Stories by Adam Bender

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Drones to deliver parcels in Australia starting in March

The drones are coming... and they’re carrying textbooks.

Queensland Health seeks servers for UNIX hardware replacement project

The Queensland Department of Health has invited bids to install servers for a UNIX hardware replacement project.


Construction woes slowed the NBN: Conroy

Labor’s construction model for the NBN “could be legitimately criticised”, according to former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.


Australian startup snapshot: WeTeachMe

WeTeachMe is a Melbourne startup that has designed a website that matches experts who want to teach to students, automating much of the administration involved in running a course.

Major payment players close in on mobile

Visa, Eftpos and Bendigo Bank said enabling mobile payments is a critical part of their near-term business strategies.

Banks opening to startup partnerships

Banks must collaborate with startups and be open to disrupting themselves if they want to survive, according to a panel at the Future of Payments conference today in Sydney.

In Pictures: INCUBATE Demo Day

Tech startups from INCUBATE's Winter 2013 class pitched their ideas at the University of Sydney.


Telstra seals parcel scanning contract with Australia Post

Telstra has won a $71 million contract with Australia Post to provide 26,000 handheld scanners for a new parcel-tracking service.

Telcos claim modest improvement in customer satisfaction

One in six telecom customers are unhappy with their service, a slight improvement from the previous quarter, according to a survey released by the Communications Alliance.

TIO remains 'busiest ombudsman': ACCAN

Telcos are improving but still face too many customer complaints, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

Commander reveals 4G business plans

Commander has entered the 4G business space with new plans announced today.

Startup tips: Approaching investors

So you’re putting together a tech startup but need money to make it work. How do you approach investors and make a deal?


Telstra IP network crashes, BigPond email goes down

Telstra has apologised to customers after BigPond suffered an email outage and the Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) network crashed on Tuesday.

More universities to join startup accelerator INCUBATE

The INCUBATE startup accelerator at the University of Sydney will expand to other universities across Australia under a partnership with Google.

AARNet's 8 Tbps fibre network to speed research

AARNet's new fibre network for science and research in SA and WA can hit transmission speeds of 8 Tbps.