Stories by Matt Hamblen

Nokia alliance may spell doom for Windows Mobile

The Microsoft-Nokia alliance plan to put Office applications on Nokia smartphones isn't a good sign for the Windows Mobile operating system.

Next-gen Android phone goes on sale Aug. 5

The update of the T-Mobile USA G1 Android smartphone, the new myTouch 3G, goes on sale nationally Aug. 5 and reviews are beginning to trickle in.

Texting while driving increases crash risk 23-fold

Drivers of heavy trucks who were texting while driving were at a 23 times greater risk of a crash or near crash than those who were not, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reported last night.

Amazon CEO apologizes for removing digital books

In an era when corporate CEOs are urged by consultants to quickly apologize for mistakes,'s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken that advice to heart.

Food fight! Palm and Apple out of sync!

Palm Inc.'s decision to re-enable syncing to iTunes in its new Web OS update has an element of Palm taunting Apple Inc.

Analysis: Palm Pre sync flap, hardware issues, hurt Palm

Since the Palm Pre launched on June 6, it has been hailed with exaggerated exuberance as an iPhone killer and reviled for pesky hardware problems.

Video surveillance drives wireless bandwidth boost

Ask Malcolm Gravette what is driving the need for more wireless bandwidth, and the systems application manager for ADT Security will tell you: It's megapixel video.

Google Voice app comes to BlackBerry, Android

Google Voice is now available via BlackBerry and Android smartphones, Google announced today.

Dell eyes smartphone market by asking carriers what they want

Dell plans to enter the consumer and small and medium-sized business (SMB) smartphone market by working with several major carriers globally, Dell officials told analysts Tuesday, without divulging many details, including timing.

Nokia's Surge debuts with Video Share, $80 price tag

AT&T and Nokia today announced that the Nokia Surge smartphone will go on sale July 19 in the U.S for $80 after rebate.

Analysts: AT&T iPhone subsidy could hurt carrier's finances

The iPhone subsidy AT&T pays for each device totals about US$300 and is expected by some analysts to take a toll on the carrier's quarterly finances when they're reported next week.

Teo launches unified communications system to integrate with Microsoft Exchange

Teo will launch a new unified communications system that integrates with Microsoft Exchange late this year, the company announced today at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans.

Wi-Fi enabled health care products to surge with electronic medical records

ABI Research forecasts that Wi-Fi-enabled health care products will hit sales of nearly $US5 billion globally in 2014, up 70% from 2009.

Wildly successful iPhone App Store hits its first year

When Apple Inc.'s iPhone App Store celebrates its first full year in business on Saturday, it will have surpassed 1 billion downloads of the more than 55,000 applications available on its site.

Android, Chrome OS differ over voice communications

As soon as Google Inc. announced it was working on the new Chrome operating system, questions arose over how the new OS will differ from the Android mobile OS, and whether it might spell the end of Android.