Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Worldwide poll: 4 of 5 call Internet access a basic human right

Nearly four out of five people around the world believe that Internet access is a fundamental human right, according to a BBC World Service study released this week.

EC antitrust probe is latest clash in Google-Microsoft war

The European Commission's decision to launch an antitrust investigation into Google Inc's activities has intensified that company's already heated competition with Microsoft Corp.

Obama to defend new NASA mission at April summit

In an effort to curb rising resistance in Congress to a new NASA strategy, President Barack Obama will hold a summit next month to explain his vision for America's future in space.

Bill calls for NASA to continue push to Moon

President Barack Obama's plan to push NASA to scrap the contract with commercial companies to build space taxis is meeting with some resistance in Congress.

Global chip sales skyrocket in January

While worldwide semiconductor sales in January were up just slightly from December, they wildly outpaced numbers from the same time a year ago.

Chinese scientists find Google invaluable, study says

In the midst of a verbal skirmish between Google Inc. and China, Nature Publishing Group's Nature journal this week released the results of a survey that found that three-quarters of Chinese scientists primarily use Google's search engine in online research efforts.

Analysis: Yahoo rejoins the cool kids with Twitter deal

Yahoo Inc.'s deal with microblogging phenom Twitter Inc,

Bloom fuel cell: Individual power plant in a box

At a news conference attended by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Silicon Valley start-up today took the wraps off a fuel cell designed to enable individual homes and businesses to generate their own power.

Twitter users send 50 million tweets a day

New numbers from the folks at Twitter show that people are tweeting furiously.

Could Bloom Box revolutionize power industry?

A Silicon Valley start-up is getting ready to unveil an energy device this week that executives say could one day power individual homes and businesses while replacing the traditional power grid.

If you're stupid, it's not Google's fault

If you're stupid, you can't blame Google.

Google slapped with class-action lawsuit over Buzz

A Florida woman yesterday filed a class-action lawsuit against Google Inc., charging that the new Buzz social networking tool set violates the privacy rights of users.

Microsoft, Yahoo can now take on a common enemy -- Google

Today's decision by U.S. and European regulators to let Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. join their search businesses could significantly heat up competition in a business that in recent years has been dominated by Google Inc.

NASA: Astronauts raise curtain on space station's new view

Early this morning, NASA astronauts "raised the curtain" on a set of windows with the best view of the world the International Space Station has to offer.

Google tweaks Buzz to address privacy concerns

Just two days after launching its Buzz social networking tools, Google last night said it has tweaked the technology address early privacy concerns.