Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Intel fights for its future with smartphone deals

With Intel finally breaking into the burgeoning smartphone market, analysts say the company is moving to defend its turf - and possibly even its future stability -- against an encroaching competitor.

Google's Schmidt says devices, apps need to be friends

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told an audience at the <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show</a> (CES) that the future of technology will be getting all the electronics in our lives to friend each other.

Intel shows off ultrabook prototype at CES

Intel drew an excited response from the Monday morning crowd at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas when the company showed off a prototype of an ultrabook with a transparent touch screen.

Intel bets big on ultrabooks

Intel will get a strong indication at the Consumer Electronics Show whether its decision to bet heavily on ultrabooks is a good one - or not.

Can Thompson rejuvenate Yahoo?

Yahoo's choice of a new corporate head is sending a message that the company will be rebuilt instead of sold, analysts say.

Google, Facebook rivalry to heat up in 2012

As Google works to make its Google+ social network a major competitor to market leader Facebook, the <a href="">battle between the two</a> could reach a critical point in 2012, analysts say.