Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Should Facebook unfriend Zuckerberg over slumping stock price?

The continuing slide in Facebook's stock price is fueling speculation that the social network might be better off without co-founder Mark Zuckerberg at the helm.

Pinterest goes all-in with mobile, releasing Android, iPad apps

Looking to get in on the booming mobile market, social network Pinterest has unveiled mobile apps for its pinboard service.

With Frommer's buy, Google eyes new strategy

Google is hoping that when you go on your next vacation, you'll be relying not only on Google search and Maps but on Google's own content to go with you.

NASA completes 'brain transplant' on Mars Curiosity rover

With the Mars rover's software successfully upgraded, Curiosity is a big step closer to beginning its mission of finding out whether life has ever existed on Mars.


NASA's Mars Curiosity software upgrade nearly complete

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover is three-quarters of the way through a major software upgrade NASA has dubbed a "brain transplant."

NASA to upgrade rover's software, enabling it to move, use robotic arm

NASA programmers and engineers will begin upgrading the Mars Curiosity rover's software on Saturday, increasing its ability to move and use its robotic arm.

NASA upgrades Mars Curiosity software ... from 350M miles away

Picture doing a remote software upgrade. Now picture doing it when the machine you're upgrading is a robotic rover sitting 350 million miles away, on the surface of Mars

Bad press may affect Google more than FTC's $22.5M fine

Although analysts say Google's $22.5 million fine from the FTC is a simple slap on the wrist, they argue that the publicity about it may still push the company to change.

Pinterest ditches invite-only policy, throws open its doors

Pinterest, a social pinboard site, threw open its doors to anyone who wants to join.

Facebook moves to remedy mobile revenue woes

Facebook is moving to fix one of its biggest problems - finding ways to make money from its growing base of mobile users.

NASA: Your smartphone is as smart as the Curiosity rover

While the Mars Curiosity rover is the most complex machine NASA has ever sent to another planet, the computer that runs it is no more powerful than the one in your smartphone.

NASA: Mars Curiosity rover in 'great shape'

NASA's rover Curiosity completed its first full Martian day, releasing photos and video, and functioning perfectly, officials said.

Lenovo's new lightweight ThinkPad to ship this month

Lenovo's lighter, quicker ThinkPad, unveiled last spring as part of an effort to attract buyers more interested in smartphones and tablets than PCs, will go on sale later this month.

Safely on Mars, NASA rover Curiosity gets busy

Now that NASA's rover Curiosity has safely landed on Mars, it's time for the robot to get to work, researchers said.

Twitter takes social spotlight at London Olympics

Twitter is basking in the Olympic spotlight, with athletes tweeting about the games and fans around the world tweeting their support.

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