iiNet’s Simon Hackett amongst new NBN Co board members

USG CEO Patrick Flannigan and NetComm Wireless chairman Justin Milne also join the board

iiNet director Simon Hackett has joined the NBN Co board.

iiNet director Simon Hackett has joined the NBN Co board.

The NBN Co board is set to expand with iiNet director Simon Hackett, Utility Services Group (USG) CEO Patrick Flannigan, and NetComm Wireless chairman Justin Milne appointed as non-executive directors by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

They join current board members Ziggy Switkowski, Alison Lansley and Kerry Schott. Switkowski is a former Telstra (ASX:TLS) CEO while both Lansley and Schott were members of the previous NBN Co board.

Switkowski said the new board will be a great asset as it brings “decades of combined experience” in the telecommunications industry.

The Australian Financial Review has reported that Hackett is set to resign as iiNet director by the end of November due to his appointment. He has openly criticised the Coalition government’s plan to revamp the NBN from fibre-to-the-premise into a fibre-to-the node scheme.

In April 2013, Hackett said there would be a "labyrinth" of regulatory work and contract negotiations navigated to make any changes.

“When you change these policies, it takes a hell of a long time to get these results to start to happen,” he said at the time.

“Three years would be the bottom estimate of what it’s going to take to start deploying fibre-to-the-node.”

Patrick Flannigan resigned as NBN Co’s head of construction in early 2011. He has worked at USG since July 2011.

Justin Milne resigned as Telstra voice, broadband and media general manager in March 2010 after the telco announced a revamp of its executive team.

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Abel Adamski


IMO a key issue is not being addressed
We have a demonstrated focus on the Telco/Business POV, whilst I have great respect for Simon, his POV is that of an RSP or Telco whose sole objective is profit and dominance in a competitive environment, entirely counter to enabling competition and innovation

The NBN is NOT a Telco, it is a UBIQUITOUS NATIONAL WHOLESALE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM for the next century.for the benefit in so many ways for the Nation designed to facilitate competition and innovation. Yes it provides broadband, it is a digital platform. But as designed is not intentionally hobbled or crippled
I wonder if these individuals have the innate greatness to look beyond their Telco and/or profit/loss business mindset and look to the greater good for the Nation

For example Simons oft stated POV of discarding the 4 Port NTD which IMO and many others agree is one of the grounbreaking and innovation enabling aspects of the current design to instead replace it with an anti competitive innovation strangling single port or even worse an RSP provided NTU.

I see around me in certain media and business and political individuals and organisations demonstrating an unfortunately small minded petty viewpoint effectively either losing or obscuring the plot.

It will pay for itself not only directly but in many other ways also

It concerns me the focus on long term losers with FTTN or FTTB, but more so the sudden obsession in certain quarters with an arial solution, consider the Philipines and recent weather in OZ with warmer that usual oceans

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