Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Are we burning out on Facebook?

Could it be that Americans are starting to grow a bit weary of Facebook, which has captivated our attention and much of our free time?

Google, China look for way to coexist

The Beijing government's decision to renew Google's license to do business in China could be a big step in a long process of negotiations between Google and China to find a way to coexist.

Solar plane completes first night flight

In a major triumph for alternative energy researchers and enthusiasts, an experimental, solar-powered plane Thursday successfully completed a 26-hour flight powered by 12,000 solar cells and sunlight-powered lithium batteries.

Google in waiting game for Chinese business license

Google executives may have to wait a while to find out whether Chinese officials will renew the company's license to do business in the country.

Got more friends? You can thank the Internet

Over the next decade, the benefits of being social online will greatly outweigh any hindrances that come with it, according to a study.

Flying cars set to soar into the marketplace in 2011

A Massachusetts company hopes to start delivering its flying car to customers by late 2011.

NASA extends shuttle mission schedule into 2011

As expected, NASA has pushed back the dates of its last two space shuttle flights, which will delay the fleet's retirement date until early next year.

MIT researchers promise an Internet that's 100x faster and cheaper

MIT researchers have developed technology that they say not only will make the Internet 100 to 1,000 times faster, but also could make high-speed data access a lot cheaper.

Despite compromise, Google partially blocked in China

Just one day after Google made a major effort to work with the Chinese government, the search firm reported that its service is being partially blocked in China.

Intel to focus on how computers will be used in the future

Intel Corp. is creating a new research lab dedicated to helping scientists figure out how people will use computers in the future.

In its battle with China, Google takes a step back

Google may not be throwing in the towel in its battle with the Chinese government, but it certainly took a step back this week.

Web abuzz on talk of Google Facebook killer

Speculation is spreading around the Web that Google is building a site that could be a Facebook-killer.

Nanotech, off-the-shelf lets doctors camera see cancer cells

Researchers have added nanoechnology to an off-the-shelf digital camera to help doctors distinguish healthy cells from cancerous cells in the human body.

Microsoft's Bing turns up the heat in war with Google

Microsoft fired another salvo as its battle against Google for search turf heated up this week.

BP Fails to Exploit Web 2.0's Potential

BP PLC has mostly failed to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to use social networks to at least partially blunt a public relations nightmare that started two months ago when an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico , causing a massive spill.