Stories by Rohan Pearce


Dial-up is still not dead (yet)

The latest statistics on Internet activity in Australia, released this morning by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that while dial-up is dying it's still not dead.

Defence review takes aim at application sprawl

The First Principles Review of Defence released today by the government has identified a "costly and complex" application landscape within the Defence Department as a source of waste and inefficiencies.

Telstra acquires telemedicine network

Telstra's healthcare ICT division has entered an agreement to acquire the Anywhere Healthcare network from Medibank, the telco announced today.

In brief: Huawei's Australian revenue up 18 per cent

Networking equipment and smartphone manufacturer Huawei boosted its Australian sales revenue by 18 per cent in its 2014 financial year, the Chinese-owned company announced this morning.

NBN Co adds 550k premises to construction plan

NBN Co has added 555,000 premises in Queensland, South Australia, NSW and Western Australia to its National Broadband Network construction plan.

Datacom scores $242 million Department of Health contract

Datacom has signed a five-year contract with the Department of Health. Under the $242 million contract, which replaces existing agreements the department had with IBM and Accenture, Datacom will provide ICT infrastructure and support services.

Harper review calls for scrutiny of intellectual property regime

The 56 recommendations in the final report of the Competition Policy Review include proposals that could have a significant impact on Australia's intellectual property landscape.

ACCC not sold on all Harper review recommendations

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has indicated its not yet sold on proposals in the Harper review of competition policy that would see the ACCC stripped of some functions, including telecommunications access and pricing oversight.

Telstra to resell SoftLayer IaaS services

Telstra and IBM have inked an agreement under which the telco will offer SoftLayer cloud services to its customers.

Microsoft hosts Office 365 in Australia

Microsoft today announced that it had switched on on-shore hosting for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online in Australia.

NBN Co launches FTTB offering

NBN Co has formally launched its fibre to the basement (FTTB) product, the company announced early this morning.

APIs: From developer tool to business model driver

"The API revolution is upon us," argues Deloitte's Tech Trends 2015 report.

Telstra acquires healthcare analytics company

Telstra's healthcare division has acquired UK-headquartered health analytics company Dr Foster.

Data retention: Telstra to keep customer data within Australia

Telstra will store data that it is forced to retain under the government's new data retention regime within Australia, the telco has revealed.

Coalition and Labor push through data retention

The government’s data retention bill has successfully made it through the Senate, with the Coalition, Labor and the Palmer United Party’s Dio Wang voting for the legislation.