Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Yahoo says 1M users affected by email outage

A day after Yahoo's email service suffered a partial outage, the company reported that about 1 million users were affected.

Facebook helps tornado victims find lost items

A graduation announcement. A page torn from a calendar, noting a father's birthday. Tattered pictures of children. An ultrasound image of an unborn baby.

Programmer-turned-astronaut to lift off on NASA's Endeavour

Mission Specialist Gregory Chamitoff settles in aboard the space shuttle Endeavour during the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (Photo courtesy of NASA) One of the six men lifting off onboard NASA's space shuttle Endeavour Friday is a computer programmer who built software for spacecraft before becoming an astronaut.

Yahoo email suffers partial outage

Yahoo's email service was struggling Thursday with users around the globe complaining that they've had no access for most of the day.

Royal wedding could be royal pain for IT

If your corporate network starts to get a bit sluggish Friday, you might have to blame Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Facebook looks to hire 9,400 by 2017

Facebook is looking to hire 9,400 more employees in the next six years, according to reports.

Google's new CEO won't change stance on China

Google's stance on doing business in China isn't going to change because Larry Page has replaced Eric Schmidt as the company's CEO.

Sony warns users of data loss from PlayStation network hack

It's been six days and the PlayStation Network is still offline, and now Sony has acknowledged that the problem involved a security breach.

SETI hunt for alien life put on hold

The US federal and state budget squeeze is affecting life here on Earth - and beyond.

Amazon cloud outage staggers into Day 2 is well into the second day of trying to fix a cloud outage that has partially disabled or knocked out popular Web sites like Quora, Foursquare and Reddit.

Twitter launches bidding war for TweetDeck

Suddenly TweetDeck is a hot commodity.

Tablets continue to cannibalize PC sales

PC sales in the first quarter of this year suffered, and analysts are placing the blame on the tablet market and the disaster in Japan.

Twitter getting a rival?

Watch out Twitter. You might have some competition coming.

Could 7-year-old emails halve Zuckerberg's Facebook stake?

Could a few 7-year-old emails slice off as much as half of Mark Zuckerberg's stake in Facebook -- and the fortune he has earned from that stake?

Marking milestones in space flight, space shuttle program

This is a big day for NASA and space buffs around the world, who are clebrating two major anniversaries.