Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google Instant gives users as-you-type search results

Google today announced a new feature that will allow users to get search results as they type their queries.

Schmidt says Google TV on track for fall release

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Tuesday that the company will launch its TV service in the U.S. this fall.


Microsoft's big Bing theory targets Google

With Microsoft and Yahoo officially teaming up in the search market this week, it's time to wait and see if this move could eat into Google's hearty lead over its top opponents.

MIT builds swimming, oil-eating robots

MIT researchers have used nanotechnology to develop a robot that can autonomously navigate across the surface of the ocean to clean up an oil spill.

Ring! It's Gmail's new voice feature calling

Google announced Wednesday it is offering the ability to make phone calls over the Internet via its popular Gmail service.

Craigslist under fire (again) for 'adult services' ads

Craigslist is back in the hot seat over the Adult Services category on its popular classified advertising site.

Google tests instant search feature

The Internet is abuzz with talk about a new search feature that Google has been trying out.

Intel moves beyond 'just the chip' with McAfee buy

After trying to push its way into the increasingly lucrative consumer electronics market for the last few years, Intel hopes that adding a security offering will be just what the market needs.

Facebook location service could kill Foursquare, ignite privacy issues

If all the speculation pans out and later today Facebook unveils a location service for its site, it will excite some users, cause new privacy concerns and make for a really bad day for the folks at Foursquare Labs.

Yahoo grabs search share from Google

While Google easily hung onto its first-place spot in the U.S. search engine market last month, Yahoo made a surprising, if slight, advance.

Scientists build robot that can learn emotions

Lead researcher Lola Caamero interacts with a robot that can respond to human emotions. Researchers in the U.K. are working on a robot that will develop emotions as it interacts with people.


5 tips to protect yourself on Facebook

After news hit this week that Facebook developers are furiously trying to fix a bug that lets spammers harvest users' names and photos, the issue of online safety has reared its ugly head again.

Delta customers can book flights on Facebook

Looking to book a ticket on Delta Airlines? Now you can just go to the airline's Facebook page.

iPad, laptops drive integrated chip market

Four out of five PC laptops that ship in 2014 are expected to use integrated graphics processors, according to a report released today.

MTV gets its first Twitter Deejay

Remember when MTV debuted in 1981 with VJs, the on-air music equivalent of record-spinning deejays?