Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google's autonomous car may be a boon to chip industry

Googles autonomous car is expected to boost not only robotics research but the semiconductor industry as well.

After 5 years, Bing still trails Google -- but it has other plans

Microsoft released Bing -- meant to be the great challenger to Google's ubiquitous search engine -- in June 2009. And while it remains mired in second place to Google, it's still looking for ways to grow.

NASA to beam video from space station with a laser beam

In an effort to fundamentally change the way it will communicate with future deep space missions, NASA will use a laser beam to send a video from the International Space Station to Earth on Thursday.

Google looks to shed 'geek' Glass with designer chic

Google is trying to take some of the geek out of Google Glass by adding a little designer chic.

U.S. research lab focuses on building computers of the future

Computer scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have launched an effort to develop whole new types of computers that will be used 10, 25 or even 50 years from now.

Scientists are getting closer to 3D-printed, self-assembling robots

Want a robot that you can print out and watch as it assembles itself? If so, a group of MIT scientists may have something for you

Google admits it's got work to do to achieve a diverse workforce

Google executives say they're not satisfied that the company's workforce is largely made up of white males.


In big step for robotics, one robot repairs another in space

A robot completed repairs on another robot in space this week, advancing the possibility of future robots working in deep space, as well as Earth-based robots working in the enterprise.

Why haven't robots yet changed the world?

A well-known roboticist acknowledged Wednesday at an MIT symposium that robotics has yet to change the world.

Google's autonomous car is truly hands-off -- there's no steering wheel

After working on developing a self-driving car for several years, Google has built an autonomous car from the ground up -- with no steering wheel, no accelerator and no brake.

Business users bypass IT and go rogue to the Cloud

IT departments need to watch out for business units or even individual workers going rogue and bypassing IT to go straight to the Cloud.

U.S. military plans to beef up soldiers with Iron Man-like suit

The U.S. military is just weeks away from getting a prototype for an Iron Man-like suit that would make soldiers stronger, give them real-time battlefield information, monitor their vital signs and even stop their bleeding.

TMI! Facebook moves to stop over-sharing

Facebook is adding tools to helps its users to stop over-sharing their personal posts with total strangers.

NASA says it doesn't need Russia to run space station

Less than a week after Russia threatened to stop its work on the International Space Station (ISS), NASA's chief said work on the orbiter will continue on with, or without, Russia's cooperation.

Researchers mimic human brain to build a better computer

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories are working on a computer that can tackle real-world situations in real-time and can run on the same power as a 20-watt light bulb.