Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google, Facebook rivalry to heat up in 2012

As Google works to make its Google+ social network a major competitor to market leader Facebook, the <a href="">battle between the two</a> could reach a critical point in 2012, analysts say.

Scientists closing in on 'God particle' existence

Scientists working to find the elusive "God particle" say they've discovered "intriguing" signs that it does exist and they are closing in on what could be a basic building block of the universe.

Google unveils 'Find My Face' tool for Google+

Google dove into the realm of facial recognition on Thursday, unveiling a tagging suggestion feature for its <a href="">Google+ social network</a>.

Twitter unveils redesign, touts ease-of-use

Twitter announced a redesign today aimed at making the site more <a href="">customizable and easier to use</a>.

Twitter didn't fuel U.K. riots, study says

After the U.K. government blamed social networks for fueling the riots last summer, a study shows that Twitter did not incite rioters but was used as a source for positive work.

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