Stories by Sharon Gaudin

BP Fails to Exploit Web 2.0's Potential

BP PLC has mostly failed to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to use social networks to at least partially blunt a public relations nightmare that started two months ago when an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico , causing a massive spill.

Twitter tests new ad revenue source with Toy Story 3

Twitter on Thursday kicked off a test of a new revenue source.

Facebook slammed again over privacy

Just when it seemed that Facebook's privacy tumult was quieting down, more fuel was added to the fire this week.

BP, in crisis mode, misses social networking target

While oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico and BP Plc. faces PR nightmare, the last thing the company needed to do was make matters worse.

Google's new Bing-like look disappears

Only hours after launching vibrant background imagery on its homepage, Google stripped the page back to its usual stark white.

Ford takes Google Maps for a ride

Looking to take a road trip this summer? Ford Motor Co. and Google have joined forces to make it easier to get where you're headed.

Twitterverse explodes with 2B tweets in May

Are you tweeting more these days? Seems somebody is.

Cisco's Quad takes social networking to the enterprise

Cisco is looking to take popular social networking tools and tricks and bend and meld them into a platform that's focused on business.

Facebook hopes new privacy page can quell unrest

In an attempt to quell increasing privacy concerns among its users, Facebook this week launched a new page aimed at helping them better protect personal information posted on the social network.

PC shipments hit record growth in Q1

Echoing earlier research, a report from iSuppli shows that worldwide PC shipments hit record growth in the first quarter of this year.

Facebook's Zuckerberg re-ignites privacy brouhaha

The folks at Facebook just might be wishing today that CEO Mark Zuckerberg just hadn't ... well, said anything about privacy yesterday at the Wall Street Journal 's All Things Digital conference.

Google set to push Chrome OS into quickly shifting market

Google is set to push its new Chrome operating system into a market that may be more ready for a new OS than it has been for 20 years or so, according to analysts.

Bing gives Microsoft search credibilty -- and pushes Google

A year after Microsoft launched Bing, the product has returned Microsoft to credibility in the search market, and appears to have prompted renewed innovation at Google.

NASA shuttle Atlantis spending last day in space

NASA's space shuttle Atlantis today is spending what is expected to be its final day in space.

Google gives users a permanent gift - free Pac-Man

Were you one of the many people happily playing free Pac-Man on Google's doodle last Friday?