Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Redemption, tech advances -- and $2M prize -- drive DARPA robotics finalists (video)

POMONA, Calif. -- The leader of one of the 24 teams competing in this week's finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge didn't think he'd be here.

Google Cloud strategy focuses on analysing Big Data

Google may not have caught up to Amazon in the Cloud market, but that's OK, according to a Google executive. The company is heading in a slightly different direction with Cloud computing that involves helping customers analyse their data.

Google I/O Sights and Sounds's Sharon Gaudin and JR Raphael present photos and video clips from this week's Google I/O event in San Francisco.

GoogleX head talks moonshoots and need for failure

SAN FRANCISCO -- At GoogleX, failure isn't just a good thing. It's something their engineers strive for.

Google and Levi's team up on smart clothes

Google executives have a vision that one day soon your jacket, shirt, pants -- even your socks -- might control your phone, tablet or even the lights in your house.

Despite Google Photos' arrival, Google+ still lives

SAN FRANCISCO -- The fact that Google launched a new photo sharing and storage service this week isn't ringing the death knell of Google+.

Google Photos offers unlimited free cloud storage for photos and video

SAN FRANCISCO -- Does it ever feel like you take thousands of photos but rarely go back and look at them?

At Google I/O, the Internet of Things gets a new OS

Google is moving deeper into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), announcing a new operating system -- Brillo -- as well as a communications layer at its Google I/O developer conference today.

Android M, wearables and robots expected at Google I/O this week

With Google I/O coming up this week, developers, as well as people in the industry at large, are waiting to see what the company will trot out on stage.

Verizon hit by an 8-hour email outage

A lot of Verizon's email customers woke up this morning to find that their service was down. And for many, the problem lasted for about 8 hours.

Stephen Hawking fears robots could take over in 100 years

Worried that one day we'll have robot overlords? You're in good company.

Former Apple exec's new company offers home setup with gadget buys

The man behind the idea of the Apple store and the Genius Bar has launched a store where trained employees bring the gadget you bought to your house and help you set it up.

It's now or never to speed up robots for DARPA challenge

WORCESTER, Mass. -- The robotics team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has three weeks before the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge to make their robot twice as fast as it is today.

Google says mobile now dominates search

Google now gets more search queries from mobile devices than it does from PCs.

Google senior VP talks about when the company nearly failed

The eighth person hired at Google, and its first vice president of engineering, talked today about how the world's largest Internet company nearly failed.