More Australians working from home: ACMA

Research finds 5.6 million Aussies used the Internet to work away from office

An estimated 5.6 million Australians aged 18 years and over used the Internet to work from home this year according to new research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

The report, Home is Where the Work is, studied 2400 consumers and 1500 small to medium enterprises (SMEs) during May 2013. It found that 51 per cent of employed Australians were either accessing the Internet outside of normal working hours or were teleworkers who had permission to work from home occasionally.

ACMA also found that 2.8 million Australians (49 per cent) worked from home at least two days a week while 863,000 (15 per cent) worked away from the office one day a week.

Sixty-eight per cent of digital workers used their own laptop or one provided by their employer to work away from the office. Others used smartphones (33 per cent) and tablets (21 per cent) while 30 per cent of respondents accessed the Internet on their PC.

ACMA communications analysis manager Joseph Di Gregorio said that Australians are becoming acclimatised to working outside of normal hours.

“Work is not separate to our personal daily lives. For example, we check our phones constantly for emails,” he said.

The vast majority (95 per cent) of respondents reported benefits working from home including flexibility, opportunity to get more work done and access to home comforts.

However, 24 per cent of workers cited reduced access to communications services while 20 per cent said they missed having access to work colleagues.

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While I like the convenience of working from home for late night / early morning implementations (I'm in IT), I think it does have disadvantages besides the usual reduced contact with colleagues. My spouse thinks 'working from home' is a good time for me to do chores around the house while doing office work. Also, my young children know that I'm 'working from home' but still interrupt me constantly for chats. It might get easier when my children get older, but for the moment, working from home is more stressful than working at the office where I can focus all my attention on work. And when I'm home, I'd like to be able to focus my attention on my spouse and children.



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angela walter


Working from home is a great opportunty provided you have the skills. I've been telecomuting for ( for quite some time now and I find it more convenient in managing my time and work.

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