Stories by Adam Bender


Brisbane's Airtrain to accept PayPal

Travellers landing at the Brisbane Airport can now pay for their train into the city using PayPal.

Pilgrim launches privacy regulatory action policy

Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has launched a regulatory action policy to shed more light on how his office operates.

Optus response to Vodafone's Spotify deal on the way?

Optus could be planning a counter move to Vodafone’s Spotify partnership, judging from comments made today by the telco's CEO, Allen Lew.

Mobile broadband losses counteract Optus handset growth in Q2 2014

Optus has suffered heavy losses in mobile broadband subscriptions, despite a return to revenue growth in the quarter year ending 31 October.

Telstra, Microsoft circle Internet of Things

Conditions are right for take-off for the Internet of Things, according to Telstra and Microsoft officials.

Swann transforms business from security to connected home

Swann Communications will next year launch a subscription surveillance service that will see the home CCTV vendor move beyond security and into the Internet of Things.

Government reveals 11 proposals for spectrum review

The government has formally proposed a single licensing framework for spectrum in a directions paper released today.

Australian startup snapshot: Cloud Awakening

Cloud Awakening is a Sydney software developer that has just launched its first product, Asset.Guru, which is a platform for tracking and managing physical assets in small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Australian MVNOs: 3G or 4G?

Mobile users looking for lower prices for higher data caps often turn to mobile virtual network operators like Vaya, Lebara and Amaysim. However, many MVNOs do not yet offer the 4G services sold by the big three telcos.

Department of Infrastructure voices caution on spectrum reform

The government should not apply market-based pricing to spectrum needed for public safety and national security as part of its spectrum reform, according to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Accountants to increase cloud investment: study

Australian accountants have increased use of cloud applications and expect to spend more on the cloud in the future, according to a report by CCH.

NBN Co, TPG still waiting to begin court arguments

The court battle between NBN Co and TPG has been postponed another three weeks.

Uber rejects safety concerns in letter to Transport Ministers

Uber has written to the Transport Ministers of Australia talking up the economic and community benefits of its taxi-hailing app amid state government attempts to regulate its car-sharing service UberX.

ACCC should give up telecom regulatory powers, says former head

A former chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has supported spinning off the agency’s telecom regulatory role to a specialist entity.

Shoes of Prey flies to US retailer Nordstrom

The Sydney-based Shoes of Prey will land in US stores for the first time through a partnership with Nordstrom, the Australian startup has announced.