Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Twitter, Facebook fuel SOPA protests

Several <a href="">major Internet companies</a> and thousands of concerned users are successfully lighting up social networks to spread opposition to controversial anti-piracy bills now under debate in the U.S. Congress.

With Yang out, big changes coming to Yahoo?

Yahoo co-founder <a href="">Jerry Yang's departure</a> this week from the company should put in in a better position to take drastic action to fix its long-running woes.

Facebook may let you share what you do off-site

Speculation is swirling that Facebook is getting ready to announce a way to combine information on what users do on, and off, the social network.

Facebook may take company public in May

Reports were circulating Tuesday that Facebook will launch its initial public offering in May.

Google's Marissa Mayer says more women needed in tech

Women may have come a long way in the high-tech field in the last 10 years, but there's still a lot of room for growth, according to a group of female tech executives.

A closer look at Lenovo's enterprise and hybrid ultrabooks

Cashing in on the ultrabook excitement at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lenovo has rolled out four of its own slimmed-down models, including one geared specifically for the enterprise.

Intel fights for its future with smartphone deals

With Intel finally breaking into the burgeoning smartphone market, analysts say the company is moving to defend its turf - and possibly even its future stability -- against an encroaching competitor.

Google's Schmidt says devices, apps need to be friends

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told an audience at the <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show</a> (CES) that the future of technology will be getting all the electronics in our lives to friend each other.

HP takes wraps off 'premium' ultrabook

HP is hoping to grab the fashionable user with its new ultrabook, the Envy 14 Spectre.

PixelOptics shows off smart eyeglasses

There are <a href="">smartphones</a> and smart TVs. Now there are smart eyeglasses.

Lenovo takes wraps off ultrabook, tablet hybrid

Lenovo got in on the ultrabook excitement before the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) even officially opened.

Intel shows off hybrids: Ultrabooks that turn into tablets

Intel is taking on the burgeoning tablet market by working on hybrid ultrabooks that look and act like both laptops and tablets.

Intel shows off ultrabook prototype at CES

Intel drew an excited response from the Monday morning crowd at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas when the company showed off a prototype of an ultrabook with a transparent touch screen.

Intel bets big on ultrabooks

Intel will get a strong indication at the Consumer Electronics Show whether its decision to bet heavily on ultrabooks is a good one - or not.

Ultrabooks, expected to be hot at CES, could be boon for enterprise IT

With ultrabooks poised to be the hottest computers to come out of this year's <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show</a> (CES), analysts say the new hardware should be a boon for enterprise IT shops.