Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Audi drives repairs with telepresence robots' help

These robots are catching on for a variety of uses -- telemedicine, to help remote employees and, now, car repair. But it's still early going, and there are some technical and cultural bumps to watch out for.

Astronauts lend a hand to space station’s robotic arm

The arm is used to grab onto docking space crafts and unload their cargo.

Yahoo adds Gmail support to Mail app

Yahoo's ability to search across all of a user's email history might set it apart, one analyst says.

Zuckerberg uses Facebook to support Muslims

After Donald Trump's call for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Wednesday that Muslims will always be welcome on the social network.

Yahoo spinoff brings an end to a pioneering era

By deciding to shed its Internet business, Yahoo is moving to take on a different business focus. But its future remains murky.

IBM beefs up cloud video service with Clearleap buy

In an effort to better enable its cloud users to access video from any device at any time, IBM today said it is buying Clearleap, a 7-year-old Georgia-based company.

Google is working on a wearable that could test diabetics' blood sugar levels

Google has filed a patent application for a wearable device that can test diabetics' blood sugar levels without the use of a needle.

Yahoo launches new Messenger app in wake of possible big changes

As Yahoo tries to breathe new life into its Messenger service, some industry analysts say it may be too little too late for a company mired in rumors of a possible sale and executive turmoil.

Things get messy at Yahoo as reports of sales and a reorg swirl

As troubles hound Yahoo, the company that has gone from being an Internet pioneer to a second-tier player, reports are circulating that Yahoo's board is considering selling off its core Internet business and showing CEO Marissa Mayer the door.

Online shoppers hit Cyber Monday - hard

Cyber Monday drew in record sales, with numbers jumping 17.8 percent over the same day last year, according to IBM Watson analytics.

Watch out, bosses. Cyber Monday sales distractions hit

Online shoppers this holiday season were expected to do some significant buying on the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is generally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. About 121 million Americans are expected to shop online today, also known as Cyber Monday.

Google updates Hangouts with guest access

Google just made it easier to have a business meeting, or any kind of meeting, via Google Hangouts. The company announced that people no longer need to have a Google account to use Hangouts. They just need to be invited to one.

Poof! Facebook tests Snapchat-like disappearing messages

Facebook is now running a small test of a Snapchat-like feature, enabling users to send messages that will automatically disappear.

Calif. cop pulls over Google autonomous car -- for driving too slowly

A Google self-driving car had a run-in with the law this week when it was pulled over in California for driving too slowly and blocking traffic.

Google's About Me page helps users control personal info

The About Me page, tailored for each user and editable, contains information including work history, contact information, educational background and places the user has lived, along with gender and birthday.