Stories by Sharon Gaudin

It's now or never to speed up robots for DARPA challenge

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The robotics team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has three weeks before the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge to make their robot twice as fast as it is today.

Google says mobile now dominates search

Google now gets more search queries from mobile devices than it does from PCs.

Google senior VP talks about when the company nearly failed

The eighth person hired at Google, and its first vice president of engineering, talked today about how the world's largest Internet company nearly failed.

WPI's team gears up for final battle of the bots

WORCESTER, Mass. -- In about a month, the robotics team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute will have to put their robot up against 24 other teams from around the world in the DARPA Robotics Challenge finals.

Microsoft looks to empower IT in the Cloud

Microsoft is working to help its enterprise customers move their data, apps and operations to the cloud specifically the hybrid Cloud.

IBM advances bring quantum computing closer to reality

IBM scientists say they have made two critical advances in an industrywide effort to build a practical quantum computer, shaving years off the time expected to have a working system.

Here's what Google Glass v2.0 needs

With reports that Google is developing a new version of its troubled wearable, Glass, industry watchers weighed in on what changes are needed to turn the product from being the butt of jokes to a computer that people would want to wear.

Project Fi will help Google amass even more data

As Google dives into the Wi-Fi and cellular network services business in the US, some are wondering just where the company is headed.

Facebook gives priority to friends in News Feed change

Over the next few weeks, Facebook users may see a dramatic difference in what they see in their News Feeds.

Today's the day: Be mobile friendly or get lost in search

If your website isn't mobile friendly, prepare to get lost in Google's mobile search rankings.

Feds lay down social media rules; enterprises should, too

The U.S. government is making it clear to federal employees what they can and cannot post or tweet about on their favorite social networks.

Where did I leave my Android phone? Google it

Wish there was a way to easily find your smartphone when you've dropped it under a sofa cushion or the dog ran off with it?

Microsoft and Yahoo shake up their search deal

Nearly six years after Microsoft and Yahoo inked a search partnership, the companies are extending their agreement while changing it up a bit, as well.

With EU challenging Google, this time 'stakes are high'

With the European Commission leveling antitrust charges against Google, the company should be bracing itself for a big and potentially costly fight over its dominant search business.

Google patent envisions Cloud control of an army of robots

Google received a US patent this week for technology that would enable it to use the Cloud to control an army of robots.