Queensland Police arrest man for allegedly hacking US gaming developer site

The 21-year-old man was charged with hacking and fraud offences

A 21-year-old man alleged to have hacked a United States-based online gaming developer’s computer network has been arrested in Poona, Queensland by the Queensland Police Fraud and Cyber Crime Group.

The alleged offences include hacking the US company’s computer network and accessing databases. The man is also said to be responsible for hacking the company’s Twitter account and posting screenshots of the data he took from the network.

In addition, the man is alleged to have established a website offering a paid service that allowed people to search the company’s player database.

Queensland Police Fraud and Cyber Crime Group have charged the man with three counts of computer hacking/misuse and five counts of fraud, including dishonestly obtaining property from another person or company.

He is due to appear in the Maryborough Magistrates Court on 8 April, 2014.

The charges follow a search of the man’s property in November 2013, where police seized laptops and a hard drive for forensic examination. Police also received assistance from the FBI and the US gaming company.

Queensland Police has been contacted for more information by Computerworld Australia.

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typical septics, forcing there law on overseas people.



Anthony, hacking is also illegal in Australia. He committed the crime in Australia under Australian laws. Educate yourself before making blatant comments that support criminals. So, if he downloaded child pornography, he shouldn't be charged either because he obtained it from an overseas server? Seriously.,



Hey Anthony can we send the Police around to your place to check all your music downloads and pirated movies and software is all legal on your pc phones etc. I hope you have receipts for all the music and software you have.
Also if this guy hacked into your bank account and stole $10 000 etc from you that would be fine with you.

Mega Rinzler


nosaJ did not deserve this.



Since when were computer games and twitter so imporant to the government that anyone who managed to hack them was arrested. They should do this to all those 14 yr olds with their Xboxs and PS3s to keep things fair....

jack fister


14 yrs old are too young

Expect Us


This is bullshit. All he did was create a tool that could get the ip addresses of anybody in any game servers of League of Legends to boot them offline during a match. Pff I mean c'mon man that's nothing major.

R.I.P. nosaJ come back soon baby :)

someone that has a clue


all of these people. that have no clue what they're talking about. the guy did not just hack a game, he stole credit card information, and many other things including leaking source code of copyrighted material to the public.



Why should an Australian be arrested for hacking Americans when the US NSA and CIA have been hacking our entire communications systems and networks?

Let's see the Queensland Police go to the American Embassy and arrest those CIA stooges that reside there.

Let's see the Queensland Police charge the US government, from Barack Obama down, for illegal hacking and spying. Of course that will not happen.

Only muggins like this guy in Queensland will get it in the neck, while Americans who violate us like rapists get away with it all the time.

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