Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Cloud price cuts are nice but enterprises still want more

Google dropped its Cloud computing prices and other vendors are expected to follow suit, but the lower pricing may not be the key lure for attracting enterprises to the cloud.

Researchers hope to diagnose deadly Ebola virus with nanotech

With more than 6500 cases of the Ebola virus in West Africa, 3000 deaths and now one confirmed case in the United States, scientists are trying to find a way to detect the deadly virus more quickly, cheaply and easily.

Google finding its rhythm with streaming music service

Reports are hitting that Google is just weeks away from launching a new streaming music service.

What you need to know about social-network upstart Ello

Ello, a new social networking site, is creating a lot of buzz and raising more than a few questions.

Global Internet speeds up, DDoS attacks down

Internet connection speeds are increasing around the globe, while distributed denial-of-service attacks are down, according to the latest report from networking services company Akamai.

Driving with Google Glass not a good idea

Think it will be easier and safer to drive using Google Glass to text or make a call instead of your smartphone? Sorry. Think again.

Smarter algorithms will power our future digital lives

Researchers are working on a new version of an algorithm that will power better search, autonomous cars, smarter smartphones and the Internet of Things.

NASA rover drills into Mount Sharp, begins main science mission

The Mars rover Curiosity's primary science mission has begun.

Forget passwords -- the Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat for security

Imagine one day strapping on a wristband in the morning and then opening your smartphone and laptop without passwords, getting into your car without a key and even boarding a plane without your ID or a boarding pass.

GoogleX to circle the Earth with Internet-connected balloons

Google is looking to launch a fleet of high-altitude balloons that will circle the planet, providing Internet connectivity to remote areas -- and it plans to do so within a year.

Without mandatory signups, is Google+ adrift?

Now that Google has backed away from requiring new Gmail users to automatically sign up for Google+, analysts are wondering whether the company is giving up on its social network.

After harrowing 10-month trek, NASA's Maven orbits Mars

After 10 months and 442 million miles, NASA's Maven spacecraft has reached Mars and entered into its orbit.

SpaceX Dragon cargo craft heads to space station

Days after receiving a contract to build spacecraft that will ferry astronauts to the International Space Station, SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft, loaded with supplies and scientific experiments to the orbiting station.

Virginia Tech researchers devise traffic app to rival weather apps

Before many travelers head to the beach or up to the mountains to go apple picking or skiing, they check a weather app.

MIT's Cheetah robot is off its leash, running and jumping

Robots with legs should be able to go where wheeled robots cannot over obstacles and crevices.