Stories by Bart Perkins

Bart Perkins: How to keep projects on track

Here are some things that IT management can do to identify problems in a timely manner.

Bart Perkins: Power to the people's devices

The new USB Power Delivery spec turns the capabilities of the USB port on their head.

Bart Perkins: Pester no more: How to handle the FCC's new rules on robocalls

Businesses must make sure their processes and IT systems adhere to the new regulations.


3D printing is IT's next big challenge

If your organsation is looking into 3D printing, IT can't afford to sit on the sidelines until it starts to look real.

Bart Perkins: Benchmarking is great, when it's not a waste

True apples-to-apples comparisons require a lot of time and effort -- in other words, money.

Bart Perkins: Global standards, meet local constraints

The benefits of standardization will always run up against the arcane needs of far-flung field locations.

Bart Perkins: Congratulations on your new supplier. Got a good prenup?

Like courtship, supplier relationships start out in optimism, but they're rarely 'till death do you part' arrangements.

Can't buy you love

Can you buy popularity? Some people seem to think so. Perceiving that organizations and people who have a lot of followers on social media tend to attract even more followers, they try to find ways to jump-start that virtuous circle. Sometimes they try to build their social media presence quickly by buying Facebook fans, YouTube views and other social media metrics. A quick Web search will uncover many examples of this type of love for sale. But there are problems with buying popularity. Here's a look at a few of them.

Bart Perkins: Jousting for jobs

Coding tournaments and similar challenges have emerged as innovative ways for employers to identify highly skilled IT professionals.

Bart Perkins: Unresponsive suppliers might just not be that into you

If your company isn't in the Fortune 500, you might find it difficult to get suppliers to provide product information, respond to an RFP or deliver adequate support. But there are ways to make your organization more attractive.

Bart Perkins: Avoiding IT audit nightmares

IT's problems can draw unwanted notice now that Sarbanes-Oxley requires them to appear in 10-K reports as 'material weaknesses.'

Bart Perkins: Cloudbursts ahead

Service interruptions seem unavoidable as companies move to the cloud. Here are four areas you should manage well if youre going to be dependent on cloud computing.

Bart Perkins: After Superstorm Sandy, an opportunity to be better prepared

The whole point of an information systems contingency plan is to be prepared before catastrophe strikes. Unfortunately, we're all adept at postponing planning.

Bart Perkins: Don't forget the field

Headquarters staffers often belittle the importance of functions located elsewhere, and they just as often have things backward.

Bart Perkins: Change management is not optional

You can't assume that if you just design a better approach, people will automatically embrace the new system.

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