Stories by Sharon Gaudin

All tweet this! Number of U.S. Twitter users jumps

The number of U.S. Twitter users jumped in the past year, increasing more than 50 per cent, according to a study from the Pew Research Center.

NASA bids farewell to Endeavour, tees up Atlantis

After 19 years and 25 space flights, NASA's space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth from a 16-day mission early this morning, ending its storied career.

Google notes social failures, and touts its social advances

Just as Google releases its +1 button to the Web, many industry watchers are scratching their heads after hearing former CEO Eric Schmidt admit that he missed the boat on social networking.

NASA astronauts complete space station work

NASA astronauts Friday wrapped up the fourth and final spacewalk of space shuttle Endeavour's last mission, moving a robotic arm from the space shuttle to its new home onboard the International Space Station.

NASA astronauts boost robotics on space station

NASA astronauts prepared today for their fourth and final spacewalk during the space shuttle Endeavour's last mission to the International Space Station.

NASA makes final attempt to contact silent Mars rover

More than a year after losing communication with the Mars rover Spirit, NASA is making one final attempt today to contact the robotic traveler.

It's official: Twitter buys TweetDeck

It's official. Twitter last night finalized a deal to buy TweetDeck, ending weeks of speculation.

NASA astronauts to fly Orion spacecraft into deep space

NASA announced Tuesday its plan to build a spacecraft that will fly astronauts into deep space, going as far as near asteroids and even Mars.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' overwhelms Amazon came up with a good marketing idea in its battle against Apple's iTunes, but it worked almost too well as execs vastly underestimated the sheer might of Lady Gaga fans.

Twitter reportedly buys TweetDeck for $40M

Twitter has finalized a deal to buy TweetDeck, CNN reported this morning.

Twitter to leave empty CTO post unfilled

Twitter's CTO left the company last week and there's no move afoot to replace him.

ARM: Intel has tough road into mobile market

Intel may have made a big splash this week announcing it's going to focus on the mobile market, but its rival in the space says the chip maker has an uphill climb ahead of it.

LinkedIn's wild ride prompts puzzlement, raises expectations

Professional social networking site LinkedIn went public today and immediately saw its share price and valuation surge.

NASA: Space station becomes dark matter hunter

With a new $2 billion device successfully installed Thursday, the International Space Station has become a dark matter hunter.

Facebook fights California privacy push

California is considering legislation that would tighten Facebook's privacy practices, and the social network is not happy about it.