Online backup service SugarSync moves to paid-only model

No longer offers 5GB of free capacity; Online backup site plans to release new features next year

SugarSync, an online service for data back up, file sync and sharing, Tuesday announced that it will transition to a paid-only service model beginning on February 8, 2014.

Previously, SugarSync offered users 5GB of free capacity. Users can still try the SugarSync service with a 90-day 5GB trial or a 30-day trial with higher capacities of 60GB or more.

SugarSync said the new policy will allow the company to further focus on "updates and improvements that better meet the evolving needs of its consumer and business subscribers."

"There are many companies in this space that are giving away free storage However, most of these companies will not be viable. We are already in a solid financial position and this shift will further strengthen our business," said SugarSync CEO Mike Grossman.

Te change will let SugarSync better serve its "loyal" existing customers through new service enhancements.

SugarSync plans to release redesigned apps and additional features in the coming year.

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Charles Henebry


They're offering a 75% discount to current holders of the 5GB free accounts, but the only option is to upgrade to a 60GB account with an annual $75 fee ($18.75 the first year). That's a steep fee, and I don't really need to synchronize 60 GB. I might be willing to pay $10 annually for 5 GB. Shame that there's no way to renegotiate this the old fashioned way, through haggling.



This stinks! I have 7GB of free storage with SugarSync, and 16GB free with Dropbox, and am just getting into using these backup/syncing services to their fullest. I was hoping to use SugarSync as a backup for my music files. No way I'm going to pay $75 annually for that. (I'm not getting suckered into the $18.75 for first year). Looks like I'll be dropping SugarSync and using Dropbox exclusively.



Take a look at Copy,they offer more free storage than most. When you sign up you get 15 GB free and an extra five if you use a referral link.



If they want to maintain an ethical reputation, they should make the change for NEW accounts only and honor their existing customers' accounts. Don't give me the "discounted 1st year" BS. Anytime a business does something like this, people should run the other way. This includes the business customers that they are supposedly focusing on. There are plenty of other free, better priced, and private options out there. I guess my MAGIC BRIEFCASE is about to disappear!



"they should make the change for NEW accounts only and honor their existing customers' accounts"

Same opinion...



I had used SugarSync free service earlier and had to abandon it because of their totally messed up syncing algorithm which made me lose much of my crucial data.

Now, instead of improving their technology, this company wants to make customers pay for the much inferior syncing algorithm which their competitors with better technology are giving for free. Holy crap!!

Emily Kulish


Well, we've seen many companies doing this kind of wrong things: offering customers something that is not sustainable, then hike the price or close the business. In either case, their customers get screwed up. Even Google did the same thing with Google Apps for business.

This compares to DriveHQ, in the past 10 years, we have never raised our prices. In fact, our prices keep going down. Our customers benefit more and more as they grow. And we offer our basic service for free, forever.

I joined DriveHQ in 2011. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ is the first cloud IT solution provider with over 2 million registered users. For business service, you will find DriveHQ service a lot better and cheaper at only $6/user/year. You can find more detailed comparisons and reviews at:



I haven’t really used SugarSync for some time so I won’t really missed it. I got 8.75Gb through bonus and referrals and I liked their ability to choose the folders to synchronize. It was also useful to keep whole folders synchronized in my Android tablet, which Dropbox couldn’t do. However, once I had several computers and mobile devices it become too confusing to use with a magic briefcase and folders synchronized with some devices and not others.

Now I used a range of other free services and keep all the folders synchronized with my Android devices with an app called FolderSync, which works quite well:

- Flickr for my photos (1Tb)
- Google Drive for my music (15Gb)
- for my documents (15Gb, +5Gb Bonus using my referral
- Dropbox for miscellaneous files (2Gb, +500Mb Bonus using my referral



Well, It has been a good run with sugar sync but I don't want to pay for cloud storage. Luckily, I found a great alternative called "copy" which offers 15 GB of free storage and service very similar to sugar sync, if not better.

Copy is a newer competitor on the market now (backed by Barracuda Networks so it isn’t just some weird startup that will fail soon), and they’re offering 15 GB of free space if you sign up — and, if you sign up to Copy with my link (link below) and you and I will both get another 5 GB – so your total will be 20 GB of free storage.

And, if you get your friends to sign up for Copy, you’ll get another 5gb for each person who signs up.



I will be migrating away from SugarSync as well

Jessica Liu Liu


Data mining keeps these free services alive (ref: If paying means users get better data security then so be it. I'd rather pay than have them make money to support the service by mining my data.

Bob Smith


If you still want a free service, check out Copy! You get 15Gb free and an extra 5Gb if you use this referral link:

Wayne Boxall


Copy is good but it is just like skydrive and dropbox. One folder only to be synced. Sugarsync was unique but I am still going to work around it.

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