Stories by Brandon Butler

How Google is reinventing Cloud pricing

Last week Google released a feature called Sustained Use Discounts, the idea of which is that the more customers use Google's Cloud Platform, the less expensive it becomes.

Nine free cloud storage options for small businesses

Using the cloud can bring advantages that could be extra enticing for a small business. Instead of having to invest in hardware to store your files and applications, why not use the cloud? Instead of emailing documents back and forth, why not centrally store them in the cloud?

Big data Google-style comes under attack

The article in TIME is headlined "Google's Flu Project Shows the Failings of Big Data." However, critics says the real failing here is not with big data but with Google.

IDC: Cloud will be $US107bn industry by 2017

Cloud computing was an estimated $US47.4 billion industry in 2013 and is expected to more than double to $US107 billion by 2017, research firm IDC predicts.

Cloudera gets $160M to bring Hadoop to the enterprise

Cloudera today announced that it has secured $160 million in new financing to advance its distribution of the open source Hadoop big data platform.

Nine Hadoop companies you should know

If you've got a lot of data, then Hadoop either is, or should be on your radar.

In Pictures: 12 hot Cloud computing startups to watch

The Cloud is one of the hottest areas of investments for venture capitalist right now. We have zeroed in on 12 Hot Cloud startups to watch.

12 cloud computing companies to watch

Venture capital investment has rebounded in recent years to healthy levels and one segment of the technology market that's basking in this is cloud computing.

How VMware wants to reinvent the SAN

VMware has released a virtual Storage Area Network (Virtual SAN), which the company says will usher in a new era of policy-driven and virtual machine-centric storage provisioning.

Google and Verizon take big steps in the cloud

Google and Verizon each made announcements this week that are significant in their race to catch the company many consider to still be the market leader in the IaaS public cloud: Amazon Web Services.

Startup Digital Ocean lands $37m to take on Amazon in the Cloud

There are a lot of big names in the public cloud computing market: Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Rackspace among them. And here's another company that's looking to make that list one day: Digital Ocean.

In Pictures: 30 richest techies in the world

Forbes came out with its list of billionaires and techies make an impressive showing on the list.

Help! Most enterprises turn to consultants when using the cloud

Customers using the cloud overwhelmingly turn to professional service consultants to execute or plan out projects, according to a report from Technology Business Research.

IBM bets $1 billion on PaaS to boost Cloud apps

Unsatisfied with the rate of cloud application development, IBM announced on Monday that it is putting $1 billion behind its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) strategy in hopes of encouraging software makers to build many more apps for the cloud and to migrate existing ones there.

Three essentials steps to a software-defined datacentre

Imagine this in your datacentre: A swath of compute, networking and storage hardware from a variety of different vendors that are all controlled not individually but by software that overlays the entire operation.