Stories by Michael Kan

Alibaba's UC Browser found leaking users' data

A mobile browser owned by China's Alibaba Group contained privacy risks that could have exposed users' personal data, according to a security group.

Lenovo's profit hit by acquisitions of Motorola, IBM server business

Lenovo's recent acquisitions have taken a bite out of the company's earnings, with its net profit in the first quarter dropping 37 percent despite strong PC sales.

Huawei launches its own OS for the Internet of Things

China's Huawei Technologies is targeting smart homes, cars, wearables and more with its own operating system, Liteos, intended for the international market.

Chinese university skeptical that professors stole U.S. trade secrets

A Chinese university is investigating allegations that its professors stole tech secrets from the U.S., but the school is so far skeptical of the claims.

Alibaba to open more data centers in global cloud computing push

To expand its cloud computing business, China's Alibaba Group is preparing to open more data centers across the world.

Alibaba faces lawsuit from luxury brands over counterfeits

Alibaba Group has been hit with a lawsuit from luxury brands that alleges that the Chinese e-commerce giant has been deliberately promoting the sale of counterfeit products.

China pushes for big jump in Internet speeds

China's government is pressing for faster Internet access speeds and lower prices, two moves that aim to boost the number of its citizens going online.

Alibaba won't last without expanding globally, new CEO says

After taking over the reins, Alibaba Group's new CEO has made global expansion a top priority for the Chinese e-commerce giant.

MediaTek unveils 10-core chip that promises better battery life

Not satisfied with offering eight-core chips, Taiwan's MediaTek has unveiled a mobile processor with 10 cores.

Chinese smartphone market shows rare shipment decline

The world's largest smartphone market, China, isn't so hungry for the products anymore.

Apple focuses on making supply chain in China more green

Apple plans to make its supply chain in China greener as a way to cutdown on carbon emissions from its product manufacturing, the company announced on Monday.

Once fighting for the low end, Chinese smartphone vendors focus on pricier products

When ZTE launched its latest phone, the Z9, the Chinese company wasn't embarrassed to reveal its high price.

Alibaba names new CEO as revenue jumps

Though Alibaba Group is succeeding in generating more revenue from mobile, it is nevertheless shuffling executives, elevating its chief operating officer Daniel Zhang to CEO in the face of a stock-based compensation program that has depressed profit.

Another Uber office in China faces government scrutiny

Chinese authorities visited an Uber office in the country on Wednesday, just a week after another company office faced a local police raid over its ride-hailing service.

ZTE's bezel-less phone tosses away black border for more touchscreen function

Will bezel-less phones be the next big thing?