Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Is Microsoft gunning for Yahoo again?

The will-they-or-won't-they questions are heating up again.

40M U.S. mobile users access social nets every day

There's a good chance that if you didn't access Facebook or Twitter last year, you do today.

Ballmer touts Bing; analysts still wary about its future

SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Tuesday touted the success of the Bing search engine in the back yard of rival and search king Google.

Online and offline commerce on cusp of a convergence

SAN FRANCISCO -- Spurred by the growth of mobile devices and social media, we're on the cusp of a convergence between online and offline commerce.

Michael Dell sees HP confusion as a big opportunity

SAN FRANCISCO -- As Hewlett-Packard waffles on whether it will continue to produce computers, the CEO of rival Dell Inc. said HP's customers are losing confidence and looking to other vendors.

Intel works to make our devices less needy

SAN FRANCISCO -- If we think our digital devices are just about data, we're missing the point, an Intel executive said.

With 250M tweets a day, Twitter plans 'simplicity' strategy

SAN FRANCISCO -- With Twitter handling a quarter of a billion tweets a day, company CEO Dick Costolo said he's focusing on keeping things simple.

Twitter and Google 'just can't agree' on Realtime Search deal

SAN FRANCISCO -- Twitter and Google can't reach an agreement on Realtime Search, but Twitter's CEO isn't giving up.

Google may add to Android with online music store

Google is reported to be in the process of building an online music store to rival Apple and Amazon's popular services.

Page looks to 'transform' company with Google+

Forget about building a popular social network. Google CEO Larry Page wants to use Google+ to transform the entire Google experience.

Google's Schmidt (finally) takes to Google+

After being noticeably absent from his company's own social network, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finally has joined the ranks of Google+ users.

Lenovo passes Dell in 'disappointing' PC market

Lenovo passed Dell to become the second-largest worldwide PC vendor behind Hewlett-Packard in the third 2011 quarter, pushing back rival Dell.

Google engineer slams Google+ as 'pathetic afterthought'

A Google engineer has caused an online stir by posting a long rant on Google+ that slams Google and calls the company's new social network a "pathetic afterthought."

AMD's 8-core desktop chip puts it back in the race with Intel

Advanced Micro Devices is looking to get back into the race with Intel with the introduction of its eight-core desktop chip and its new Bulldozer architecture.

Google rises, Yahoo drops in US search market

After slipping to a two-year low in August, Google inched back up in the US search market.