Adapter Resurrects Legacy Printers

PowerPrint USB 5.0Rating:

PROS:Supports any parallel-port printer; transparent to applications; supports scanning on multifunction.


List Price:$99

COMPANY: Infowave Software Inc., 800/463-6928 -Advice:If you have a parallel-port printer and a Mac that's yearning to talk to it, PowerPrint USB 5.0 is an easy albeit expensive solution.

The latest Macs lack the serial printer port that has been the mainstay of printer attachment since 1984, leaving owners of new Macs and old-style printers in limbo. Infowave offers a solution in the form of its PowerPrint USB 5.0 adapter and software. By adding a parallel printer port to USB Macs, PowerPrint brings Mac-compatible printers with both serial and parallel ports back to life.

Installation is simple: load the software, connect the USB-to-parallel-port cable to your printer, and print to your heart's content. The only downside is the $99 price tag: for about the same price, you can buy a brand-new USB ink-jet printer.

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