Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Google unveils voice-controlled Android Auto

Google is bringing its Android mobile operating system to one more thing that you use every day -- your car.

Could robots walk on stage at Google I/O?

Will Google CEO, Larry Page, walk out with a 330-pound robot when he takes the stage this week at Google I/O, the company's developer conference? With the company's purchase of eight robotics companies, it could happen.


As Google+ nears 3rd anniversary, where does it go from here?

With Google's social network coming up on its third anniversary, industry analysts are wondering if the company is rethinking Google+ and where it goes from here.

NASA to launch asteroid-grabbing spacecraft in 2019

NASA expects expects to launch a robotic spacecraft in 2019 to direct an asteroid into an orbit around the moon.

How the cloud can make IT shops more innovative

Jobs at many IT departments have been primarily about maintenance -- handling crashed email systems, ever-expanding security perimeters and users who bringing their own devices to the office

Facebook tries to stop Snapchat drain with Slingshot

Facebook took direct aim at social competitor Snapchat with its new mobile app, Slingshot.

NASA will use Hubble to search for targets beyond Pluto

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope will begin searching for an object beyond Pluto that the New Horizons spacecraft can explore next summer.

A good robot is hard to find -- or build

In the first two days of the NASA robotics challenge, every team failed.

At NASA's robot challenge, don't mistake trouble for failure

After years of research and late nights, a team of scientists set up their robot Thursday to take on a NASA-funded autonomous robotics challenge.

NASA challenge tests autonomous robots

This week robots with no human handler will be making their way through a field, searching for hockey pucks, blue rocks, wooden cubes and the like.

Stretchable electronics could lead to robotic skin, computerised clothes

Researchers at Purdue University have made an advance in stretchable electronics that could lead to computerized clothing and robots with humanlike skin that can "feel."

Google buys satellite company for Maps, Internet access

Google is signing a deal to buy Skybox Imaging, a California-based satellite company, for $500 million in cash.

University building simulated city to test driverless cars

The University of Michigan is building a 32-acre simulated city center complete with building facades, stoplights, intersections, traffic circles, and even construction sites to test driverless cars.

NASA successfully tests laser space transmissions

NASA successfully transmitted a high-definition video 260 miles from the International Space Station to Earth using a new laser communications instrument.

Hail cyborgs! The line between robots and humans is blurring

As the science of robotics quickly advances, researchers say the lines between robots and humans is beginning to blur.