Stories by Howard Baldwin


4 reasons companies say yes to open source

Open source is free and widely available, but its benefits don't stop there. Enterprises are embracing it for its agility, a quality they value above all in these times of marketplace upheaval.

Mobility in the enterprise: Who should hold the hot potato?

The current explosion of tablet, smartphone, netbook and laptop options creates a complicated hardware equation.

Mobility in the enterprise: Who should hold the hot potato?

Bringing mobility to the enterprise is like wrestling with an octopus. Here's how Electronic Arts, Case Western University and Needham Bank are taming the beast.

Outsourcing, adieu: Companies retake the reins on IT services

After giving away the farm, some IT departments are bringing select outsourced services back in-house. Here's how they're doing it.

Why the enterprise can't shake its email addiction

The kids may have moved on, but business users love (and hate) their email. Here's why we can't kick the habit.

Supply chain 2013: Stop playing whack-a-mole with security threats

IT can never take all the risk out of a supply chain, but it can help organizations minimize their vulnerability in a world of new threats.

Email addiction: Why the enterprise can't break free

Atos CEO Thierry Breton caught a lot of flak last year when he announced he wanted his employees to give up email, but he may have been on to something.

UX specialists are hot commodities

Blame Apple's aesthetic: Even the stodgiest enterprise shops are engaging user experience experts who can design logical, beautiful interfaces for mobile computing's limited spaces.

IT workers to management: NOW can we telecommute?

IT is one of the last corporate functions to embrace telecommuting. It turns out the last remaining barriers are more cultural than technical.

Tech hotshots: The rise of the UX expert

Roberto Masiero vividly remembers the moment in 2011 when it became clear to him that designing a mobile application was a considerably different effort than designing a desktop application.

Legal concerns curb corporate cloud adoption

Inside the enterprise, the biggest obstacle to cloud computing is often the company's own corporate counsel. Here's how IT is getting to yes with legal.

IT jobs on the other side of the cloud

As more and more companies migrate to the cloud, corporate IT staffers wonder if they'd have better opportunities working for a service provider. IT veterans who've made the jump discuss the pros and cons of working for a cloud service provider.

Passwords are the weak link in IT security

Three decades into the digital revolution, passwords are still complicated, ineffective and a drain on IT's resources. What gives?

Stop working and start innovating:<br /> It can pay off

Savvy IT departments that set aside time for employee creativity say the payoffs include happier workers, increased productivity and sometimes even revenue.

JavaScript training for every employee? One company says yes

One software company is requiring all its employees -- from the CEO on down -- to learn JavaScript. The goal: A better understanding of what customers and engineers need.

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