Stories by Sharon Gaudin

TD Bank gets social for better business

When TD Bank Group made a lot of acquisitions a few years ago, executives knew they needed to find a way to help employees span international borders and work together.

Power failure takes down Zoho

The Web site and office tools of online services company Zoho were <a href="">knocked offline</a> Friday by a power outage in its data center.

Twitter, Facebook fuel SOPA protests

Several <a href="">major Internet companies</a> and thousands of concerned users are successfully lighting up social networks to spread opposition to controversial anti-piracy bills now under debate in the U.S. Congress.

With Yang out, big changes coming to Yahoo?

Yahoo co-founder <a href="">Jerry Yang's departure</a> this week from the company should put in in a better position to take drastic action to fix its long-running woes.

Intel fights for its future with smartphone deals

With Intel finally breaking into the burgeoning smartphone market, analysts say the company is moving to defend its turf - and possibly even its future stability -- against an encroaching competitor.

Google's Schmidt says devices, apps need to be friends

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told an audience at the <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show</a> (CES) that the future of technology will be getting all the electronics in our lives to friend each other.

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