Stories by Fred O'Connor

As tech and recording industries seek harmony, Google invests in music publisher Kobalt

Google's venture arm has invested in Kobalt, a music publishing firm that counts Beck, Paul McCartney and the Foo Fighters among its clients.

Google reverses decision to limit sexually explicit content on Blogger

Google will continue to permit sexually explicit content to be publicly shared on Blogger, reversing a policy change it announced earlier this week.

Apple ordered to pay Texas company $532.9 million after losing patent case

Apple has been ordered to pay US$532.9 million after a U.S. jury found that its iTunes software infringed three patents owned by Smartflash, a Texas-based technology licensing company.

IDC: Android, iOS again dominate smartphone OS market

Android and iOS increased their combined share of the global mobile OS market in 2014, running on 96.3 percent of all smartphones.

Visa Europe security updates may set the stage for Apple Pay expansion

Visa Europe is rolling out the security technology that Apple Pay uses to process payments, raising the question of whether the Apple mobile payment system will cross the pond in the coming months.

Twitter speaks up for FCC net neutrality plan

With the Federal Communications Commission set to vote in three days on reclassifying broadband as public regulated utility, Twitter made its support for stronger net-neutrality rules official Monday.

Apple offers free repairs for MacBook Pro video issue dating to 2011

Apple will repair, for free, MacBook Pros that aren't properly displaying images, remedying an issue that has plagued some Mac users since 2011.

Startup makes LibreOffice, OpenOffice available for Firefox smartphones

A startup that uses the cloud to bring desktop applications to mobile devices has expanded its offerings for Mozilla's Firefox OS.

Uber increases funding round by $1B to meet investor demand

The prospect of government oversight and steady stream of security issues facing Uber haven't scared investors from the ride-hailing company, which will expand its latest round of venture funding by US$1 billion.

Sony looks to PlayStation to revive fortunes, could ditch smartphones

Sony will invest more money in the PlayStation as it fights to return to a profit, and could reportedly exit from selling smartphones and TVs.

Dropped health monitoring functions won't hinder Apple Watch sales

Although the Apple Watch will offer fewer health features than initially planned, it's still expected to be a powerful contender in the wearables category when it goes on sale in April.

Apple is said to recruit engineers for car development project

Apple's automotive ambitions may extend beyond CarPlay, its vehicle dashboard software.

Apple bumps approved size for iOS apps, lets them eat twice the memory

People looking for richer mobile apps may cheer Apple's decision to double the size limit of those approved for sale. But those whose iPhones and iPads have smaller amounts of memory will need to download carefully.

Apple makes progress in cutting use of conflict minerals

Apple is making progress in eliminating the use of materials that are linked to militant groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries.

Google fear a factor behind Orbitz-Expedia deal

After acquiring a competitor weeks ago and just announcing plans to buy another one, Expedia may look like the dominant player in online travel, but its CEO argues the deals are necessary to battle another rival: Google.