Stories by Ted Samson

OpenStack gains momentum as vendors give Grizzly a bear hug

HP, NetApp, and an array of cloud startups roll out new cloud offerings built around OpenStack Grizzly

OpenStack gains momentum as vendors give Grizzly a bear hug

HP, NetApp, and an array of cloud startups roll out new cloud offerings built around OpenStack Grizzly

In Pictures: 12 Android apps to help keep your IT shop humming

From cloud management to remote tech support to database administration, these apps have your IT needs covered

In Pictures: Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium

The Cloud-friendly suite has gotten improvements in collaboration capabilities, data visualisation, and more

Build 2012: Microsoft extends Azure cloud OS to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is intertwining Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Azure to help developers build multiplatform, cloud-friendly apps

Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone SDK 8.0 to egg on mobile development

Long-anticipated development kit includes new testing tools, Wallet integration, and tools for added speech and VOIP support

Rackspace launches new OpenStack-based cloud portfolio

Rackspace has unveiled an "early access" limited-availability edition of its updated public cloud environment, built on the open source cloud platform OpenStack. Dubbed simply Rackspace Cloud, its features include cloud servers, databases, block storage, networks, and monitoring, as well as a new control panel.

In Pictures: Five very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience - but they can also be abused in scary ways

EMC: RSA SecurID info swiped via sophisticated hack attack

EMC issued a warning today that hackers have stolen information about its RSA SecurID two-factor authentication that could be used by cybercriminals to more easily breach customers' systems,

Oracle rolls out more critical patches for troublesome Java

Oracle has unloaded a hefty package of patches aimed at fixing critical vulnerabilities in Java SE and Java for Business, and Oracle as well as third-party security experts are urging IT admins to deploy the security update immediately.

HP grooms green data center services for small-business market

HP today unveiled a host of new services aimed at helping small data-center operators boost performance and cut operating costs. Aimed at data centers up to 5,000 square feet in size, these facilities-oriented services include capacity analysis, infrastructure condition and capacity analysis, and energy-efficiency analysis.

Saving through network convergence

There's likely a number of building systems in place at your organization: HVAC, lighting, fire, security, telephone, and the like. You also have your IT infrastructure. Turns out that converging those systems on a single IP-based network promises a wealth of money-saving benefits and efficiency gains, according to a recently released white paper from Johnson Controls titled "The Perfect Technology Storm."

Survey: Technology key to SMBs' green strategy

Motivated to help the environment as well as their businesses, SMBs are increasingly embracing green practices. One of their primary approaches: employing green technology, according to recently released survey results from KRC Research.

Boost efficiency and cut waste with supply-chain automation

Every week, I feel like I'm discovering new ways for companies to reduce the amount of paper and ink they use each day -- not to mention the amount they spend shipping pieces of paper hither and yon for signing, processing, and filing (by no means a trivial cost, either, considering that a single 6 oz. large envelope shipped via USPS Express can cost around US$19.50 or $4.80 if it's sent Priority).

Coding green for the future

We know that some computer hardware -- PCs and servers, for example -- are greener than others. They are built to be more energy efficient and easier to recycle, plus they use fewer hazardous materials. Certifications such as Energy Star and EPEAT make it easy to find at least some of those machines.