Stories by Sharon Gaudin

AMD moves away from Intel rivalry, rethinks course

After years of going up against Intel and not fairing so well, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is no longer going to focus on its <a href="">long-standing rival</a>.

Will FTC force Facebook onto privacy straight and narrow?

After angering users with one privacy misstep after another, Facebook yesterday <a href="">settled charges by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission</a> (FTC) that it had deceived users and <a href="">shared information it had told them would be private</a>.

Going social could be 'game changer' for Google Music

After months of speculation and anticipation, <a href="">Google's online music store</a> is live and it's going up against some big industry names, including Apple's iTunes and Spotify.

Facebook users reel from porn spam attack

After being bombarded with hard-core pornographic and violent images on their news feeds, some Facebook users may change how and if they use the social network, according to industry analysts.

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