Updated: ME Bank says Internet, mobile app banking restored

Bank says its systems are now restored following an update over the weekend

ME Bank has confirmed that its systems are now up and running following a system upgrade over the weekend.

An ME Bank spokesman told Computerworld Australia that the system upgrade was a "planned event" and that it notified all customers prior to the upgrade.

"Because some banking services were unavailable for a few days, there are naturally higher numbers of customers accessing the system this morning," he said.

"We are currently managing access volumes, which is normal in the immediate aftermath of an upgrade like this, to ensure system stability."

Earlier today, ME Bank tweeted that it was experiencing some issues with Internet, phone and mobile app banking.

The bank sent out four tweets this morning. “We’re experiencing a few problems with internet, phone and mobile app banking,” the bank tweeted.

“While our systems are up and running, some customers may still be experiencing issues logging in. Our call centre is also experiencing some delays as we assist customers following the weekend's outage,” said ME Bank.

The bank also tweeted that it was “sorry for the inconvenience” and thanked customers for their “patience and understanding".

The problems follow a system update that took place on 12 and 13 July. “Internet, phone, and mobile app banking will be unavailable all day Sat and Sun,” the bank wrote in a tweet on 8 July.

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MeBank are telling porkies, no access all day, no way to contact them, can you get any further comment?



Yep, it's nearly 3.30pm and I'm also having troubles. So, the backlog of people logging in, because they couldn't get on over the weekend, is still going on after 7 hours?



cannot login to my banking... day 3. would like to put fuel in my car (NEED to put fuel in my car) but do I have any money???

Hamish Barwick


Hi Malcolm, RR and Shane.

ME Bank https://twitter.com/mebank posted the following tweet two hours ago. "Systems are working, login issues are due to high volume of customers accessing system. Should quieten down later on." I have contacted the bank for an update.



congratulations on being able to contact them Hamish, that is more than their own customers can do at this stage... nearly 3pm monday in WA (5pm Vic/NSW) and I am still unable to login. This is the price to pay for not supporting the big 4 banks and their funding of the dirty coal industry. Worth it for that reason alone, still far from impressed. ME Bank needs to learn from this.

andrew tinsley


it is now 5.45 pm and still no access to my account i have to pays 3 bills but cant ,this is terrible



It's 8.10pm WST and i still cannot access my account.
So much for saying everything is up and running.
I tried phoning about 3 hours ago and gave up after waiting 30 minutes ith out getting through.
I did not receive any notice from Me Bank. Luckily my friend told me they have been done since Saturday.



I was able to access account this morning, but to my surprise all direct credits yesterday were reversed and due direct debits not actioned.
Bad enough I had to wait nearly 10 hours to access the account, but to have credits reversed and debits actioned is insane.
I just want to remind people when calling the bank, please be kind to the staff; it's not their fault and they do understand these issues impact a lot of people.

Hamish Barwick


Hi everyone

ME Bank's communications spokesperson Matt Read sent me the following email this morning.

"I understand access has been significantly improved and 30,000 customers have logged in since last night.

Access can and will be improved further, but there has been a 30-fold improvement since yesterday.

There may still be some customers who can’t get on immediately during peak times, but the numbers will be much lower.

We apologise to customers for the inconvenience this has caused, and thank them for their patience and understanding.

We’re working to improve access, and will update customers via social media and our website."

A poor ME Bank customer


Guess what happens on the 15th of every month? Many, many, many Australians get their monthly wages paid into their account... Except if you're an ME Bank 'customer'.

This is absolutely ridiculous, and is putting a strain on those families living month to month.

Mick Brown


If you have a Term Deposit with ME Bank, I suggest you go online and see for yourself the damage this update has done. Every term deposit is based on 3 key facts: the amount invested, the period until maturity and the agreed interest rate. With their weekend 'upgrade', ME Bank have not just changed the account numbers for term deposits as previously advised, they have also deleted any personalised descriptions/names that customers gave to their term deposits, they have removed the term deposit maturity dates from account records and they have revised downward the agreed interest rates (in my case from 3.9% to 3.71%). These failures go way beyond the access glitches that have so far been admitted to and the consequences for future customer trust are very much graver.



9pm Tuesday July 15 - still waiting for the $270 transfer from ME to my account with which bank which was activated last night. Had a direct debit scheduled today from which bank account - had to call and alert them to the problem so that I don't receive an overdrawn charge. Getting a bit worried as I know there are huge staff problems and job spills going on at ME at present - what's going on?



Ive only just been able to login today and out of my 6 accounts 4 are completely missing. Ive defaulted on rent bpays and am out of the country as of friday night. They wanted me to download a direct credit transfer form and fill it in and send it to them so they can do a trandfer for me. Banks have gone completely belly up for issues less than this. Strange part is that the personal loan payment that i have with them (account also missing) was paid as per normal!!!!!!!!!!!
Im tipping there is a very full Shell account somewhere with a large sum of money in it getting some fat cat fatter!!!



I am able to login,,,but that is all I can do
Cannot see any account details
Cannot pay my bills
Not being able to access MY money for SIX DAYS is extremely concerning
I will be ending my relationship with ME Bank ASAP



How disappointing and frustrating! This should not be happening!

After 5 days of no access, yesterday I got MEBank to manually transfer all my On-line savings account money to Bankwest using a DCR Direct Credit Request form you can download off their MEBank site, fill it in, sign, scan and email back. I did that and emailed the DCR at 1:30pm, at 3:30pm yesterday nothing happened so I phoned MEBank and stayed on the line until they assured me that the money was transferred out and surprise, the money is now showing in my Bankwest account today as "cleared funds" earning 4.09% interest. Thank God I'm out of there.

My MEBank Everyday account has still got some money in it but I can't see it or access it.

By the way, I used an old U-Bank account to try a direct debit on another of my MEBank accounts which was showing a 1cent balance yesterday, the money ($0.01) never came out of my MEBank account but is now also showing in my U-Bank account today! I bet you if I direct debited $10,000 from MEBank to U-Bank it would give me the money I don't have, but this is fraud so I won't try it.

Overall, I have contacted MEBank 5 times by phone, once at 12 midnight, secure emailed them 2 times from my login, left 2 urgent messages on their answering machine and still I can't access my accounts. Also my Mobile number is missing, my interest rate went from 4.60% to 2.90% and transfer limit went from $10k to $2k.

Good luck everyone, you'll need it.



MeBank continues to have major problems with internet banking. Notwithstanding ongoing statements that one problem or another has been resolved, core problems remain (as at midday Friday, 18th). These problems also include accounts being "invisible" on line for some customers. Standard response by Customer Service personnel appears to be to promise customers that "somebody will get back to you: a) within 24 hours; b) later today; c) within x hours, presumably to get the customer off the line to clear the call centre phone queue for the next customer who has been on hold for 20 minutes, who can then be fobbed off with the same unfulfilled promises that their problem will be attended to within a random timeframe. What banking organization in its right mind undertakes a major overhaul of its IT systems at their busiest time of the year - EOFY?
At one stage Secure Mail requests on issues by business banking customers were being sent automated responses that an attempt would be made to get back to them within four business days. Just the sort of response a business banking customer appreciates! But at least it was an indication how far over their heads the IT staff are.

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