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'Guarantees have lost currency': NBN Co

NBN Co is not in a position to guarantee minimum broadband speeds that Australians will experience on the National Broadband Network, NBN Co Chairman Ziggy Switkowksi has told a parliamentary hearing today.

Coalition drops tax reforms meant to help startups

The Coalition has decided not to continue with two tax reforms expected to boost investment in Australian startups.

Digital payments on trial at eftpos

A digital payments technology on trial by eftpos would bring the payment provider into the online and mobile spaces for the first time.


Startup workspaces expand in Australia

Australian startups received a flurry of good news this week with new investments in the startup ecosystem and incubator openings announced.

ACCC approves NBN Co's special access undertaking

NBN Co’s special access undertaking (SAU) has at last been approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Telstra, NBN Co ordered back to court in March

The NSW Supreme Court has put off an argument between Telstra and NBN Co until the second quarter of next year.


Updated: NBN Co releases strategic review

At least 90 per cent of Australians would get broadband speeds of about 50 Mbps by year-end 2019 under a Coalition proposal to overhaul the NBN.

Westpac to launch mobile payments in new year

Starting early next year, Westpac customers will be able to pay in stores by tapping their Android smartphones against payment terminals.

NBN Co review expected to surface tomorrow

The 60-day strategic review of the NBN will be released tomorrow, according to a spokesman for Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Taxi startup ingogo hails $3.4 million in latest funding round

Taxi app startup ingogo has raised another $3.4 million as it pivots into a mobile payments.


Training critical to Australia tapping broadband potential: CSIRO

Bringing faster broadband to Australia could disadvantage certain households and businesses if there is not sufficient education on how to take advantage of the increased speeds, according to a report by the CSIRO.


Telstra hits 300 Mbps in LTE-A trial

Telstra has achieved 300 Mbps speeds in a test on its 4G network by aggregating two channels of 20 MHz spectrum.

Australian startup snapshot: Kicktone

Kicktone is an Adelaide startup that has developed an online store designed to increase the visibility of independent musicians.

Banks, mining lead Australian ICT spending: IDC

The financial services sector will continue to be a bright spot for ICT spending growth in 2014, according to an IDC analyst.

Australia-Israel research for faster computers wins NSW investment

The New South Wales government has announced $300,000 over three years to fund a partnership between photonics researchers in Australia and Israel to develop a communications system that will speed up the next generation of computers.