NBN rollout ramps up in South Australia

1800 premises in Seaford can sign up for NBN fibre

The NBN is now available to homes and businesses of Seaford, South Australia, the NBN Co announced this afternoon.

NBN Co said 1800 premises can order an NBN service today, with the rollout expected to expand to an additional 1500 premises “in the coming months.”

Now that fibre is available, existing landline phone, ADSL Internet and Telstra cable Internet services will be shut off in July 2015, NBN Co said.

Across South Australia, more than 4,400 residents and businesses can access NBN fixed line and satellite services.

Seaford NBN footprint. Credit: NBN Co, Google
Seaford NBN footprint. Credit: NBN Co, Google

“This has been a long time coming and a step in the right direction for the southern region,” Seaford local business owner Deirdre Albrighton said in a statement supplied by NBN Co.

“This is a huge advantage for our community and businesses, not just for now, but for many years into the future. It’s going to change the way we live and the way we work, the way we shop and complete daily transactions in so many ways.”

Under the NBN Co's strategic review released last month, it is expected that at least 90 per cent of Australians will get broadband speeds of about 50 Mbps by year-end 2019.

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Abel Adamski


If I remember right Seaford was an area tnat started over 18 Months ago, work stopped due to asbestos and awaiting Telstra remediation, read several items about it, of course intitially NBN was blamed so the usual beat up, as soon as it was realised all Telstra problems it dropped off the radar.

NBN's biggest install problem has been an incompetant Telstra had no idea of rhe state of their infrastructure and did their deal with NBNCo not comprehending what it it is going to cost them to make fit for service, so cut costs and corners.
The good news, same geius examples of the Peter Principle are now responsible for GIMPCo.

It is no longer ubiquitous NATIONAL infrastructure that can and will be readily and cheaply upgraded over the years as the needs change, so CAN NOT be called NBN, Either Renai's CBN or my preffered GIMPCo

Johny begood


That is what we get Spin and sin. The NBN is reliable unlike the copper Cr+p. We see many actors in canberra who want it destroyed. Rupert Murdock hates it. Fiber to the home means that a house in the middle of no where can run a server like in the middle of the costly cities. It will change the price of real estate around australia. No more will a house be useless far from the cities. We can have IT corporations in the country side. The Malcolm Turncoat Traitor can not see it.

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