Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Researchers use nanotech to battle cancer

Two universities this week announced that researchers in the schools have made advances in fighting cancer by using nanotechnology.

Google closes in on mastering mobile

Google may be the Internet company getting closest to figuring out mobile -- with a slew of mobile YouTube users and increasing smartphone ad clicks -- but it still hasn't quite mastered it yet.

Relax. Monday morning Facebook outage is over

Unable to post updates or send direct messages on Facebook today? Don't panic. You weren't alone.

Twitter faces a tough IPO process

Twitter executives will face a tough challenge as they hit the road to promote the company's IPO.

NASA's moon probe starts outer space Internet test

NASA's newly launched lunar probe has begun testing what could eventually become an outer space Internet.

Relax! NASA says asteroid has little chance of hitting Earth

Everybody needs to stop freaking out about asteroid 2013 TV135, NASA says.

In Pictures: US military gets fired up over weaponised robots

Check out photos of machine gun-shooting robots at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Twitter reportedly kicking off roadshow Oct. 25

Twitter reportedly is getting ready to begin its IPO roadshow on Oct. 28 and then begin trading on Nov. 15.

Cornell team building heart-monitoring, bug-fighting smart clothes

Your shirt could soon power a smartphone while monitoring your blood pressure and providing alerts about harmful bacteria nearby.

Facebook loosens its rules on teen privacy

Facebook announced Wednesday that it is loosening privacy rules for its teen users.

OMG! Texting becomes the next big enterprise tool

You can add secure texting to the list of enterprise-grade social collaboration tools companies are adopting for their workers.

Machine gun-toting robots may soon back up U.S. soldiers

A weaponized robot acting as a member of a squad of U.S. soldiers fighting on the battlefield is no longer science fiction. They may not be two-legged, humanoid robots yet, but they are able to follow troops through a wide range of terrain and back them up in battle.

US Army evaluates self-driving, machine gun-toting robots

The US Army, looking to use more robots on the battlefield, this week is getting a peek at just how ready robots are to become trusted parts of the military.

Twitter can take IPO lessons from Facebook -- on what not to do

As Twitter gears up for an initial public offering, its executives should study Facebook's path to an IPO to learn what not to do.


Twitter's IPO risks include ads, users and financial losses

As Twitter looks to convince investors its IPO is a good bet, analysts are studying the biggest challenges facing the company, like finding a path to profitability while fending off rivals like Facebook and Google.

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