Stories by Adam Bender


Chrome replaces Windows at Woolworths

Google Chrome OS devices will account for 85 per cent of business devices at Woolworths at the completion of the supermarket’s technology transformation, according to Woolworths acting CIO, Damon Rees.

Vodafone to turn on 4G global roaming

Vodafone Australia customers will be able to roam on international 4G networks as part of its $5 daily roaming plan starting in the middle of the year.

Catholic schools embrace admin software

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) has chosen TechnologyOne and Synergetic to provide enterprise software to 486 schools across Victoria in a $15 million deal.

Telstra to hawk Blue Jeans videoconferencing

Telstra will sell cloud-based video conferencing by Blue Jeans Network, the telco has announced.

OurCrowd wants to be ‘global cavalry’ for Australian startups

Israel’s OurCrowd has announced its expansion down under, seeking to provide a “third pillar” of funding to Australian startups in addition to angel investors and venture capital.

NBN review panel asks why ACCC regulates telecom

An NBN review panel has asked whether economic regulation of telecom should continue to be handled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

ANZ Innovyz START names summer startups

Eight startups will join the summer 2014 program of ANZ Innovyz, the startup accelerator that is sponsored by ANZ Bank.

Telstra, NBN Co talks under way

Telstra seeks to maintain the value of its NBN agreement and “enhance regulatory certainty” in negotiations with NBN Co and the government, Telstra CEO David Thodey said today.

Could share option changes spur startups?

Deloitte has submitted a proposal to the Treasury that would modify tax rules governing employee share options in Australia. The consultancy firm seeks to restore a key non-cash incentive for startups to attract and retain talent.

IPSTAR buys Orion in satellite broadband deal

Major NBN satellite player IPSTAR Australia has acquired Australia’s Orion Satellite System in a move to grow its enterprise business.

Vodafone 4G arrives in ACT

Vodafone has announced 4G mobile service is now available in the Australian Capital Territory.

Telstra, Optus report minor outages from Vic fires

Telstra and Optus experienced some outages due to ongoing bushfires in Victoria, but Australia’s three big telcos say their networks are mostly standing up to the flames.

Cloud software speeds Web publishing at Victoria University

Victoria University has sped up its ability to add and update digital content for the Web by replacing an email-based support system with cloud-based customer service software.

Telstra sues Optus over network size claims

Telstra has taken Optus to court for allegedly exaggerating the coverage area of the Optus network in a TV ad.

Customer exodus slows at Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Hutchison Australia continued to lose customers in the last quarter of 2013, but lost fewer of them compared to previous quarters.