Stories by Fred O'Connor

Apple Watch band guidelines exert careful control over design

Third parties interested in creating Apple Watch bands should keep their designs simple and consider the environment, according to guidelines Apple released for accessory makers.

Google buys Timeful to boost its apps' time management skills

Google has acquired startup Timeful, whose iOS app uses machine learning to help people plan their days.

Microsoft woos developers with SDK for Band fitness tracker

There's a new software development kit out for those who want to create apps for Microsoft's Band fitness tracker.

Apple confirms tattoos can interfere with Apple Watch's heart rate sensor

Dark tattoos may interfere with the Apple Watch's ability to capture a person's heart rate, Apple has confirmed on the device's product support page.

Microsoft designed a special processor to handle HoloLens data

Microsoft shared some additional details about the components inside its augmented reality HoloLens headset during the company's Build conference.

Apple, IBM to bring iPads to 5 million Japanese seniors

An initiative between Apple, IBM and Japan Post Holdings could put iPads in the hands of up to 5 million members of Japan's elderly population.

Faulty taptic engines reportedly hinder Apple Watch production

Apple Watch production has been hampered by defective components from a supplier, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Glitch in iPad app causes travel headaches for American Airlines passengers

Some American Airlines passengers faced lengthy flight delays on Tuesday after a fault in the iPad navigation app used by the carriers' pilots and co-pilots caused the tablets to crash.

Amazon opens marketplace for US business customers

Amazon has opened a marketplace for businesses where they can purchase items ranging from basic office supplies like paper clips to sophisticated products such as lab supplies and tractor parts.

Massachusetts drafts regulations for car-hailing services like Uber, Lyft

Drivers for Web-based, ride-hailing services in Massachusetts would be subject to criminal background checks by the state and their company if a bill unveiled Friday by the state's governor becomes law.

Most Apple Watch buyers left with bare wrists on launch weekend

Most people who placed early orders for the Apple Watch in the U.S. and expected to receive the wearable during the first batch of shipments found themselves out of luck.

Teardown of Apple Watch shows sensor could measure blood oxygen levels

The Apple Watch's sensor may hold more health monitoring functions than Apple has revealed, including measuring blood oxygen levels, a feature that's not enabled on the device and that Apple hasn't talked about.

Italian eyewear maker helping to design new version of Google Glass

Luxottica, the Italian eyewear maker that owns Ray-Ban and Oakley, is working with Google to design a new version of Glass, its CEO said Friday.

Enterprise software vendors ready Apple Watch apps

Enterprise software vendors are betting the Apple Watch will find a use in the business world and this week announced apps for the smartwatch, which will become available to consumers on Friday.

Safari's fortunes vary a lot by region, device

Safari is the preferred mobile browser in the U.S., but it's more of a challenger abroad and on desktops. That's the picture that emerges for Apple's browser from website analytics firm StatCounter's latest report.