mail use jumps 36%

As the number of smartphones continues to grow, e-mail usage on mobile phones is also soaring and has become mainstream in the U.S., according a study by ComScore.

iPad leads way as 'media tablet' business grows 45% in Q3 2010

If it wasn't already obvious, Apple's iPad has led the way to explosive growth in the so-called "media tablet" business. The device almost exclusively led the way to a strong 2010 third quarter that grew by 45 per cent compared to the second quarter, IDC said Tuesday with the release of its first report on the new tablet computer market.

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