Stories by Rohan Pearce


Former NBN CEO joins Tony Windsor on campaign trail

NBN’s original CEO, Mike Quigley, has joined independent candidate for New England, Tony Windsor, to spruik the potential benefits for regional Australia of returning to a fibre to the premises (FTTP) National Broadband Network rollout.

Queensland Health CIO quits

The Queensland Health chief information officer and CEO of eHealth Queensland, Colin McCririck, has resigned.

Pirate website blocking: Court to wrestle with definition of ‘online location’

The cost of complying with an injunction compelling ISPs to block access to a number of pirate websites, the costs of legal proceedings, and how to deal with mirror and proxy sites are the key areas of difference between Foxtel and Village Roadshow on one side and a group of ISPs on the other, according to Richard Lancaster SC.

Telcos’ data retention funding in limbo

The assessment process for telcos’ applications for financial assistance to help defray the costs of data retention remains ongoing, with any decisions on final payouts to be decided by the incoming government after the federal election

NSW govt seeks to boost digital transactions

The New South Wales budget includes new funding to increase the number of government agency transactions that are offered through Service NSW. The budget, handed down today, includes $31.8 million in 2016-17 for building digital capability and the transition of agency transactions to the ‘one-stop shop’ for government services.

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