Stories by Fred O'Connor

Google to bring imaging, sensor technology to the operating room

Google's technology may eventually make its way into operating rooms and help surgeons with their procedures.

Apple Watch mini-stores to open in London, Paris, Tokyo luxury retail shops

The Apple Watch will have its own sales space inside three major department stores in Europe and Asia, a move to get the product in front of potential buyers who may not be frequent visitors to the company's physical and online stores.

Tech companies call on US to end bulk collection of metadata

A slew of tech companies have joined privacy groups in calling for the U.S. government to reform its surveillance practices.

Akamai: Most Internet attacks in Q4 originated in China

A majority of the Internet attack traffic in 2014's fourth quarter originated in China, followed by the U.S., according to cloud service provider Akamai.

Facebook app leaks F8 news about Parse, Messenger, 'teleportation station'

Facebook's app for its F8 developer conference stole some of the show's thunder by sending out, ahead of the event, a notification that revealed what products will most likely be discussed.

Facebook, news outlets in talks about hosting articles on the social networking site

Facebook has been in discussions with nearly a half a dozen media organizations about hosting their content on the social media site, according to The New York Times.

Google is making Glass 'ready for users,' says Schmidt

Google is still developing Glass, which is a "big and very fundamental platform" for the search giant, says Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Monetising medical data is becoming the next revenue stream for hackers

The personal information found in health care records fetches hefty sums on underground markets, making any company that stores such data a very attractive target for attackers.

Having an app doesn't give Uber a delivery advantage over FedEx

FedEx isn't worried about car-hailing startups encroaching on the parcel delivery business.

US retailer Target to pay $10 million in proposed settlement for 2013 data breach

Target has agreed to pay US$10 million in a proposed settlement to a class-action lawsuit stemming from its massive 2013 data breach.

Jury clears Apple of infringing patents formerly held by Nokia

A Texas jury has found that Apple didn't infringe on five wireless technology patents that once belonged to Nokia and were sold to patent licensing firm Conversant.

Apple updates developer guidelines for medical research apps

Apple has updated its iOS development guidelines to spell out what consent mobile apps dealing with human medical research must obtain.

Lyft raises $530 million in latest funding round

Lyft has raised US$530 million in its latest funding round, and plans to use the money to beef up its IT staff, expand its footprint and boost existing services.

Intel lowers Q1 revenue outlook, citing sluggish PC sales

Intel lowered its revenue outlook for the first quarter and now expects to bring in about US$12.8 billion, down from its previous forecast of about $13.7 billion.

Internal DNS error cripples iTunes, other Apple services

An internal DNS error brought down iTunes and other Apple services Wednesday, leading to ongoing outages that have lasted almost 10 hours in some cases.