Stories by AAP

Hockey chases multinational tax dodgers

Australian tax officials have been embedded in the offices of 10 multinationals as the federal government tries to capture as much as $3 billion in dodged revenue each year.

Britain launches new 'Google tax'

The British government has slapped a new tax rate on multinational companies that seek to avoid paying their fair share to Treasury coffers.

Queensland government 'blame shifting': IBM

The Queensland government is attempting to rewrite history by launching legal action against IBM over the failed health payroll system, the tech giant says.

NBN releases construction plan

NBN Co has named the next 400 suburbs and towns to get the new-look National Broadband Network.

Quickflix to raise $5.7m

Quickflix wants to raise almost $6 million to help it secure new TV and movie content ahead of the arrival of US giant Netflix in Australia.