NBN Co signs ex-Telstra exec for COO role

NBN Co switches COOs

Greg Adcock has been appointed chief operating officer for NBN Co, the government-owned company announced this morning.

Adcock is a veteran at Telstra, having been at the telco for two decades. His most recent role involved "delivering on Telstra’s infrastructure commitments" under the telco's deal with NBN Co, a statement from NBN Co said.

Telstra's $11 billion agreement with NBN Co to allow NBN Co access to its pits, pipes and ducts and migrate the telco's customers to the NBN is currently at the centre of a court case between the two organisations.

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Adcock's appointment was announced by NBN Co's executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski. Switkowski is a former Telstra CEO. Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull appointed Switkowski to lead NBN Co early last month.

One of Switkowski's first actions was to hire former Telstra exec JB Rousselot as head of strategy and transformation at NBN Co, leading the review into the organisation's operations and the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

Switkowski said that Adcock will "lead NBN Co’s network design and deployment activities with a focus on industry partnerships, contract management, operational processes and systems." "I appreciate the constructive approach taken by Telstra in releasing of its executive to commence his new role immediately," Switkowski said.

The current COO, Ralph Steffens, will leave NBN Co after two years "as part of the transition of the National Broadband Network to an open network architecture including fibre to the node," NBN Co's statement said.

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You know what annoys me about Telstra is the fact they have been providing VOIP to business customers since 2007, however they will not do the same for home phone customers. This is typical for Telstra people, they ruined Telstra now they have their "Jobs for the Boys" policy with the National Bigpond Network.
So much for Turncoat he has no idea about the NBN as he was just a banker, just use to a spreadsheet with lovely numbers on it and knows nothing about anything. Like Turncoat quote pre election "NBN will not hire consultants to do the 60 day review" lol how many onsultants have they hired in last 2 weeks 3 large companies. Guess now it will become a part of Telstra the NBN.
Now Telstra ex's have the keys to the house, car and contents.

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