Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Comet mission could offer clues about the 'origins of us'

With the European Space Agency's robotic lander now sitting on a comet hurtling in orbit around the sun, the 10-year trip is over and the real science of the mission has begun.

Facebook nudges users to take control with privacy makeover

Facebook wants its users to take control of their own privacy.

Ballmer says machine learning will be the next era of computer science

The former CEO of Microsoft said the next era of computer science is going to focus on machine learning.

Internet goes ad-free for an hour as Google ad server fails

A Google ad server went down Wednesday morning, leaving many websites without advertising. Sites like Computerworld and were affected.

App as fitness instructor? Watson-based app aims to keep you healthier

By mid-2015, you may be able to use an app to find out what exercises to do, what to eat and what medical tests to ask your doctor for... all based on your medical history and your genetic makeup.

Rosetta spacecraft days from launching probe onto comet

After a journey lasting more than 10 years, a spacecraft is just days away from softly landing a robotic probe on a comet.

Researchers, medical workers seek tech answers to Ebola outbreak

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Researchers in robotics will meet with health care and aid workers around the country Friday to get ideas on how technology could help fight the deadly Ebola outbreak, as well as the spread of other dangerous viruses.

Commercial space accidents not expected to slow NASA

The two recent explosions involving commercial spacecraft are unlikely to deter NASA's used of private companies for future space exploration.

Microsoft exec concedes search market to Google, focuses on apps

Microsoft's director of search admitted that its Bing search engine can't compete with Google search in a full-on faceoff, but the company will focus instead on search applications.

Cloud expected to make up three-fourths of data center traffic by 2018

Over the next four years, data center traffic is expected to nearly triple, largely thanks to a booming cloud computing industry.

Google fights back Cloud rivals with price cuts, advances

Google has renewed its push to lead the public Cloud platform market, announcing price cuts and offerings designed to help enterprises set up Cloud services quickly and easily.

Google updates Calendar with closer tie-in with Gmail

Google has rolled out a new version of its Calendar app, connecting it more closely with Gmail and designing it to work more like a personal assistant.

As mid-term elections loom, Americans turn to tech

With the mid-term elections on Tuesday, Americans are increasingly using social networks and their cell phones to learn about the candidates and the issues.

NASA puts finishing touches on its first Mars-bound spacecraft

NASA engineers and technicians have put the finishing touches on Orion, the spacecraft designed to take astronauts into deep space.

The Google shakeup continues: Andy Rubin is out

The corporate shakeup at Google continues and now it's Andy Rubin, the former head of the company's Android business and the current head of its robotics arm, who's out.