Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Social networks make us feel more connected, survey says

Being online is making Americans feel more connected but they're actually seeing friends face-to-face less often.

Older workers drive social networking in the office

Think those young workers, fresh out of college, all shiny and idealistic are driving the use of social networking at your company?

Google to post ancient Dead Sea Scrolls online

The first century is meeting 21st century technology.

Intel to invest up to $8B in U.S. chip plants

Intel Tuesday announced plans to invest between $6 billion and $8 billion to upgrade multiple computer chip manufacturing plants in the U.S., and to build a new facility in Oregon.

Lawmakers hit Facebook CEO with privacy questions

Two members of the U.S. Congress Tuesday hit Facebook with a series of questions about the latest privacy issues surrounding the site's most popular applications.

Google, Facebook battle for 'future of the Web'

Microsoft advanced its partnership with Facebook this week, a move that could be the biggest threat to Google's search standing yet.

Twitter aiming high -- 1 billion users

Watch out, Facebook.

Facebook, Microsoft team up to make search more social

Microsoft and Facebook announced Wednesday that they're teaming up to make search more social.

Rest of world leaving U.S. in social networking dust

Think you and your friends are well connected digitally?

Google stays strong as Yahoo slips in search market

Google had a good month in September, with its search share gaining and rivals Yahoo and Microsoft Bing taking a hit.

Facebook takes on privacy with new tools

After taking a beating from users over privacy issues this year, Facebook got the message and gave users more control over their information.

Google's WebP makes images more byte-size

In its continuing attempts to make the Web faster, Google is trimming down the size of image files, which make up about 65 per cent of the bytes on the Web.

Semiconductor revenue forecast gets a trim

Despite what had been growing excitement about the semiconductor market this year, one research company is lowering its chip revenue forecast for 2010.

Google reportedly ready to unveil JPEG alternative

Google is reportedly set to announce later today that it has developed a JPEG alternative that should speed up the Web.

Google goes on acquisition spree this year

Google pulled out its wallet and went on an acquisition spree this year.