Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Novell shipping directory 8.0 Tuesday

Novell announced Wednesday that it will ship its new Novell Directory Services V8 on Tuesday, May 11.

Novell's full-serve strategy

Novell will make several announcements this week in an effort to move beyond the network directory arena and position itself to manage everything on the enterprise from users to applications to personal IDs, Computerworld has learned.

Y2k May Stall Windows 2000 rollout

A growing number of analysts are warning users not to expect delivery of Windows 2000 before the middle of next year. That's at least six months after the delivery date pinpointed last week by Ed Muth, Microsoft Corp.'s group product manager for Windows NT. And the delivery date Muth targeted in his statement -- which came on the heels of a confirmed one-month delay in the release of the third beta of the updated operating system -- is later than what Microsoft had predicted. In a statement last year, it pegged mid-1999 for the final release of Windows 2000.

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