Stories by Sharon Gaudin

In letter to Congress, Google defends privacy changes

In a letter sent to eight members of Congress, Google yesterday defended its move to consolidate its privacy policies and users' personal information.

Angry Birds comes to Facebook on Valentine's Day

Looking for an interesting Valentine's Day gift? Big fan of Angry Birds?

Google+ ups competition with Facebook by including teens

Google is widening the potential user base for Google+ by lowering the age requirement from 18 to 13 years old -- a move that could help it grow in Facebook's shadow.

Google stirs up privacy hornet's nest

Google has whipped up a privacy brouhaha with a blog post announcing that the company is <a href="">rewriting its privacy policy</a> , consolidating user information across its services.

Space storm hits satellites, airlines; consumer GPS systems are safe

Radiation from the largest <a href="">solar flare</a> in more than six years shouldn't adversely affect communications or technology for most people on earth, experts say.

Sen. Grassley's Twitter account hacked

Twitter and federal law enforcement are investigating the hacking of a U.S. Senator's Twitter account Monday afternoon.

Obama to do YouTube, Google+ Hangout interview

Continuing his longstanding use of social networks, President Barack Obama is set to do an interview in a Google+ Hangout on Jan. 30.

TD Bank gets social for better business

When TD Bank Group made a lot of acquisitions a few years ago, executives knew they needed to find a way to help employees span international borders and work together.

Power failure takes down Zoho

The Web site and office tools of online services company Zoho were <a href="">knocked offline</a> Friday by a power outage in its data center.

Google named Best Place to Work in U.S. by Fortune

Google moved up three spots to claim the top position in Fortune's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Twitter, Facebook fuel SOPA protests

Several <a href="">major Internet companies</a> and thousands of concerned users are successfully lighting up social networks to spread opposition to controversial anti-piracy bills now under debate in the U.S. Congress.

With Yang out, big changes coming to Yahoo?

Yahoo co-founder <a href="">Jerry Yang's departure</a> this week from the company should put in in a better position to take drastic action to fix its long-running woes.

Facebook may let you share what you do off-site

Speculation is swirling that Facebook is getting ready to announce a way to combine information on what users do on, and off, the social network.

Facebook may take company public in May

Reports were circulating Tuesday that Facebook will launch its initial public offering in May.

Google's Marissa Mayer says more women needed in tech

Women may have come a long way in the high-tech field in the last 10 years, but there's still a lot of room for growth, according to a group of female tech executives.