Stories by Jennifer Baker

ICANN delays uncorking of wine-related domains

European lawmakers are concerned that cyber-squatting could undermine the entire wine industry and on Monday welcomed a decision to put the allocation of new top level domains on hold.

EU votes net neutrality into law, abolishes mobile roaming charges

Blocking and throttling Internet traffic will become illegal in the European Union following a parliamentary vote on Thursday.

Chinese telco hardware makers no longer under EU investigation

The European Union will not take action against Chinese mobile telecommunications product manufacturers it announced Thursday.

European net neutrality law clears committee hurdle

Telecommunication operators are closer to losing lucrative roaming revenue after the European Parliament's industry committee approved a contentious package of legislation Tuesday that also establishes net neutrality.

How to avoid a €100 million data fine in Europe

A new law approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday aimed at protecting citizens’ privacy comes with sweeping penalties for breaches - up to €100 million or 5 percent of global annual turnover, whichever is larger.

EU mobile devices will be forced to use common charger

European Union politicians have vowed to end the “nightmare” of non-compatible phone chargers.

New EU cybersecurity law avoids making big Internet companies report breaches

Europe on Thursday approved a new cybersecurity law, but held back from requiring Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Ebay and Skype, to report security incidents.

Europe approves new data protection law

The right to data protection was underlined by European politicians on Wednesday as the European Parliament voted by a huge majority in favour of new laws safeguarding citizens rights.

Is Apple running out of ideas in Europe?

The figures released by the European Patent Office (EPO) on Thursday paint a grim picture of the European Union IT sector, but it also showed that some of the so-called global tech giants are not leading the way in innovation.

EU could extend copyright levies to cloud services

Controversial rules to maintain copyright levies on mobile devices and potentially extend them to cloud services were passed by the European Parliament on Thursday.

'Free' apps may be violating EU consumer protection laws

Europe's app providers were Thursday warned by authorities that many of them are breaking consumer protection laws.

EU Internet survey finds widespread blocking, fueling net neutrality issue

A quarter of European Union Internet users have experienced content blocking a survey revealed on Thursday.

EU approves €1 billion funding for broadband, digital services

The European Union will spend €1 billion on improving its digital services and high-speed broadband networks as part of a deal agreed on Wednesday.

Simplified law may boost online sales in the EU

Online businesses will have easier access to the European Union’s 507 million consumers thanks to a new law passed by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

EU mulling investment in South America-Europe undersea cable

The European Union is considering helping to fund a $185-million project to lay an undersea cable from Brazil to Europe.

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