Stories by Sharon Gaudin

How machine learning will take off in the cloud

Wix, a web development company, is using machine learning on Google's cloud platform to learn more about its users so it can help them find the images they need to build useful websites. It's one example of how Google sees companies applying its machine learning service in the cloud.

Google to bring Internet to unconnected Cuba

Google has set a deal to bring Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity to Cuba, but some are already wondering how much information and access will freely flow to the Cuban people.

Google hires founder of controversial 4chan

The consensus is that Christopher Poole will help invigorate Google+, or other Google social-networking efforts. But Poole made his fame by posting controversial photos of female celebrities on 4Chan; is that sort of ploy in the cards for Google?

Google wants you to be able to vote online

Google was awarded a U.S. patent for a voting user interface (VUI). The interface would appear along with search results and would allow the user to vote for one or more contestants competing in a campaign.

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