Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google Hangouts, Talk, Sheets all crash on Monday

Don't panic, Google's Talk and Hangouts services crashed this morning, but now appear to be returning for more and more users.

In Pictures: 25 years of the World Wide Web

Tech leaders reflect on the the Web and all the good and bad changes it's brought.

Techies see future where Web flows like electricity

As the World Wide Web celebrates its 25th year Wednesday, top techies are looking ahead to the next 25 years when they say the Web will be woven more deeply, and seamlessly, into our lives.

SpaceX, NASA launching reusable rocket

Reusability is a key to any plan to making human life interplanetary, according to the CEO of SpaceX, one of the companies tasked with ferrying cargo, and someday astronauts, to the International Space Station.

25 years of the World Wide Web

Before the World Wide Web, do you remember how you would have found where Crimea is? How did you share pictures of your vacation or work when you were on the road?

Twitter crashed -- again -- on Tuesday

The Twitter website crashed on Tuesday -- the social network's second outage in the past nine days.

NASA tries long-distance repair of Mars orbiter

NASA scientists are working to bring the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the Red Planet for eight years, back online after the spacecraft suffered a glitch Sunday.

Google to release wearables SDK in few weeks

Google is getting ready to release a software development kit that will help developers build apps for wearable computers on the Android platform.

NASA will send a robot to investigate suspected life on Europa

Thinking there could be life on one of Jupiter's moons, NASA scientists are working on a plan to send robots to try and find out.

Facebook launches redesign with a bit of the old, a bit of the new

If you didn't like Facebook's News Feed redesign last year, you're in luck: The social network is trying to change what you don't like with another redesign.

Another asteroid buzzes by Earth today

An asteroid measuring about 25 feet across will whizz safely past Earth today, the second such object in two days,

Research on bendable glass could lead to flexible mobile phones

What if one day you accidentally step on your smartphone and instead of it shattering, it simply bends? Research underway at the Los Alamos National Lab could give consumers more durable smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Duck! Just kidding. Asteroid to pass safely past Earth today

An asteroid is flying relatively closely past Earth today, NASA reported. No need to duck or take to the root cellar, though.

NASA's 2015 budget plan maintains Mars landing plans

NASA's $17.5 billion proposed fiscal 2015 budget would maintain the U.S. space agency's plan to send humans to Mars by 2030, to study near-Earth asteroids and to send astronauts to the International Space Station.

Facebook eyes solar-powered drone company

Facebook is reportedly buying Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico-based company known for making solar-powered drones.

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