Stories by Rohan Pearce


TasWater archives to deal with data deluge

Tasmanian bulk water authority TasWater is implementing tiered storage to better manage its growing data volumes.

TPG revenue soars, ISP releases FTTB plan details

Internet service provider TPG has posted a 34 per cent increase in revenue for the financial year ending 31 July. The ISP reported revenue of $970.9 million and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $363.7 million; up 24 per cent on the previous financial year.

Harper review recommends scrutiny of trade agreement IP clauses

The panel conducting a review of Australia competition policy landscape has recommended increased scrutiny of intellectual property-related clauses in trade agreements.

New body could take ACCC's telco access powers

The draft report of the Competition Policy Review has recommended that a new organisation should take over a number of the regulatory powers of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, including the ACCC's telecommunications access and pricing functions.

ASIC opens up (some) data

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has made some of its data freely available from the federal government's open data repository,, the organisation has announced.

Apple reports bump in data requests from Australian police

In the period 1 January to 30 June, requests from Australian law enforcement agencies for data from iCloud and iTunes accounts more than doubled compared to the preceding six month period, Apple has revealed.

AUSTRAC upgrades data capture systems to track terrorism financing

Australia's money laundering watchdog, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre — AUSTRAC — will be boosting its IT systems using funding included in the $630 million counter-terrorism package announced by the government.

Local govt association boosts customer focus, knowledge management

The Local Government Association of Queensland is in the process of upgrading its CRM system and rolling out document management software as part of a customer-centric technology refresh.


NBN often 'indistinguishable' from existing broadband for many: Turnbull

As increasing numbers of Australians connect to the Internet using the National Broadband Network, they may well "wonder what all the fuss was about — and why the NBN is costing so much and taking so long," Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said today.


Copyright reform: eBay not sold on website blocking

Online auction behemoth eBay has rejected key measures proposed by the federal government to tackle online copyright infringement.

Committee backs new hacking powers for ASIO

An inquiry has recommended parliament passes national security legislation that would expand ASIO's ability to hack into third party computers in order to access target systems.

TIO reveals jump in complaints about mobile data charges

Charges levied on users for exceeding their mobile data quotas have become the number one source of complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, new figures released today by the telco watchdog reveal.


Telstra ditches CAPTCHAs in name of accessibility

Telstra has removed the use of CAPTCHAs as an anti-spam system from its website the telco confirmed tonight. The announcement comes ahead of a self-imposed 30 September deadline the telco set itself at the end of last year.

Google registers dip in data requests from Australian police

Australian law enforcement requests for data about users of Google’s services dipped in the six months ending June 2014 compared to six months earlier, the search giant’s latest transparency report reveals.

Acquia to deliver government's cloud-hosted, open source CMS

Boston-headquartered Drupal services company Acquia will deliver the federal government’s govCMS project.