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AT&T and CSC team up to take on rivals in the cloud

Systems integrator CSC and service provider AT&T are combining forces in an effort to take on industry giants neither company would have been able to launch a formidable campaign against individually, and the union could foreshadow other partnerships of the like.

Google, Microsoft play catch up to Amazon, add load balancing, auto-scaling to their clouds

Google Wednesday rolled out load balancing features to its public cloud service, allowing customers to automatically scale up and down virtual machines to accommodate unexpected spikes in demand.

Why Amazon and others don't specifically report cloud revenues

Recent news that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating how IBM reports its cloud computing revenues begs the question: Why are companies so coy about reporting their cloud revenues?

In Pictures: World-saving robots

These human-like robots could be the first responders to major disasters in the future

Is Amazon really a low-margin cloud business?

A startup competitor to Amazon Web Service's cloud computing platform is accusing the company of engaging in a "fake price war" and inflating the prices of its services.

How hybrid Cloud is hastening the demise of traditional firewall security

It's not a new notion, but one that is gaining adherents: Perimeter-based security options like firewalls and access controls just will not cut it for new technologies that expand beyond corporate networks.

RSA president leaving to take cloud job at parent EMC

RSA President Tom Heiser is transferring from the security company to its parent company EMC to focus on cloud computing initiatives, according to an internal communication sent from the company today.

Rackspace President Lew Moorman to step down

Rackspace President Lew Moorman is stepping down from leading the company, he announced in a blog post today, but will remain on the board of directors of the cloud computing and managed hosting company.

Three things Oracle has done to become a big Cloud player

Oracle had a busy couple of weeks at the end of June, rolling out a new version of its database software and announcing partnerships with Microsoft, and NetSuite. In doing so the company – who's CEO Larry Ellison at one time bemoaned Cloud computing – has almost overnight become a major player in the industry. Here's why.

In Pictures: 10 top options for streaming movies and TV

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are the heavyweights in the video streaming industry, but there are many other options as wel

IBM commits to contributing to open source Cloud Foundry PaaS

IBM today committed to contributing to Cloud Foundry, the open source platform as a service (PaaS) project originally developed by VMware and now part of Pivotal, which is a spinout by the virtualization company and EMC.

Why Netflix is one of the most important cloud computing companies

Netflix's Open Source Software strategy started on June 23, 2011. One of the company's senior software engineers had an idea: "At some point, I think it would be valuable to open source the Zookeeper library I've written," Jordan Zimmerman wrote to his bosses, talking about a piece of customized code he helped develop. "Does Netflix have a policy on that?"

Amazon and Netflix: competitors who need each other has Amazon Instant Video. Netflix has its video streaming service. These products are two of the most popular competing video streaming options available. And they both run on Amazon's cloud computing platform.

Happy birthday, OpenStack! Now change

As OpenStack celebrates its third birthday this month, some project backers are reflecting on just how far the project has progressed, while pundits are saying that unless it makes some major changes, there may be less to celebrate in years to come.

Veterans agency backs out of cloud e-mail project

The federal government's Department of Veterans Affairs has nixed a five-year $36 million contract to move to a hosted e-mail platform.

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