iiNet launches new ISP Jiva

Customers who want to join the ISP will need to sign up online
iiNet launches new ISP Jiva

iiNet has launched a new ISP brand – Jiva – offering only a single bundled broadband and landline plan in an attempt to woo customers with its simplicity.

Jiva will be available from September this year and will offer a one plan, which bundles an ADSL2+ connection with unlimited data, all local and national landline calls and a wireless modem for $79 on a 24-month plan.

Customers who want to join the ISP will need to sign up online, with iiNet stating support staff will be available for customers who need help.

Michael Malone, CEO at iiNet, said the new ISP has been launched to entice new customers to join iiNet.

“It’s really all about value. Our research is telling us there is a section of the market that wants high-quality broadband that they can just set-and-forget. Jiva is targeting those people – by having one simple product we can streamline human contact and offer a quality connection at a great price,” Malone said in a statement.

Malone downplayed the suggestion the new ISP was a budget option and insisted it was about simplicity and not cost-related.

“Over the next 12 months I want Jiva to prove that an innovative, high-quality Internet and phone offering can successfully compete with the low value offers in the traditional ‘all you can eat’ space,” he said.

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