Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google Gmail outage leaves 150,000 users without e-mail

About 150,000 of Google's Gmail users woke up Sunday morning to missing e-mails, contacts and chat histories.

NASA: Humanoid robot launching into future

With 38 computer processors and working arms and hands, the humanoid robot onboard NASA's space shuttle Discovery is expected to be the centerpiece of a dramatic step forward in the evolution of humans and robots working together in space.

NASA's robot may get Japanese space companion

The humanoid robot taking off in NASA's space shuttle Discovery tomorrow afternoon could get a companion in a few years when the Japanese Space Agency plans to send its own robot to the International Space Station.

Yahoo Video dumping user content

Really like that video you posted on Yahoo Video? Well, if you want it back, you better hurry up and download it.

Twitter restores access to Twidroyd and UberSocial apps

Just one day after Twitter suspended three major third-party mobile applications for allegedly violating its use policies, the social network reinstated them.

Twitter suspends rival's mobile apps

Twitter on Friday suspended three major mobile third-party applications for allegedly violating the company's use policies.

IBM's Watson's ability to converse is a huge advance for AI research

IBM's Jeopardy playing supercomputer has been touted by some observers to be one of the biggest computing advancements in the past several decades.

AOL tries to reclaim lost glory with Huffington Post buy

AOL, an Internet company trying to reinvent itself, wants to reclaim some of its lost glory by purchasing The Huffington Post.

Mark Zuckerberg allegedly stalked on Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has allegedly been stalked by a man on his own social networking site.

Google exec freed from Egyptian custody

Google executive Wael Ghonim has been released from government custody in Egypt today, and he's already tweeted about his freedom.

Intel developing security 'game-changer'

Intel's chief technology officer says the chip maker is developing a technology that will be a security game changer.

Intel to invest $100M in U.S. university research

Intel announced today that it's set to invest $100 million over the next five years into U.S. university research.

Google's Schmidt gets $100M thank-you gift

Eric Schmidt may have been pushed aside as Google's CEO, but he's getting a nice gift as he packs up his top office.

If MySpace is for sale, who would buy it?

MySpace was once a social networking pioneer and shining star, but analysts now wonder who would want to buy the struggling site.

IBM supercomputer wins first Jeopardy dust up

The first round goes to the computer.