Stories by Sharon Gaudin

NASA, SpaceX ready Dragon spacecraft for Saturday launch

NASA and SpaceX are preparing the Dragon spacecraft, loaded with more than 5,100 pounds of cargo, for a resupply mission to the International Space Station.

How to prepare for Verizon's 2-day cloud shutdown

With some of Verizon's enterprise customers about to lose their cloud service for up to two days, now is the time for them to prepare for the extended downtime.

NASA readies long-distance fix for rover's 'amnesia'

NASA engineers are planning to send a software fix to a rover that has been working on Mars for nearly 11 years longer than expected.

Verizon warns enterprise cloud users of 48-hour shutdown

Verizon is warning users of its new cloud service to brace for a two-day outage late this week.

Stanford launches 100-year study of artificial intelligence

What will intelligent machines mean for society and the economy in 30, 50 or even 100 years from now?

Santa (well, Santa Tracker) helps Google test its dev tools

As the time for St. Nick's big ride quickly approaches, kids of all ages can track his progress delivering presents around the world with Google's Santa Tracker website and app.

Twitter stock jumps on report that CEO is on way out

After reporting slowing growth and getting passed by Instagram in number of users, Twitter's stock price jumped Tuesday on speculation that CEO Dick Costolo might be leaving the company.

Google looks for partners as it unveils autonomous car prototype

After more than two and a half years, Google is still looking for partners in the auto industry to help it build self-driving cars.

Buckle up IT: The enterprise needs you for cloud adoption

For years, people in marketing or HR have been sneaking their apps and data onto the cloud, totally bypassing IT's approval or help.

Hybrid cloud adoption set for a big boost in 2015

Spurred in large part by enterprise interest in the hybrid cloud, the overall cloud market is likely to see great growth in the coming year.

IBM pushes hard into the enterprise cloud

IBM is building out its global computing network in a bid to focus on the enterprise cloud market.

Is there life on Mars? Mystery (and hope) deepen

Could there actually be life on Mars?

Stanford 'high-rise' chip takes on IoT and big data

Stanford University researchers have built a multi-layered "high-rise" chip that could significantly outperform traditional computer chips, taking on the hefty workloads that will be needed for the Internet of Things and big data.

Atom smasher preps for renewed hunt for dark matter, God particle

The Large Hadron Collider, the atom smasher that has hunted for antimatter and the elusive Higgs boson, shut down in February 2013 for an overhaul and upgrade. Now, scientists are getting ready to fire up the collider, which has been called "one of the greatest engineering milestones of mankind," again.

Instagram gains user momentum, passing Twitter

Photo-sharing site Instagram said Wednesday that its active monthly user base reached 300 million, a dramatic 50% increase in the past nine months.