Stories by Rohan Pearce


Website blocking and the known unknowns of the copyright crackdown

Rights holders are making noises about gearing up to use legislation that will allow them to obtain court orders forcing ISPs to block access to piracy-linked websites. But exactly how the law will function in practice is still somewhat unclear.

ACCC signs off on NBN's HFC deal with Optus

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) won't oppose NBN's move to acquire Optus' hybrid fibre-coaxial network and the revised agreement covering the migration of the telco's HFC customers to the National Broadband Network.

Government's Digital Transformation Office launches recruitment drive

The federal government's Digital Transformation Office is seeking to recruit around 20 new staff members, including developers, designers, researchers and product managers.

NRL seeks increased IOPS with hybrid storage

The need to boost storage capacity as well as deliver better application performance after virtual servers grew from four to 65 in the space of three years led the NRL's IT team to deploy a hybrid storage platform with a combination of spinning disk and flash cache.

VirtuTel eyes SDN to build self-service network

VirtuTel is harnessing OpenFlow to build an online portal that will allow its customers to order services and then have them automatically provisioned from within the wholesaler's network.

Industry groups back government on spectrum

Industry groups Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) have backed the government's move to implement the main recommendations of the spectrum review.

M2 revenue climbs

M2 Group has reported full year revenue of $1.12 billion, up 9 per cent on FY14.

Telstra Health scores hospital contracts in Malaysia, Thailand

Telstra Health has won four new contracts with hospitals in Malaysia and Thailand.

Australian Rail Track Corporation signs 10-year comms contract with Telstra

The Australian Rail Track Corporation has signed a 10-year contract with Telstra for the ongoing provision of the National Train Communications System.

OAIC investigates Ashley Madison data breach

Acting Australian Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim has launched an investigation into the release of confidential data from

Beehives get Intel inside

The CSIRO is leading a hi-tech study into maladies affecting increasing number of bee colonies around the world.

NBN still not sure about the state of Telstra's copper

As NBN prepares for the commercial launch of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) services on the National Broadband Network, the company's updated corporate plan reveals significant uncertainty remains about the state of Telstra's copper network.

NBN 2.0 costs more than expected

NBN has confirmed that the revised National Broadband Network rollout is likely to cost more than was previously expected.

NBN's next million

In FY16 NBN is aiming to have almost a million premises with active National Broadband Network services, NBN CEO Bill Morrow said this morning.

Federal Court signs off on TPG's iiNet takeover

The Federal Court today signed off on TPG's takeover of iiNet.