Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg causes stir over privacy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's contention last week that privacy is becoming less important to online users caused a stir across the Internet and among privacy advocates.

Google named Word of the Decade

If you had any lingering doubts that social networking is pervading our lives, doubt no longer.

Warning Will Robinson! Robotic girlfriends hit the market

The world's first robotic girlfriend has hit the market.

NASA: Hubble peers 13 billion years back in cosmic history

Less than a year after getting a major overhaul, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has snapped panoramic, full-color images that let astronomers peer more than 13 billion years back into cosmic history.

Nanotech used to create pulsing artificial arteries

A team of British researchers are set to begin a trial program by planting nanotechnology-based artificial arteries into humans.

Intel gets ready to launch 32nm Westmere chips

Intel Corp. is making a big leap later this week, moving from a 45-nanometer manufacturing process to 32nm with three new chips.

NASA's next frontier: Venus, the moon or an asteroid?

NASA is in the process of deciding on the focus of its next major space venture, which would cost about $650 million and take about eight years.

News Analysis: Google and Microsoft to escalate war in 2010

For those who think this corporate fight hit a crescendo in 2009, industry analysts say they better think again. It looks like this is just getting started.

Nanotech Creates Batteries Out of Paper

Researchers at Stanford University have used nanotechnology to create lightweight, bendable batteries out of paper.

US FTC's Intel lawsuit could prove a boon for rivals AMD, Nvidia

The antitrust lawsuit filed today by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's against Intel Corp. could turn out to be a great Christmas present for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Nvidia Corp.

Facebook testing tool to push updates onto Twitter

Facebook and its social networking compatriot Twitter are jointly taking new steps to help users share information.

Analysts scoff at rumor of Intel-Nvidia deal

While rumors are swirling around the Internet that Intel is looking to buy rival chips maker Nvidia, analysts say it's nothing but talk and bluster.

Intel nurses 'black eye' on Larrabee, as AMD, Nvidia get to work

While Intel nurses a self-inflicted wound after pulling the plug on its long-anticipated Larrabee graphics chip, analysts said rivals AMD and Nvidia need to make hay with the extra time they've been given.


Google, publishers team to develop online news tool

Google is looking to change the way you read news online. The online giant, whose Google News page is a major - and conroversial - news aggregator, has teamed up with The New York Times and the Washington Post to develop a new online tool that's designed to prioritize articles on major news stories as they develop.

Nanotech used to build batteries out of paper

Researchers at Stanford University have used nanotechnology to create lightweight and even bendable batteries out of paper.

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