Stories by Sharon Gaudin

For women, Facebook can turn friends into frenemies

Think that spending time on Facebook is a good way to relax? Well, think again -- especially if you're a woman.

Google gets more social with its search engine

Google is diving deeper into social networking.

NASA's Messenger grabs historic image of Mercury

This photo taken by the Messenger spacecraft from Mercury's orbit shows an area near the planet's south pole. (Image: NASA) NASA spacecraft Messenger delivered its first photograph of Mercury -- the first image of the planet taken from its own orbit.

For eBay, GSI buy could help with Amazon battle

After becoming something of a second-class player in the online world, eBay Inc. is looking to get back into the game.

Google may soon launch Apple iTunes rival

Reports are swirling around the Internet that Google is in the advanced stages of testing a music service that could one day rival Apple iTunes.

NASA scraps plan for 3D camera on Mars Rover

NASA has given up on the hope to build a 3D camera for the next robotic rover that the space agency will send to Mars.

Social networking gets Color but no privacy

If you want to share photos and videos and don't care about privacy, there's a new social network just for you.

LinkedIn hits 100M users worldwide

LinkedIn hit a major milestone this week when its membership rolls passed the hundred million mark.

Japan disaster rocks computer chip supplies

The disaster in Japan is putting a pinch on 25% of the worldwide production of silicon wafers used to make computer chips, according to a new report.

Remote-controlled nanoparticles target cancer

Researchers at a Canadian university are using nanotechnology and a tiny remote-controlled magnetic sphere to deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to where they need to go.

Have you heard the one about Google going social?

If you're following the rumor mill about whether Google is going to release a social network of its own, your head may be spinning.

Twitter, Facebook become lifelines after Japan quake

Once again, social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are proving to be lifelines in times of crisis.

Dell can thank iPad for push over Acer

Sales of Apple's iPad battered Acer's netbooks and notebooks sales so badly that Dell was able to regain its second-place position in the global PC market.

With movies, Facebook looks to outgrow its niche

Facebook, as widely popular as it is as a social networking site, is looking to break out of its niche. In doing so, it would like to take a defensive swing at Google.

Can't sleep? Blame your computer, phone

Not getting enough sleep these days? You may have to blame your computer or your mobile phone.