Aus Post warns customers not to open scam email

Email sent from,,,,, or

Australia Post has warned customers not to open a scam email that claims a courier could not deliver a parcel to their address.

The email uses six address variations including:


According to Australia Post, the email asks the customer to view/print information about their parcel and to go to their local post office to collect it.

“Australia Post does not request customers to send payment for parcel collection nor do we charge customers for holding a parcel,” said a spokesperson. “If you receive this email, please delete it.”

The spokesperson added that the scam is similar to one that targeted customers in February 2014. That email asked customers to send money before they could print parcel labels.

“If you have fallen victim to the scam, please call the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [ACCC] on 1300 795 995 to report the matter to SCAMwatch,” the spokesperson added.

Customers can also visit Australia Post’s scam alerts page.

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Does anyone know if this is viral or its it just a payment scam? My husband opened the link then realised and deleted the download and did a restart.



This article does not adequately alert users to the risk of cryptolocker ransomeware, but nor does Australia Posts own alert.
If user open fake aus-post email and follows URL link, it takes them to fake aus post website, asking them to enter tracking number and then get a download. That download is the danger item. Do not try to open the download. This is all unofficial advice.

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Just a quick update,
Please also ensure that you ignore emails with using the URL as aust-post(dot)org. This is another site using the latest cryptolocker api. The top domain side re-directs to the Australia Post main site, however there are direct codes issued by emails that will cause the issue. Most email hosts (such as Yahoo and Outlook, or anyone on Office 365 environments) should already be forwarding these emails to the Junk folder.

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