Stories by Adam Bender


Tapestry buys US social startup ConnectAround

Australian startup Tapestry has acquired ConnectAround, a US-based social network for residents of retirement communities.


CYOD: How to choose devices for your users

The enterprise’s need for control must be balanced against what users want when deciding on which smartphones to support in a choose-your-own-device (CYOD) scheme, say analysts.


NBN rollout ramps up in South Australia

The NBN is now available to homes and businesses of Seaford, South Australia, the NBN Co announced this afternoon.

Vodafone drops prepaid international prices

International call rates continue to tumble with Vodafone Hutchison Australia announcing reductions for prepaid international call rates to 12 countries.

Updated: Monash gets first branded top-level domain

Monash University has received the .monash top-level domain name, becoming the first global organisation to be delegated a brand-name TLD by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Comms Alliance to probe telco complaint handling

Grumbling has risen in volume among telecom customers, with one in five customers unhappy with their service and less than half satisfied with responses to complaints, according to the latest survey by the Communications Alliance.

Vic govt updates ICT strategy

The Victorian government is preparing to move to the next stage of its ICT strategy.

O2 Networks joins growing Telstra NAS business

Telstra has acquired network integrator O2 Networks as it continues to expand its Network Applications and Services (NAS) business.


Telstra upgrades submarine cables for Asia drive

Telstra has upgraded multiple submarine cables in the Asia-Pacific region as part of the telco’s strategic focus on the Asian market.

Vodafone launches 4G Cat 4 devices

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has launched two Category 4 mobile broadband device delivering theoretical speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Statistics agency wants to manage mobile apps

Seeking to manage applications and information rather than devices, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has gone to market for an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system.


CommBank brings mobile payments to iPhone

Commonwealth Bank customers with iPhones can now pay through the CommBank mobile app using a sticker containing near field communications (NFC) technology.

Honey bees with sensors swarm over Hobart

CSIRO researchers are sticking RFID sensors to honey bees in an effort to improve bee pollination and productivity on farms.

What Atlassian's move says about Australia's startup scene

Atlassian’s decision to register as a UK business has been cast by members the Australian startup community as a huge loss that underscores weaknesses in the country’s startup ecosystem.

Capacity upgrade for Australia-Japan submarine cable

Australia Japan Cable has expanded capacity on its submarine cable connecting Australia, Guam and Japan.