Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Zuckerberg talks Facebook Messages, mistakes

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says that in the future, messaging will be much more simple than today's e-mail.

Google CEO not worried about Facebook

The CEO of Google says he's not worried at all about Facebook's new messaging system.

Privacy questions trail Facebook Messages

After Facebook's struggle with one privacy issue after another this year, some in the industry are raising privacy questions about Facebook's new messaging system.

Facebook unveils new messaging system

Killing recent rumours that it's launching an e-mail killer, Facebook today unveiled a new messaging system that will envelope e-mail, instant messages, Facebook messages and SMS.

Facebook's Titan offers clear message about email's future

Killing recent rumours that it's launching an email killer, Facebook has unveiled a new messaging system that will envelope email, instant messages, Facebook messages and SMS.

Yahoo calls 20 per cent layoff report 'inaccurate'

Yahoo is denying reports that the company is in the midst of a 20 per cent reduction of its workforce.

Amazon bows to social networking pressure on pedophile book may be one of the largest online retailers in the world, but it apparently doesn't want to risk the ire of the world's top social networks.

Google, Facebook duke it out over user data

Things are getting a bit heated between two of the largest Internet companies as they spar over users' data.

Google employee axed over 10% raise leak

Everyone at Google is getting a nice raise. Well, almost everyone. gives up on search business

Long the also-ran in the search market, announced on Tuesday that it is getting out of the search business.

Novell unveils enterprise collaboration platform beta

Novell today took the wraps off a beta version of Novell Vibe -- its new social collaboration.

Facebook users squint at font size change

Before you make an appointment with your eye doctor, it's not your eyes. It's Facebook.

Facebook updates mobile platform, says 'no' to rumoured phone

If you were one of the many people hoping for a Facebook phone, sorry. That's not happening.

Virgin American heads into the cloud with Gmail

Ravi Simhambhatla, CIO of Virgin America One airline is flying into the cloud to use its new e-mail system.

5 comments from Google's CEO on privacy

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is getting a lot of attention lately, not so much for the company's ubiquitous search engine or any of the company's other products. It's more for what Schmidt has been saying about privacy.