Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google gives users a permanent gift - free Pac-Man

Were you one of the many people happily playing free Pac-Man on Google's doodle last Friday?

NASA: Spacewalking astronauts install battery on solar array

Two NASA astronauts today installed two new batteries on the International Space Station's solar array, which should keep the orbiter powered up for years to come.

Google says Google TV coming

After months of speculation, Google Thursday unveiled Google TV , described as a way to meld surfing the Internet with channel surfing.

Pakistan court orders government to block Facebook

A Pakistani court this week ordered the government to block access to Facebook in that country.

Google Wave won't be quick hit in the enterprise, analysts say

Google may hope that the widespread release of Google Wave serves as a new entry into the enterprise, but some analysts don't expect that businesses will rush to adopt it.

NASA listens for signs of Mars Lander life -- one more time

NASA is making one final effort to detect signs of life in the Mars Lander, which scientists fear has frozen to death on the surface of the Red Planet.

NASA astronauts attach Russian module to space station

NASA astronauts today successfully attached a Russian-built research module to the International Space Station during the second spacewalk scheduled for the space shuttle Atlantis' final mission .

Facebook unveils new security features

Facebook took the wraps off Thursday on two new security features aimed at protecting users from phishers and other online scammers.

Mum's the word from all-hands Facebook company meeting on privacy

Right out of the gates, Facebook is staying mum about what went on during its all-hands-on-deck company privacy meeting late on Thursday.

NASA: After 30 years and 115 million miles, space shuttle program nears the end

Nearly 30 years and 115 million miles after NASA launched its first space shuttle , the agency is preparing for the launch of Atlantis -- the final mission for the trusty spacecraft.

NASA looking to six-legged robot to build human outpost on Mars

NASA is building a six-legged robot that can walk or roll on wheels, and, it hopes, ultimately help set up a habitat on Mars for the later arrivals of astronauts.

Twitter confirms beta testing of new business features

Twitter Tuesday confirmed that it is working on new features designed to help companies use the microblogging site to grow their business.

NASA telescope spies 'truly empty' hole in space

The Herschel Space Observatory has made a major finding - a hole in space.

Twitter wipes out followers to kill bug

For all the Twitterers who were fretting about where their followers went earlier today, fear not. They're back.

Chip industry to see 'remarkable' growth this year

After several years of suffering through a deep economic slump, the worldwide semiconductor industry is about to hit a high-water mark, signaling a rejuvenation of the industry.