Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Facebook IPO details strategy and its vision of itself

Facebook's IPO filing lays out a pretty good image of where CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to take the company: He sees the social network as having significant historical value to the economy, governments and -- he hopes -- to every person connected to the Internet around the world.

Google stirs up privacy hornet's nest

Google has whipped up a privacy brouhaha with a blog post announcing that the company is <a href="">rewriting its privacy policy</a> , consolidating user information across its services.

TD Bank gets social for better business

When TD Bank Group made a lot of acquisitions a few years ago, executives knew they needed to find a way to help employees span international borders and work together.

Power failure takes down Zoho

The Web site and office tools of online services company Zoho were <a href="">knocked offline</a> Friday by a power outage in its data center.

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