Stories by Brandon Butler

Why Dropbox dropped Amazon's Cloud

Dropbox has culminated a multi-year project to build a customised infrastructure environment that company officials say is finely tuned to their specific needs, allowing them to reap savings compared with how they used Amazon Web Services' cloud. Should you get out of the cloud too?

Microsoft continues Linux lovefest with open source network software SONiC

At the Open Compute Project Summit last week, Microsoft announced SONiC, a set of open source software components that can be used to build networking equipment. The move could be a helpful tool for companies building their own networking infrastructure and is Microsoft’s latest effort to position itself as an open source company.

Inside Bank of America’s IT transformation

Over the past couple of years Bank of America has embarked on a strategic plan to embrace a software-defined, incredible agile and flexible infrastructure environment that has reaped simplification and savings.

VMware turns to IBM in the public cloud

VMware and IBM today announced a broad new partnership that will allow VMware customers to extend their virtualized workloads into IBM’s public SoftLayer cloud, a move that could be a boost of adrenaline for IBM and marks somewhat of a reckoning for VMware’s public cloud plans.

Red Hat’s Ansible brings networking to devops

A new release issued this week from Red Hat Anisble – an open source project and commercial product for creating a devops environment – is enabling developers to control network infrastructure.

VMware’s new management tools are hybrid, hybrid, hybrid

VMware hopes that any customer looking to use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform will choose the company’s vRealize Suite to centrally manage their on-premises virtualized environments and the public cloud.

SD-WAN: What it is and why you’ll use it one day

Ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs. Sound too good to be true? It’s SD-WAN, a software-based approach to managing your Wide Area Network. Think of SDN, but for your branch. It’s early days for this technology, but it’s expected to grow fast in the coming years.

Gartner: Vendors hype cloud revenue to impress Wall Street

A recent Gartner report finds that technology vendors are over-inflating the revenues they report for cloud sales by lumping in non-cloud technologies, making it confusing for users to judge the strength of a vendor’s financial health and difficult to make comparisons between vendors.

AWS pumps up Amazon earnings

Amazon's stock dropped in after hours trading after analysts were disappointed by the company's earnings; but the strong performance of the company's Amazon Web Services cloud unit actually boosted profits. If Amazon didn't have AWS, the earnings report would have been much more ugly for the company.

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