Stories by Brandon Butler

A lot of data could be stored here one day

Northern Colorado is a good spot to build a data center, according to Craig Harrison, who has spent the last three years planning the construction of the Niobrara Data Center Energy Park.

VMware expands management of Amazon, Microsoft, OpenStack clouds

VMware has rolled out expanded support for non-VMware workloads in its management tools, including the added ability to manage OpenStack clouds, and providing better visibility into Amazon and Microsoft clouds.

Will cloud services be traded just like stocks and bonds one day?

Today, cloud computing resources are bought and sold in a fairly straightforward process: A company needs extra compute capacity, for example, so they contract with a provider who spins up virtual machines for a certain amount of time.

Three lessons from Netflix on how to live in the cloud

Netlfix is a big company, and a big cloud user. With 38 million members across 40 countries, it streams a billion hours of content per month.

Shhh... Cisco's latest switch supports VMware NSX

A recent switch upgrade by Cisco has added an interesting twist to the company's battle royale with VMware over next-generation virtual networking and data center operations management.

CSC: The Cloud's quiet whiz kid

When most people who track the industry think of the Cloud computing market, big names like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, Rackspace, Verizon Terremark and others come to mind. HP, Joyent, IBM and Dell even. But Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)?

Dell updates private Cloud to become PCI compliant

Looking to solidify its refocused efforts on private cloud platforms, Dell today rolled out new features to improve security and manageability of its offerings.

Cloud Security Alliance's new guidelines focus on mobile, data management

The Cloud Security Alliance has updated its Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), which is designed to help organizations vet the security credentials of cloud service providers.

Vendor to IT: You're blocking the wrong services

IT departments have only a loose handle on what types of cloud-based services are being used within their organisations, and many services are being used without the IT department's blessing. Meanwhile, in an attempt to curb this behaviuor, IT departments commonly block popular cloud-based services, but allow potentially more high-risk services to be used unfiltered.

Citrix aims for VMware, Amazon with new Cloud strategy

Citrix has updated its cloud computing strategy, saying that its platform – which is based off the Apache CloudStack project - can span both private on-premises deployments and public Clouds and is the only one in the market that takes an application-centric approach to architecting Clouds.

NSA spying fiasco sending customers overseas

The spectacle of National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden exposing the covert spying nature of US federal officials has sent ripple waves through the technology industry -- especially in the outsourcing arena.

NetApp's hybrid cloud plan targets storage for any virtual systems

Hybrid is a hot word in the cloud right now. All the cloud vendors seemingly have a hybrid strategy that they say gives users a common management platform between public clouds and their on-premises deployments.

RightScale's cloud gateway expands to control virtual networks

RightScale is one of the leading gateway tools between customers and public cloud service providers, allowing users to spin up compute and storage resources from multiple providers through a single console. Today, the company announced plans to add the ability to provision advanced networking controls just like users would handle compute and storage.

Report: Nirvanix customers have two weeks to get data out of cloud

Nirvanix, a cloud storage company, is shutting down, according to multiple media reports that have cited reseller partners of the company.

KVM vendor creating open source hypervisor specifically for cloud workloads

Dor Laor and Avi Kivity know a thing or two about virtualization, hypervisors and operating systems. And Laor says there are big problems with all three.