Stories by Sharon Gaudin

iPad, laptops drive integrated chip market

Four out of five PC laptops that ship in 2014 are expected to use integrated graphics processors, according to a report released today.

MTV gets its first Twitter Deejay

Remember when MTV debuted in 1981 with VJs, the on-air music equivalent of record-spinning deejays?

Google denies talks with Verizon to end net neutrality

Google today denied reports that it is in talks with Verizon for a deal that could undermine net neutrality.

Intel has its eye on iPhone, smartphone market

If you can't beat them, buy them. At least that's what executives at Intel Corp. seem to be thinking.

Social media sucks up 23 per cent of time online

Sorry, e-mail. You've just taken a back seat to both social networks and and online games.

NASA: Astronaut will ride robot arm in emergency spacewalk

Astronauts will use robotics in at least one of two emergency spacewalks that have been set up to make critical repairs to the International Space Station after part of its cooling system stopped working over the weekend.

Twitter battles fail whale with new data center

Tired of getting a fail whale when you try to tweet or simply try to log onto Twitter ?

For Facebook, the first half billion were easy

Facebook may have secured its place at the top of the world's list of social networking sites with yesterday's announcement that it passed the 500-million user mark. But industry watchers think that signing up the next 500 million Facebook users may be a lot harder.

Facebook user satisfaction 'abysmal'

While Facebook is expected to announce this week that it's grabbed its 500 millionth user, a new study shows that not everyone is so happy with the social networking site.

Bomb-making tips tied to blog shut-down

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors and conjecture about why blogging Web site and its reported 70,000 bloggers went dark last week.

Intel's success signals a 'refresh' for tech industry

When Intel Corp. posted its best quarter ever this past week, industry watchers noted that the good news extends beyond the chip maker and touches on the high-tech industry and possibly the U.S. economy.

Facebook eyes major milestone: 500M users

Facebook is hoping to hit a major milestone this week.

Companies not using social nets at risk, report says

A majority of consumers want to interact with companies over social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but only 30 per cent of businesses are prepared for it, according to a survey.

Microsoft Bing grabs search share from Google

After struggling for a few months, Microsoft's Bing search engine showed growth in the U.S. in June.

Intel Lab to Focus on Human Side of IT

Intel creating a new research lab dedicated to figuring out how people want to use computers in the future.