Stories by Kenneth van Wyk

Kenneth van Wyk: We can't just blame users

Yes, users sometimes do stupid things. Some always will. But developers need to do more to save users from themselves.

Kenneth van Wyk: If you want developers to give a hoot about security, take a lesson from the squirrels

The problem with all too many software developers, from a security professional's point of view, is they lack a healthy sense of mistrust.

Looking beyond Heartbleed

We can do things now to make things a little easier should we face another widespread security defect in code like OpenSSL.

Kenneth van Wyk: Apple's big fail

It's disturbing that Apple would release an essential fix for iOS while ignoring the exact same problem in OS X.

Kenneth van Wyk: After Snowden

Restoring trust in our information systems after Edward Snowden's NSA revelations will take years -- if it can be done at all.

Kenneth van Wyk: Target breach underscores how backward U.S. payment tech is

There's no good reason for the U.S. to be so far behind in adopting EMV.

Kenneth van Wyk: Enjoy your trip, but protect the data you take with you

International travel can require some pretty strong security measures if your devices contain sensitive information.

Kenneth van Wyk: High hopes for iPhone's Touch ID

Much has been written already about the new iPhones and the iOS 7 operating system. Some people are underwhelmed by the OS ("Apple is just stealing ideas from Android now!") and disappointed by the iPhone 5C ("Apple still isn't making cheap phones!"). For us security geeks, though, the big news is in the iPhone 5S's fingerprint scanner. It has also drawn its share of negative reactions, with privacy folks screaming bloody murder ("Big Brother is here!"). I am not insensitive to privacy concerns, but

Kenneth van Wyk: Why mobile apps beat Web apps for privacy

Internet communications are prey to surveillance, but you can better shield them.

Bug bounties: Bad dog! Have a treat!

Bug bounty programs are probably very cost-effective for software vendors, but they reward bad behavior.

How to avoid Big Brother 's gaze

Deciding on the level of encryption you should be using requires careful consideration.

The true root causes of software security failures

Developers being overly trusting is one of them.

Kenneth van Wyk: Making safer iOS apps

There still seem to be a lot of security flaws in iOS apps, but new tools could help fix that.

Should you risk jailbreaking your iPhone?

Chances are, if you don't know the dangers involved, you shouldn't jailbreak.

Opinion: There's no magic pill for security

Too often, New Year's resolutions to get into better shape are derailed because of a lack of realistic planning. The same thing happens in the security sphere.