Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Twitter confirms beta testing of new business features

Twitter Tuesday confirmed that it is working on new features designed to help companies use the microblogging site to grow their business.

NASA telescope spies 'truly empty' hole in space

The Herschel Space Observatory has made a major finding - a hole in space.

Twitter wipes out followers to kill bug

For all the Twitterers who were fretting about where their followers went earlier today, fear not. They're back.

Chip industry to see 'remarkable' growth this year

After several years of suffering through a deep economic slump, the worldwide semiconductor industry is about to hit a high-water mark, signaling a rejuvenation of the industry.

Microsoft adds Spindex to control social networking flood

Angling to get in on the social networking craze, Microsoft yesterday showed off an early technical preview of a new tool that would aggregate social media.

NASA: Asteroids might have brought water to Earth

The discovery of water ice on the surface of an asteroid has NASA scientists conjecturing that asteroids and comets could have delivered enough water to a primordial Earth to fill its oceans.

NASA's final shuttle flight pushed back to November

NASA is delaying the launch date of its last space shuttle flight, pushing back the final mission from September to November.

Facebook seeks to meet with US senator on privacy issues

Executives at Facebook Inc. say they have so far been unsuccessful in efforts to meet with a U.S. senator who has been publicly pushing the social networking site to revise its privacy policy.

Facebook seeks more revenue, not control of Web, analysts say

Contrary to a lot of online buzz, analysts say that Facebook's moves this week don't indicate that the company is looking to take over the Web.

Apple's iPad isn't unbeatable, analysts say

Top companies like Hewlett-Packard Co. and Google Inc. planning to come out with tablet computers have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to compete with and beat Apple Inc.'s popular iPad device.

NASA's Discovery crew completes mission's last spacewalk

NASA space shuttle Discovery astronauts wrapped up their third and final spacewalk this morning after successfully attaching a new ammonia tank to the International Space Station.

Intel guru says 3D Internet will arrive within five years

A technology guru at Intel Corp. predicts that the internet will look significantly different in five to 10 years, when much of it will be three dimensional, or 3D.

HP chip discovery could be a tech 'game changer'

Hewlett-Packard is taking the wraps off a new technology that analysts say could be "a major game changer" for computers and personal devices.

NASA: Initial Discovery tasks slowed by broken antenna

The malfunctioning Ku-Band antenna on the NASA space shuttle Discovery has forced crew members to seek new ways to complete scheduled tasks just a day into the crew's 13-day mission.

HP takes on Apple's iPad with Slate tablet

Hewlett-Packard this week started leaking information about its upcomping tablet computer, apparently hoping to take advantage of the hype and buzz surrounding Saturday's release Apple's iPad tablet computer.