Stories by Joab Jackson

Apigee adds some Swagger to API design

For developers who want to expose their Web applications to other computers and Internet services, API platform vendor Apigee is offering a free online tool to help create APIs using the increasingly popular Swagger API specification.

Java's key to success is simplicity

Java's success in remaining relevant on the ever-changing landscape of software development has been its relative simplicity.

IBM brings OpenStack to its SoftLayer Cloud

IBM is making it easier for enterprises to move their cloud workloads across different OpenStack deployments, giving them greater flexibility in where they can run their applications.

Survey claims New York startup scene is more innovative

A new survey is attempting to kick-start a rivalry between New York and Silicon Valley, claiming tomorrow's innovative tech companies will pick east over west to set up shop.

Google offers cut-rate computing for low-priority jobs

Got a cloud computing job that doesn't need to be completed right away? Google says it has a deal for you.

IBM, Deloitte bring Big Data to risk management

IBM and Deloitte are betting that computers can understand reams of financial regulatory guidelines more thoroughly, and speedily, than humans.

Microsoft Office 2016 to feature co-editing

Soon, multiple people will be able to work on the same Word document simultaneously, and even see each others' changes as they are typed out in real-time.

Instagram engineer delves into emoji madness

Emojis: Kids may love their simplicity, but programmers will loathe their complexities.

Microsoft prepares Windows Server 2016 for the container age

With the next release of Windows Server, Microsoft will equip its enterprise customers to take advantage of the container revolution.

Google launches a service for storing big data

Google has introduced a service for storing large amounts of data online, potentially enabling organizations to execute big data analysis as a cloud service.

Microsoft SQL Server stretches into the cloud

No longer will SQL Server administrators have to worry about filling up their database servers.

Microsoft picks security for the enterprise win

Microsoft is betting that good security support will be key to keeping its enterprise customers from straying to rivals.

Windows 10 can tap Cortana for help with data analysis

Users of the upcoming version of Windows will be able to call on its Cortana voice-driven virtual personal assistant to help them parse their organization's business intelligence data.

Microsoft unifies cloud and in-house IT management software

Two new IT management products from Microsoft continue the company's push to help customers move their operations to the cloud.

Five ways Edge trumps Internet Explorer

Farewell, Internet Explorer. Make way for Microsoft's next browser, Edge.