Stories by Matt Hamblen

AT&T to run field trials of 5G wireless in Austin this year

AT&T said it will being field trials of faster 5G wireless technology this summer in Austin, Texas.

ENCRYPT Act co-sponsor learned tech ropes at Microsoft

Rep. Suzan DelBene, one of four congressional sponsors of the ENCRYPT Act, which would preempt state and local laws banning encryption on smartphones, cut her teeth in mobile communications for Microsoft.

House bill would prevent patchwork of state laws banning smartphone encryption

Four bipartisan members of Congress introduced legislation this week to preempt a potential patchwork of state and local government laws banning encryption on smartphones.

LG's G5 smartphone to have 'always on' ability

LG's next flagship Android smartphone, the G5, will come with an "always on" display, according to a teaser posted on the company's Facebook page. The full reveal of the G5 is expected Feb 21, just prior to the Mobile World Congress.

FBI Director entreats tech firms to release encrypted data used in crimes and terror

FBI Director James Comey again implored tech companies on Tuesday to comply with court orders to reveal encrypted communications that law enforcement considers vital.

Snowden leaks furor still spilling over into courts and 4th Amendment debate

Nearly three years after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden first leaked details about massive domestic spying, his revelations have prompted a broader discourse, especially among legal scholars, over the potentially invasive nature of big data cybersurveillance tools.

Google Fiber to be free for select affordable housing residents

Google Fiber has announced free gigabit Internet service for residents of selected public housing projects connected to its fiber optic service in U.S. cities.

Cisco sees eight-fold increase in mobile data by 2020

Another new survey talks about the real costs of mobile management, which include carrier wireless network charges, hardware, IT resources needed for support and security.

In Atlanta, smart city plans aim for safety

As Atlanta embarks on an array of smart city pilot projects to improve public safety, transportation and water monitoring, residents also appear to favor the use of smart cameras for public surveillance.

Tablet shipments down, but detachables catch on

The saving grace for the declining tablet market is detachable devices, also called 2-in-1s, that can serve as both a laptop and a separate slate-style tablet.

Encryption bills pose challenges for Congress

Breaking encryption technology used by terrorists and criminals poses a frustrating dilemma for intelligence agencies and, most recently, congressional lawmakers.

Verizon to let SMBs buy smartphones on the installment plan

Verizon will let small business customers take advantage of monthly payment plans for new smartphones and other devices, avoiding a big cash outlay upfront.

Interest in smartphones is flattening

Both Apple and Samsung this week predicted slow growth for smartphone and mobile phone sales in early 2016, making investors queasy.

Seeking new revenue, AT&T and Verizon eye the Internet of Things

AT&T and Verizon, the nation's two biggest carriers, are seeing their traditional U.S. wireless businesses shrink, having suffered from an ongoing price war and declining buyer interest in new smartphones.

Verizon and Samsung partner on tech to beef up indoor wireless coverage

Verizon and Samsung announced 4G small-cell LTE technology to improve in-building wireless coverage for business customers.