Stories by Sharon Gaudin

TD Bank Unites 85,000-plus Workers

Built via a slew of mergers and acquisitions, TD Bank Group in recent years had seen its employees lose the ability to easily collaborate with one another as its workforce grew rapidly across the United States and Canada.

AMD execs tout firm's tablet plans

With new CEO Rory Read at the helm for about six months, Advanced Micro Devices has turned its attention to the lucrative and burgeoning tablet market.

Wi-Fi in flight has yet to soar

Launched four years ago, the use of Wi-Fi on US airlines has yet to catch on, with estimates that the wireless technology is still used by only 7 per centof the flying public.

Facebook IPO details strategy and its vision of itself

Facebook's IPO filing lays out a pretty good image of where CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to take the company: He sees the social network as having significant historical value to the economy, governments and -- he hopes -- to every person connected to the Internet around the world.