Stories by Adam Bender


Christchurch law firm adopts VDI after earthquake

After catastrophic earthquakes in Christchurch toppled its New Zealand law office, Duncan Cotterill implemented desktop virtualization to provide stronger disaster resilience, according to the law firm’s CIO at the time.

Defence Housing Australia CIO keeps eye on the 'human element'

Defence Housing Australia has increased customer satisfaction by placing its focus on the end user while developing a mobile app for its travelling employees, according to CIO Shane Nielsen.

Google Apps seen as critical for Fairfax cost cutting

Fairfax Media plans to let its Microsoft Office licence wither away while the company makes Google Apps its primary productivity suite, according to Fairfax Media CIO Andrew Lam-Po-Tang.

Victoria to spend $6 million on CenITex transformation

The Victorian government has allocated $6 million of its 2014-15 budget to outsourcing ICT infrastructure and services provided by CenITex.

ACCAN rejects repeal of telco privacy rules

A government proposal to reduce privacy regulations on telecom carriers has met with resistance from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

Conroy asks why Vertigan panel bothering with NBN analysis

A National Broadband Network review panel will finish its cost-benefit analysis comparing different NBN approaches even though the government has already decided to go ahead with a multi-technology model, said the panel’s chair, Michael Vertigan.

Digital demand drives Westpac investment

Westpac is upping its investment in technology as customers perform more of their transactions digitally.

Australian zeal for mobility exceeds ROI

Australian organisations are making little progress on their mobility initiatives even with a great deal of enthusiasm for the projects, according to a report by consultancy firm Accenture.

Sedgman unearths greater value for cost with ITSM switch

Sedgman has cut its IT service management costs in three by shifting ITSM platforms, according to Sedgman IT Manager, Andrew Reid.

TPG should pay rural levy for each FTTB service: NBN Co

NBN Co has proposed that TPG and other infrastructure competitors cross-subsidise the rural National Broadband Network build when they cherry-pick high value customers in urban areas with fibre-to-the-basement.

NBN Co hits 105Mbps in limited FTTN trial

NBN Co achieved 105 megabits per second download speeds in a of test of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology at a shop on the New South Wales Central Coast.

In pictures: Australia's first Bitcoin ATM pops up in Sydney

Get ready to buy and sell Bitcoin at the mall. ABA Technologies has launched Australia's first Bitcoin ATM machine in Sydney.

Market failures stifling Australian startups: StartupAUS

Australia’s tech startups are urging the government to better promote entrepreneurs and innovation.

Cyclone cuts through telecom networks in Queensland

Australia’s telcos are busy restoring services following Tropical Cyclone Ita’s landing in Queensland over the weekend.

Will smart watches and glasses drive mobile payments?

Banking and payments are making a play to be killer apps for wearable devices, offering the possibility of paying with a wristwatch or glancing at one’s budget through augmented-reality glasses.