Stories by Sharon Gaudin

No connectivity? No problem for Google Maps

Ever tried to use Google Maps in an area with spotty – or even no – Internet access? That may no longer be an issue.

Hello, Facebook! Obama gets his social media on

Hello, Facebook! That's part of the message that President Obama posted on his first Facebook page.

U.S. readies for space storms that could crash critical networks

The U.S. is making preparations to protect communications and transportation systems from potentially dangerous space weather events.

Facebook reportedly ready to launch Notify app

Facebook reportedly is getting ready to launch Notify, a new app designed to bring users the latest news.

With A.I. advances, Facebook tests M, your newest assistant

Striving to keep up with the increasing demands of delivering users' News Feeds, Facebook is pressing hard to advance artificial intelligence.

Google to autonomous cars: Brake for kids!

Google engineers asked employees and their children, who were on site to trick-or-treat for Halloween, to walk around some parked driverless cars so the autos’ sensors could work on detecting children.

Facebook aims for slow-download empathy with 2G Tuesdays

Facebook wants its employees to understand the pain of a slow, really slow, connection. On Tuesdays, Facebook employees can opt in to use a slower mobile Internet connection to give them a better understanding of users in developing countries saddled with slow network speeds.

Clock is ticking for Dorsey as Twitter's earnings fail to impress

Twitter's earnings call on Tuesday didn't go quite as investors might have hoped. That can't be good news for Jack Dorsey, who recently took over – again -- as the struggling social media company's CEO.

Twitter apologizes to, tries to woo back, developers

Twitter's new CEO took to the stage at the company's developer conference today and basically asked programmers for forgiveness.

When storms hit, the Weather Company needs the cloud

When major storms hit, the team at the Weather Channel wants to focus on the science behind the weather and getting information out to the people who need it most. That's why the Weather Company has gone all-in with the cloud.

The cloud changes IT culture, demands new tech skills

At The Weather Company, all 400 IT staffers had a job or skills change because of cloud computing -- every single one of them.

Would Twitter layoffs be smart move or bad sign?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn't wasting any time making major changes in what appears to be an attempt to make the social network profitable. News reports say that Dorsey is getting ready to cut costs by reducing headcount and halting the company's plans to expand its San Francisco offices.

7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

At the annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week, veterans of cloud deployments laid out warnings for enterprise teams preparing for such a move. Here are some pitfalls they urged companies to watch out for.

5 tips on cloud migration from those who know (with video)

For enterprises considering a move to the cloud, or even in the middle of a move right now, the transition can be daunting. But veterans who've been there can help you steer around the pitfalls.

AWS re:Invent 2015: AWS assures customers it is atop the Cloud

The head of Amazon Web Services told customers that the company is still leading the Cloud market, despite all the new competition coming at it.