Tip of the Hat: Insider CEO Nadella must take on tough task of disrupting Microsoft

Wall Street skeptics are looking for the new Microsoft chief to 'bite the hands that fed him the executive suite'
  • (Computerworld (US))
  • 05 February, 2014 16:22

Since reports surfaced late last week that Satya Nadella would be the third CEO in Microsoft's history, the tech world has been abuzz with speculation about the future of one of the industry's major forces.

Reporters and analysts have scoured 22-year Microsoft veteran Nadella's professional history that included a most recent stint as head of the company's cloud and enterprise operations.

The Hyderabad, India, native's personal background that led to a successful U.S. career at Sun Microsystems and Microsoft has also been studied for hints about his plans for the company -- and perhaps about a possible role in the simmering U.S. immigration reform debate.

At the same time, Nadella and Microsoft must try to ease several concerns voiced financial analysts.

Computerworld offers a Tip of the Hat to The Guardian's Heidi Moore for explaining Wall Street's continued skepticism about the pick and what Nadella must do to gain their trust. So far, she says in Satya Nadella brings a new look to Microsoft, but that won't be enough, the new CEO's statements have done little to allay Wall Street fears, except for those of longtime Microsoft critic ValueAct.

He needs to quickly "disrupt Microsoft's old leadership, whom Wall Street sees as the people who brought the company to its current competitive lows," she says.

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