Mac flashback: Bill Gates on the business impact of the Macintosh (3/2/1987)

Microsoft chairman praises Macintosh but never sees corporate buyers being a strong point for Apple

For our March 2, 1987, issue, InfoWorld asked industry figures to comment on the new Macintoshes at the time -- the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE -- and to speculate on their impact on the corporate market. 

Included in that article was commentary from then Living Videotext President David Winer; then Apple Computer Manager of Software Products Guy Kawasaki; Philippe Kahn, founder and president of Borland International; and John Warnock, then president of Adobe Systems; among others.

[ For more Macintosh nostalgia, see our special report "Apple Macintosh at 30," including all the original reviews of the early Macintosh models. ]

The following is Microsoft Chairman and Founder Bill Gates' take on the Macintosh and its future outlook in business organizations. 


Special report: Apple Macintosh at 30

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