Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google downgraded on threat from Facebook

A brokerage and investment banking firm downgraded Google from "buy" to "hold" because of the growing threat from social media companies like Facebook. crashes as iPhone 4S unveiled

Shortly before Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, the company's Web site went down.

Microsoft tries to make Hotmail cool again with overhaul

Microsoft is trying to overhaul Hotmail in an attempt to make its free email service cool again.

Google+ rides momentum up social net ranks

Just weeks after opening up membership to Google+, visits to the new social network are booming.

Yahoo, ABC team up for news alliance

Yahoo, looking to fight its way back to being an A-list online player, announced today that it is teaming up with ABC News.

Google is most-sought employer -- again

If you're a college student and want to work for Google, you're definitely not alone.

Facebook tracking prompts call for FTC probe

Facebook's tracking technology has landed the social network in hot water, with two lawmakers calling for a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation.

Google slips to lowest search share in 2 years

Google's share of the U.S. search engine market has dropped below 65% for the first time in two years, new data shows.

Without Bartz, will Yahoo rebuild or sell?

With Carol Bartz out as CEO at Yahoo, speculation is rampant that the board of directors is looking to sell the struggling company.

Google buys Zagat, targets Groupon, Facebook

With Zagat's restaurant reviewing operation now in its arsenal, Google is in a position to radically change the daily deals market.

Amazon redesigning site for tablets, report says

Online retailer is reportedly redesigning its Web site, which sells everything from books to electronics and handbags, with a focus on supporting tablet computer users.

With Bartz out, Yahoo must refocus or die

With Yahoo languishing in the face of competition from the likes of Google and Facebook, the ouster of CEO Carol Bartz gives the company a chance to refocus and reinvigorate itself.

Google+ causes stir with Suggested User list

Google+ is trying to help users expand their Circles by offering them a new Suggested User list. The only problem is that some users are taking exception to what they're calling an elitist system.

Google+ lets users 'ignore' those annoying people

Want to ignore that one cousin or co-worker who's bugging you on Google+? Now the new social networking site is giving you an option to do just that.

With new CEO, AMD could fix missed opportunities

With a new CEO finally at the helm, AMD can begin to move forward in what has become an Intel world.