Stories by Tim Greene

Bill filed in Congress would ban encryption backdoors

Four Congressmen are proposing that states be forbidden to ask manufacturers to install encryption backdoors on their products outfitted with the technology.

Obama’s cybersecurity agenda bold, but relies on untested funding, experts say

The IT Modernization fund has important goals that won’t be reached until well after the current administration expires.

Obama’s new cybersecurity agenda: What you need to know

The president wants to spend $3.1 billion to just to upgrade legacy systems.

9 technologies that could cut demand for lawyers, lower legal fees

Attorneys at the recent LegalTech conference heard about new technologies that automate some of what they do and could reduce the need for large large law firms.

Report: Hackers steal, post details on 9,000 DHS employees

Warning made of plans to post details of 20K FBI workers

Startup mimics security analyst’s decision making, learns from humans

PatternEx says its Active Contextual Modeling is a form of artificial intelligence.

Presidential hopeful John Kasich: Work out encryption backdoors in backroom deals

Presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich thinks granting encryption backdoors is something that ought to be worked out in private by the president.

UpGuard offers a rating score of risk preparedness

UpGuard analyzes data about the state of corporate networks to devise a single numerical score that gives a quick sense of security risk that could be used by insurance companies to set appropriate premiums for cyber insurance.

Security startup wages continuous war games against networks

Startup SafeBreach automatically assesses corporate networks to find out whether they offer up enough security loopholes for real-world attacks to succeed.

Startup Cybric aims to reduce time between detecting and remediating breaches

Startup Cybric is working on a cloud-based platform to help businesses find out about breaches quickly and clean them up as fast as possible.

Authentication startup brings on ‘Catch Me If You Can’ ID thief as adviser

Trusona claims 100% accuracy of its authentication technology.

Raytheon names enterprise security spinout Forcepoint

Forcepoint is the name of a new Raytheon joint venture that rolls up Raytheon Cyber Products, Websense (which the company bought an 80% share in last year), and next generation firewall vendor Stonesoft that Raytheon agreed to buy last fall and now owns.

Defense One: Islamic State has written its own encrypted communications app

The Islamic State is deploying its own encrypted communications app for Android, an eventuality predicted by experts who oppose efforts of governments to require encryption backdoors so they can find out what criminals are saying to teach other.

Rovnix malware shifts focus to Japan, says IBM

After a stint focusing on the Netherlands, a group using the Rovnix Trojan has been updated it and repackaged it to steal from the bank accounts of victims in Japan, according to IBM X-Force.

Juniper will repatch its Netscreen operating system

After scrutinizing the two operating systems that run its networking and security products, Juniper Networks gives them both a clean bill of health, but it plans to replace a part of one that was exploited by unknown parties to undermine its Netscreen security gear.