Stories by Brandon Butler

3 Takeaways from Amazon’s re:Invent cloud conference

After a busy week at AWS re:Invent, here’s a recap of the big takeaways

AWS re:Invent and VMworld: A tale of two conferences

The chance to attend VMware and Amazon Web Service's users conferences was an education in the great divide that exists in how customers are solving their IT challenges

How the cloud gives Major League Baseball a new world of stats

MLB’s StatCast app was developed in Amazon’s cloud and gives fans a new perspective on the game.

Amazon touts improved cloud security at re:Invent

Security is a hot topic at AWS re:Invent this year as AWS has launched new security products and big enterprise customers like Capital One and GE help convince customers that the cloud is secure.

Researchers steal secret RSA encryption keys in Amazon’s cloud

Researchers in Massachusetts have discovered a way to steal cryptography keys stored in AWS’s cloud, raising questions about the security of multi-tenant cloud environments.

Amazon rolls out cold cloud storage option

Amazon Web Services has released a lower-cost alternative to its standard cloud storage service that is meant for infrequently accessed data.

A guide to Docker container networking

This article describes the basic and more advanced networking capabilities that Docker containers use.

Why (and how) VMware created a new type of virtualization just for containers

VMware has created an entirely new virtualization platform for running containers.

VMworld 2015: How VMware aims to distinguish itself in the Cloud

VMware is playing catch-up with Amazon and Microsoft -- and playing to its strengths in the hybrid cloud market.

VMware and Google buddy up in the cloud

At this week's VMworld, Google and VMware strengthened their partnership by adding an object storage service powered by Google to VMware's public cloud

VMware CEO Gelsinger still committed to EMC Federation

Will the EMC Federation break up, as a flurry of recent reports have suggested? VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, for one, believes one of the most prominent alliances of companies in the technology industry is still the best management structure.

How HP used Big Data to optimise its fleet of 6000 vehicles

HP collected data on nearly 6000 vehicles the company owns to gain efficiencies based on how they are used.

Do we really have to call them unicorns?

Unicorns used to be special. Now there are so many of them that we should probably find a better name.

The 15 biggest enterprise ‘unicorns’

These are 15 of the highest valued enterprise software companies that have received venture funding but have not yet been sold or gone public.

Intel backs OpenStack’s Mirantis with $100 million

Intel has placed a $100 million bet on Mirantis, a company that makes OpenStack software.