Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Clock may be ticking for Google to act on China

About two weeks after Google publicly squared off with the Chinese government, the world is still watching for the search company's next step.

Twitter Local Trends: What's the tweet in your area?

People logging on to their Twitter accounts this morning found a new feature waiting for them.

No lie! Wilson to respond to State of Union on Facebook

Facebook will have another first under its belt tonight.

Twitter seen holding up under barrage of Apple iPad tweets

Twitter appears to have mostly held up under the barrage of tweets hitting the micro-blogging site during Apple's announcement of the iPad today.

IDC: Chip market on way back after recession

A rise in PC chip shipments in the last quarter of 2009 indicates that the market is on its way back after the dark days of the recession, according to an IDC report released today.

NASA abandons Mars rover rescue efforts

After six years roaming across and working on Mars, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has been deemed permanently stuck in dirt on the planet's surface.

Google co-founders to unload stock in company

The co-founders of Google are each looking sell 5 million shares of the company as part of "pre-arranged stock trading plans," according to a company filing with the US Federal Security and Exchange Commission.

Twitter now has 75M users; most asleep at the mouse

The number of Twitter users has climbed to a lofty 75 million, but the growth rate of new users is slowing and a lot of current Twitterers are inactive, according to a study released today.

Pope to priests: Go forth and blog

A year after the Vatican launched its own channel on YouTube, the pope is asking priests worldwide to adopt social media to spread the word of God.


Finally profitable, AMD must embrace new markets, analysts say

With Advanced Micro Devices back on its financial feet after 13 grueling quarters in the red, industry watchers are looking for the chip maker to dust itself off and plot a course for the next few years.

Hello? Hello? NASA's Mars Lander remains silent

All was silent this week as NASA listened intently for signs of life from its long-frozen robotic Lander, sitting in the cold and dark near the northern pole of Mars.

Bill Gates launches Gates Notes to share his thoughts

As if joining Twitter and rejoining Facebook in the same week weren't enough, Bill Gates has now launched a Web site on which he can share his thoughts.

Scientists use nanotech to prevent heart disease

University researchers have built nanoparticles designed to cling to artery walls and slowly release medicine - a breakthrough that could help fight heart disease.

For sale: NASA slashes price on used space shuttles

Looking to buy a new vehicle at a bargain price?

Hello world: Bill Gates joins Twitter, Facebook

It's been a big week for social networking.