Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google+ traffic jumps as users stay longer on site

Fledgling social network Google+ has had a recent traffic boost, recording its third-largest week of visits since the site launched in June, according to online traffic monitor Experian Hitwise.

Going social could be 'game changer' for Google Music

After months of speculation and anticipation, <a href="">Google's online music store</a> is live and it's going up against some big industry names, including Apple's iTunes and Spotify.

Cisco goes mobile with collaboration tool updates

In an attempt to move beyond the desktop, Cisco is updating two of its enterprise-level collaboration tools.

Facebook users reel from porn spam attack

After being bombarded with hard-core pornographic and violent images on their news feeds, some Facebook users may change how and if they use the social network, according to industry analysts.

Google to unveil music store to rival Apple iTunes

Those who have been waiting for word on Google's launching an online music store may have their questions answered later today.

40 years ago today: The Intel 4004 launches digital era

Love your smartphone? How about your laptop, your GPS, your car, even?

Images of Google's online music store leak

It appears that Google is nearly ready to launch its much-anticipated online music store.

Cerf calls Internet governance critical issue in high tech

Vint Cerf, widely considered one of the fathers of the Internet, said Monday that Internet governance is one of the most critical issues in the high-tech world.

Top-secret Google X lab rethinks the future

<a href="">Google is running</a> a secret research lab in the San Francisco area where they're building robots and re-imagining the future, the New York Times reported yesterday.

Is Google+ or Facebook better for business?

Ever since Google came out with Google+ Pages for business on Monday, the company has taken heat for not giving enterprises basic tools with this initial offering.

Facebook may be close to privacy deal with FTC

Facebook is close to reaching a deal with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that the social network engaged in "deceptive behavior" when changing its privacy settings, according to a report Thursday in the Wall Street Journal.

NASA nearly ready to launch Mars super rover

NASA is nearly ready to launch its SUV-size super rover to Mars later this month.

Google's 'delighted' that Facebook underestimates Google+

A Google executive was quick to fire back at Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg's description of Google+ as "their own little version of Facebook."

Facebook rebounds from May slump despite Google+

After Facebook hit a wall and lost 6 million U.S. users last May, the social network has been slowly coming back.

Google starts rollout of Google+ for businesses

Google is getting ready for businesses to start jumping onboard its Google+ social network.