Stories by Matt Hamblen

Qualcomm's new Gobi: A WiMax and Wi-Fi killer?

Qualcomm's Gobi, an embedded laptop module allowing for wide-area wireless connectivity, is poised to upset the apple cart, offering alternatives to Wi-Fi and even emerging WiMax.

OMG! Txt msging soars

While mobile TV and other emerging technologies attract big headlines, one of the biggest success stories for wireless service providers is text messaging.

Microsoft unveils enhancements to Windows Mobile

Microsoft Tuesday announced improvements to Windows Mobile, including a plan to add desktop-browsing quality seen in Internet Explorer for new smartphones by the end of the year.

A closer look at Sprint's pursuit of cable for WiMax

Sprint Nextel is pushing a Monday deadline for a WiMax joint venture with major cable companies and others, a person familiar with the discussions said.

Motorola announces touch-screen mobile TV device

Motorola announced six new products and technology demonstrations Wednesday that are designed to improve the consumer mobile media experience. The devices include a new mobile TV with a touch-screen user interface.

Gore uses videoconferencing to make global warming point

Global climate change was the topic of discussion via live videoconference Wednesday between Nobel laureate Al Gore and Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers, both speaking from separate cities to an audience in the US.

Plogg uses Zigbee to monitor electricity usage

And now, the plogg.

Does iPhone 2.0 have what it takes for the enterprise?

More than a week after Apple introduced iPhone 2.0 beta software with Exchange e-mail and powerful security tools, there are lingering questions over whether it can gain wide acceptance inside corporations for mission critical needs.

Motorola launches 802.11n-capable switch and access point

Motorola this week announced a new wireless LAN switch and a new Wi-Fi access point, both designed to support the faster 802.11n draft specification.

Wireless system helping send troubles down the drain

Founded in 1935, Roto-Rooter Group has flushed out the competition because its plumbers arrive on the same day of a cry for help to clear a clog or fix a leak.

Analysts: Security a concern for business use of iPhone 2.0

While Apple's iPhone 2.0 software announcement last week includes vastly improved security protections, questions remain over whether it will meet the demands of large corporations, such as banks, that must meet rigid government standards for data protection.

IT execs intrigued but skeptical of iPhone corporate support

Apple said it has enterprise business support for its iPhone 2.0 beta release, but several senior IT executives expressed skepticism and even ridiculed Apple for having little big business expertise.

'Green' building windows can block cell signals

"It's not easy being green," said Kermit the Frog.

As wired costs drop, wireless voice, data charge issues rise

Reducing mobile voice and data costs is a top concern for CIOs, judging by comments at an enterprise mobile and wireless conference this week.

Robots! To the nurses' station, stat

While deadly "Terminator"-style robots are making a comeback in one new television series, a more benign variety of the machines are delivering drugs and tracking medical equipment throughout a US hospital.