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40 per cent of calling cards are ripoffs: ACCAN

Nearly half of prepaid calling cards have hidden fees, mid-advertise the number of minutes or work poorly or not at all, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).


.Melbourne scores higher ranking than .Sydney in ICANN top-level domain lottery

The state of Victoria, iSelect, Open Universities Australia and Commonwealth Bank drew high slots in a lottery at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to determine the order in which ICANN will evaluate applications for new top-level domains.


PayPal predicts imminent demise for NFC, but analysts are split

The end is nigh for near field communications (NFC) mobile payments, if PayPal president, David Marcus, is correct in his predictions. However, Australian industry analysts we contacted had differing views on the fate of NFC.


Conroy sets Digital Dividend auction price, ups spectrum limits

The government appears to have avoided a possibly low-revenue Digital Dividend auction with new rules issued today by the communications minister, Senator Stephen Conroy.


RIM offers cash incentive to port games to BlackBerry 10

RIM is attempting to entice developers with cash and free gadgets to port Android and Apple games to the upcoming BlackBerry platform.

NSW gov to spend $6.7 million to drive ICT collaboration

The New South Wales government will spend $6.7 million over four years for Innovate NSW, an initiative meant to drive collaboration among small and medium enterprises, researchers, major corporations and end users.

Bank of Queensland to use social media, overhaul IT

The Bank of Queensland seeks to use social media and other forms of online engagement to serve customers across more channels, according to the bank’s CEO, Stuart Grimshaw.

Telstra invests $4 million in cloud communications company

Telstra completed a $4 million investment in Whispir that will help the cloud-based software company expand into Asia.

Early days for 4G in the enterprise

Australian enterprises are slowly adopting 4G wireless, according to industry analysts. While operators are selling 4G service at the same price as 3G, service coverage and equipment costs constraints remain.

Taxi app brawl is case of technology moving faster than regulation: NSW deputy premier

A New South Wales minister said regulation is likely required to settle the taxi industry’s concerns about independent mobile apps like GoCatch which help users book a cab.

Under fire from taxi industry, app developers look to courts, regulators

A fight brewing between mobile app developers and the taxi industry could end up in the courts and may result in new regulations, according to independent taxi app developers.

Mobile networks brace for New Year’s congestion

With high demand on mobile networks expected on New Year’s Eve, the top three Australian carriers will rely on apps and network enhancements to avoid failed calls and text messages at midnight.

Too much business influence on ID verification plan?

A proposed National Trusted Identities Framework (NTIF) appears to provide few benefits and “a number of risks” for consumers, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

Tasmania seeks hosted private cloud for server, storage

The Tasmanian government revealed plans to gradually move to an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model as part of its ICT strategy.


ACMA seeks 4G in rural Australia through 1800 MHz rule changes

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) wants to spur a greater number and variety of wireless services by changing spectrum licensing and regulatory arrangements for the 1800 MHz band in regional and remote Australia.

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