Stories by Tim Greene

Dell Oro Group: Check Point, Fortinet, Palo Alto making gains in security appliances

There’s a shift among the top security vendors that has Cisco remaining at the top of the heap but with Check Point Software, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks making gains and pressuring Juniper Networks, according to new research from Dell’Oro Group.

Wyndham vs. FTC: Corporate security pros need to lawyer up about data breach protection, experts say

Corporate security executives need to meet with their legal teams to find out if the way they protect customer data will keep them out of trouble with the Federal Trade Commission if it should be compromised in a data breach.

Legal teams keep bending old laws to fit cybercrimes

Cybercrime laws lag behind the crimes themselves, leaving lawyers faced with creative use of criminal laws that were written before the Internet even existed.

Why corporate security pros should care about the Ashley Madison breach

Fallout from the Ashley Madison breach could lead to a wave of spear phishing.

Microsoft issues out-of-band patch for critical Internet Explorer flaw

A dangerous flaw in Internet Explorer has prompted Microsoft to issue a patch outside its regularly scheduled monthly security updates in order to head off a known exploit of the vulnerability.

Cisco: Flash exploits are soaring

Cisco is reporting that successful exploits of Flash vulnerabilities are soaring, possibly because they are rapidly being incorporated in kits that take advantage of the flaws.

10 more security startups to watch

Based on the continued interest in security startups from venture capital investors, these companies will continue to proliferate. Here are 10 worth watching.

Bastille promises to find malicious wireless devices in corporate networks

Startup Bastille can flag suspicious radio traffic within enterprises to give security pros a means for keeping an eye on wireless Internet of Things devices that would otherwise elude detection.

Oracle CSO to customers: we don't need your (false positive) bug reports

Oracle's CSO thinks customers who reverse-engineer its code in attempts to find bugs should cut it out because they're not finding much worth acting on and, more importantly, they're violating their licensing agreements.

IBM finds another Android phone bug

IBM security researchers have found a way to exploit an Android flaw that puts more than 55 per cent of Android phones at risk of being taken over by persistent attackers.

Black Hat 2015: DHS deputy says ‘just trust us'

The deputy head of the Department of Homeland Security implored a group of skeptical security pros at Black Hat 2015 to share information about security incidents and to trust the government to keep it safe.

Black Hat 2015: IoT devices can become transmitters to steal data

It's possible to get a printer and other inexpensive network and Internet of Things devices to transmit radio signals that are detectable far enough away that they could be used to steal data from compromised networks, a researcher tells the Black Hat 2015 conference.

Black Hat 2015: Hacker shows how to alter messages on satellite network

Globalstar satellite transmissions used for tracking truck fleets and wilderness hikers can be hacked to alter messages being sent with possibly dire consequences for pilots, shipping lines, war correspondents and businesses that use the system to keep an eye on their remote assets.

Black Hat: Hackers urged to protect Internet freedom

Las Vegas -- Security researchers need to fight for the rights to study, modify and reverse engineer Internet hardware and software or the general population risks losing Internet freedom, the Black Hat 2015 conference was told.

Black Hat 2015: Ransomware not all it's cracked up to be

All ransomware is not created equal and therefore should not be universally feared, a researcher will tell the Black Hat 2015 conference this week.